Tamils - a Trans State Nation..

"To us all towns are one, all men our kin.
Life's good comes not from others' gift, nor ill
Man's pains and pains' relief are from within.
Thus have we seen in visions of the wise !."
Tamil Poem in Purananuru, circa 500 B.C 

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"Whatever may be said, whosoever may say it -  to determine the truth of it, is wisdom" - Thirukural
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- February 2009 -

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Tamils - a Trans State Nation

Tamil National Forum

1. Sachi SriKantha writes from Japan - Anna�s Birth Centennial Anthology � Part 2: Panruti Ramachandran�s Essay
2. Sanmugam Sabesan writes from Australia -

ஊடகங்கள் மீதான சிறிலங்காவின் அரச பயங்கரவாதம் "...வெளிச்சம் சஞ்சிகை, புலிகளின் குரல் வானொலி, ஈழநாதம் பத்திரிகை, மற்றும் தொலைக்காட்சிகள், இணைய ஊடகங்கள் வழியாக அரசியல், படைத்துறை ஆய்வுகளை வெளியிட்டு, தாயக விடுதலைப் போராட்டத்தின் கருத்துக்களைக் கட்டியெழுப்பி வந்த சத்தியமூர்த்தி அவர்களின் உடலம், சவப்பெட்டி கூட இல்லாத நிலையில், வெறும் துணி மட்டும் போர்த்தப்பட்டு இறுதி நிகழ்வுகள் நடைபெற்றமையானது ஒரு வரலாற்றுச் சோகத்தைப் பதிவு செய்துள்ளது..." more


"..New Delhi may want to recognise that given the emerging bi polar world, and given the strategic significance of the Indian Ocean region to both the US and China,  New Delhi  may be powerless to prevent 'countries like Pakistan and China gaining a strategic foothold in the island nation'. .. Again,  even if India's Sonia Gandhi-Manmohan Singh administration is content to play the US client role, this may not have the support of  large segments of the Indian polity - more so in an election year. Given an emerging bi polar world, India may go back to its old 'non aligned' foreign policy approach and at the same time strengthen its links with its old friend, Russia. It is an approach that for instance will have the support of the Communist Party of India... And in relation to the conflict in the island of Sri Lanka...New Delhi may want to recognise .. that India's  strategic interests in an emerging bi polar world may be best served by the creation of an independent Tamil Eelam rather than by preventing its formation.''  - Nadesan Satyendra in  US - India - China: Changing Dynamics  & an Emerging Bi Polar World

India & the Tamil Eelam Struggle for Freedom

Demonstration in New Delhi in Support of Tamil Eelam Freedom Struggle - ஈழத் தமிழர்களை ஆதரித்து இந்திய நாடாளுமன்றம் முன் பேரணி

"சோனியா காந்தியே!
எங்களையும் கொலை செய்!
நாங்களும் தமிழர்களே!''

"காந்தி தேசம் கொடுக்குது!
புத்த தேசம் கொல்லுது!''

தடையை நீக்கு! தடையை நீக்கு!
விடுதலைப் புலிகள் மீதான தடையை நீக்கு!'

"பதுங்குகுழியில் தமிழனாம்!
குண்டுபோட இந்தியனாம்!'' more

Sathyam Commentary

1.  Nadesan Satyendra  on The Politics of Humanitarian Intervention "The Sinhala owned Sri Lanka Sunday Times reported on 22 February that the donor Co-Chairs are working out a coalition humanitarian task force spearheaded by the United States, to evacuate civilians trapped in the fighting in the Vanni.  It said  - "The purpose will be purely to facilitate the movement of civilians from the northeastern coast to a ship in the deep seas. This is for transfer to Internally Displaced Person (IDP) centres or hospitals outside the battle zones."  The proposed transfer to IDP centres may need to be understood in the context of the London Daily Telegraph report of 13 February 2009  "The Sri Lankan government has been denounced over plans to forcibly detain thousands of Tamil civilians fleeing the country's civil war in "concentration camps". Officials have confirmed they will establish several "welfare villages" to house the estimated 200,000 Tamils displaced from their homes by the Sri Lankan army's "final offensive" against the LTTE's stronghold on the north of the Island. Senior officials have however confirmed that those housed in the villages will have no choice on whether to stay in the camps." It appears that what I wrote three weeks ago in 'Sinhala Sri Lanka's  Genocide of Eelam Tamils - a Crime Against Humanity', is now coming to pass -

"...the international community will wait till Tamil resistance is sufficiently weakened or  annihilated before it attempts to intervene 'on humanitarian grounds' and in seeming response to 'world wide Tamil appeals'.  Meanwhile the IC will even welcome such world wide appeals by Tamils as that will pave the way (and establish useful contact points amongst the Tamil diaspora) for IC's eventual intervention with 'development aid' with the mantra of not conflict resolution but 'conflict transformation'." more

2. Nadesan Satyendra on US - India - China: Changing Dynamics  & an Emerging Bi Polar World - a 10 minute read

"In 1983, I stumbled into a lecture on International Relations at Cambridge University. The lecture was by a visting German Professor. I forget her name. But something that she said has remained with me over the past several years. She said: 'History shows that a bi polar world will eventually become a uni polar world. Then the uni polar world will give way to a multi polar world. Out of the multipolar world will come a new bi polar world. And then that bipolar world will give way to another unipolar world and so on'. " more

International Frame of Tamil Eelam Freedom Struggle

South Africa

KwaZulu-Natal condemns genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka - �There will be no surrender� - �Free Free Tamil Eelam".

Tamil Nadu

1. 'வீரத் தமிழ்மகன்' தமிழ்வேந்தன் இறுதி நிகழ்வில் 20 ஆயிரம் பேர் பங்கேற்பு


2. இலங்கை இனப்படுகொலையைக் கண்டித்து விஜயகாந்த் தலைமையில் மாபெரும் பேரணி - விஜயகாந்த் - "...இங்குள்ள கட்சிகள் இலங்கை பிரச்சினையில் நாடகமாடி வருகின்றனர். சிறிலங்கா அரச தலைவர் மகிந்த ராஜபக்சவோ, 'விடுதலைப் புலிகள் ஆயுதங்களை கீழே போட்டால்தான் போர் நிறுத்தம்' என்று கூறுகின்றார். அதே கருத்தைத்தான் மத்திய அமைச்சர்களான பிரணாப் முகர்ஜியும், சிதம்பரமும் தெரிவிக்கின்றனர். பேச்சுவார்த்தை மூலம் அரசியல் தீர்வு வந்தால்தானே விடுதலைப் புலிகள் ஆயுதங்களை கீழே போட முடியும். ஆகையால் பேச்சுவார்த்தை மூலம் பிரச்சினைக்கு தீர்வு கண்டுவிட்டு அதன் பிறகே விடுதலைப் புலிகளை ஆயுதங்களை கீழே போட சொல்ல வேண்டும். அடுத்த நாட்டு பிரச்சினையில் ஓரளவுக்குத்தான் தலையிட முடியும் என்று மத்திய அரசு கூறுகின்றது. அப்படியானால் இலங்கையுடன் இந்தியா எப்படி ஒப்பந்தம் போட்டது? " more

Sathyam Commentary

1. Ten Minute Read - Nadesan Satyendra  A Visitor from Australia wrote on 20 February 2009 - Vanakkam Mr. Satyendra.  I read your articles almost as soon as they appear. They reflect many of the thoughts which come to me (but perhaps not in such a clear substantiated fashion). Your open letter to Senator Kerry is another excellent piece. I am in deep pain and I am saddened to see in our demonstrations many are still talking and shouting about 'feed and save' - its the call of  'pichhai vendam nayaipidi' -  as if demanding our right to self determination was pichhai.  Some have woken up to what you have been saying.  But some who are interested have sadly said that your articles are too long for them and too complicated. What to do?  We are all in the age of 3 minute news clips and we do not want  to engage our intellectual faculties. May be sometimes a short piece (10 minute read) directed to our English educated youth in the diaspora might help to focus their minds. Sorry for asking this. Thanks. more
2. Recent Developments in Sri Lanka':US Senate Hearing - An Open Letter to Senator Kerry, Chairman, US Senate Foreign Relations Committee - Nadesan Satyendra

Senator Kerry

"... the Senate Foreign Relations Committee may want to examine whether US  strategic interests in an emerging multi lateral world and in particular in the Indian Ocean region will be advanced by preventing the emergence of new states or whether, on the contrary,  US strategic interests will be furthered by recognising that self determination is not a destabilising concept.  Central governments of existing states may have the power that flows from the barrel of the gun, but a feeling or thought such as democracy, the aspiration towards liberty, is not without material force. . If democracy means the rule of the people, by the people, for the people, then the principle of self determination secures that no one people may rule another - and herein lies its enduring appeal. Steadfastly defending the inviolability of territorial boundaries of existing states, regardless of how and when they were determined may not be the path to a stable world order. There is a need to defend the very real values that a people stand for and speak from the heart to the hearts of those people. These are the values which the Obama administration has pledged to uphold.  And it was for these values that more than two hundred years ago, the signatories of the US Declaration of Independence suffered - and some paid the ultimate price... It is for those same values that tens of thousands of Tamils both young and old have fought and  given their lives. They have given their lives so that their brothers and sisters may live in freedom - freedom from rule by a permanent alien Sinhala majority within the confines of a single state.. Said that, the struggle for Tamil Eelam is not about a search for historical first causes - a search that will end in the stone age and in a discussion about original sin. Neither is the struggle for Tamil Eelam an invitation to engage in the politics of the last atrocity.  Nor is the struggle for an independent Tamil Eelam about what the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam may have done or may not have done - though I together with millions of Tamils not only in Tamil Eelam but also in many lands and across distant seas will bow our heads in all humility and continue to recognise Velupillai Pirabakaran and the LTTE (warts and all) as the undying symbols of Tamil resistance to alien Sinhala rule...  " more

Tamil National Forum

Sachi Sri Kantha writes from Japan - Human Rights Barkers and Me -  A Personal Note

Sathyam Commentary

Jeff & Mutt Act - Tamil Translation by M.Thanapalasingham from Australia

ஜெவ் (Jeff) மற் (Mutt)   (நல்ல பொலிசும் கெட்ட பொலிசும்) இவர்களின் செயல்பாடுகளும் - தமிழீழ தேசிய விடுதலைப் போராட்டமும் சர்வதேச சமூகம் வகிக்கும் பாத்திரங்களும் - தமிழாக்கம் - .தனபாலசிங்கம், அவுஸ்திரேலியா -  

"இக்கட்டுரை தமிழ்நேசன் இணையத்தளத்தில் திரு நடேசன் சத்தியேந்தரா அவர்களால் எழுதப்பட்ட  The Jeff and Mutt Act  என்னும் ஆங்கிலக் கட்டுரையின் தமிழாக்கம். இன்றைய நிலையில் சோர்வடைந்து விடாமல் தெளிவுடன் இயங்க இவை போன்ற வாசிப்பு அவசியமாகும். தமிழீழத் தேசிய விடுதலைப் போராட்டத்தில் பங்காளிகளாகச் செயல்படுவோருக்கு இது ஒரு வழிகாட்டியாக இருக்கும் என்னும் ஆதர்சத்தால் தமிழாக்கம் செய்யப்பட்டுள்ளது."   more

India & the Tamil Eelam Struggle for Freedom

1. Abbey Naidoo, Durban-based attorney  in South Africa Post, 'Disunited in Diversity' "India has revealed a duplicitous and murderous collaboration with the genocidal regime in power in Colombo. Not only deaf to the pleas and cries of its own Tamil population to intervene in this murderous onslaught, it actively assists the regime in the supply of military hardware, the training of strike-aircraft pilots, the supply of military expertise, and the provision of military advisors on the ground."  more
2. Hartal in Chennai Against Genocide by Sri Lanka

ஈழத்தில் இனப் படுகொலையை கண்டித்து
சென்னையில் தொடருந்து முற்றுகை போராட்டம்...



Sri Lanka's Genocide: President Rajapaksa's Horrific War Crime:   Murder Tamils and  Incarcerate those Tamils who escape in Concentration Camps 

" It is with some hesitation that we publish these photographs of Sri Lanka's Genocidal onslaught on the people of Tamil Eelam - photographs which may offend the sensibility of many. But the brutal nature of Sinhala Sri Lanka's continuing genocidal onslaught on the people of Tamil Eelam must be exposed.  Jean Paul Sartre was right when he declared in 1967 that  'against partisans backed by the entire population, (occupying) colonial armies have only one way of escaping from the harassment which demoralizes them.... This is to eliminate the civilian population. As it is the unity of a whole people that is containing the conventional army, the only  anti-guerrilla strategy which will be effective is the destruction of that people, in other words, the civilians, women and children...'   Each picture speaks a thousand words and exposes not only the horrific war crimes committed by President Rajapaksa and the Sinhala forces under his command but taken together they also  reflect the political reality that it is the unity of the entire population of Tamil Eelam in their struggle for freedom from alien Sinhala rule, that has led the Sinhala regime to believe that  'the only  anti-guerrilla strategy which will be effective is the destruction of that people, in other words, the civilians, women and children...' President Rajapaksa and his ruling coterie may believe that they are being effective but they have fanned the flames of an enduring and deep rooted anger and resentment amongst more than 70 million Tamils living in many lands. The Sinhala rulers may believe that they are clearing the 'swamp' but the political reality that will confront them sooner rather than later is that they have only created new ones. The self immolation of Muthukumar in Tamil Nadu and Murukuthasan before the UN headquarters in Geneva are proof enough of that.." more

"Where national memories are concerned, griefs are of more value than triumphs, for they impose duties, and require a common effort. A nation is therefore a large-scale solidarity, constituted by the feeling of the sacrifices that one has made in the past and of those that one is prepared to make in the future. "

Tamils: a Trans State Nation - United Kingdom


"Hundreds of millions of Arabs around us, will see the Hamas fighters as the heroes of the Arab nation, but they will also see their own regimes in their nakedness: cringing, ignominious, corrupt and treacherous."   Uri Avnery

"The Israelis are like a guy who sets fire to his hair and then tries to put it out by hitting it with a hammer. They do more to incite and sustain terrorism than curb it."  Former State Department counter-terrorism official Larry Johnson ,UPI, June 18, 2002

What is Terrorism to include

Alice in Wonderland - What is Terrorism?Terrorists, freedom fighters, or schlemiels? You pick - Saul Landau  "On January 21, President Obama telephoned the King of Jordan, the Prime Minister of Israel, the President of Egypt and Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian National Authority, before dispatching former Senator George Mitchell to spearhead peace negotiations. He excluded Hamas leaders from his phone tree, although they had won the 2006 election to represent the people of Gaza. Obviously, Hamas has also won the label "terrorist" and, as Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni proudly if not smugly assured members of the National Press Club in Washington DC, Israel would not talk with Hamas. 'We do not negotiate with terrorists," she asserted, moral indignation dripping from her words. (January 16)..Her father, Eitan Livni, proudly served as chief operations officer of the Irgun, a right wing Zionist gang that in the post 1945 period sent letter bombs to the British occupying authorities and in 1946 blew up the King David hotel in Jerusalem. .. "...If President Obama's inner sensitivities correspond to what the world witnessed on January 20 as his external sensibilities, he too will recoil from "terrorist" rhetoric and also reject the angelic facade that fits Israel like a fine leather glove on the hoof of a pig. "Change is coming in the Middle East as it is in the United States," Obama might tell Israeli leaders, "and Washington will play a role over there. So make the necessary concessions to facilitate a viable Palestinian state. And include Hamas -- or else!.." more

Sathyam Commentary

A Response to  Mr. Rajdeep Singh - Nadesan Satyendra [revised 12 February 2009 to include reference to UTHR Reports] "..Dear Mr. Singh, The views that you have expressed were heard loud and clear - not only because of your email address [email protected] .  Said that, your views are not very different from those underpinning the recent call by the Tokyo co chairs, Norway, US, EU and Japan for the LTTE to surrender and pave the way for 'peace and reconciliation'. And for that reason, I felt that what you say may be of general interest and that it may be useful to respond to what you have said - sentence by sentence.  more

Comments & About Us

Anirban Ganguly writes from West Bengal  "I am extremely overwhelmed by the comments in your website. I am a Bengali but I wholeheartedly support the movement for an independent Tamil state and I hope that all the other non-Hindian nations including mine in India will rise up one day following your way. ..  I have been truly inspired by your website and I hope you get a great success in the form of liberation and enlighten the other nations of India which are sleeping now..." together with Response by tamilnation.org  more

Tamil National Forum

1. Ananthashankar Kandiah, A Letter from Canada "I got this from a friend of mine.  I thought it's very interesting.   Please spend some time to read it and pass it on to your friends.  I think everyone should hear this story..." more

2. Sachi Sri Kantha writes from Japan The Indo-LTTE War (1987-90) - An Anthology. Part 13: Ranasinghe Premadasa as the New Broom "...As an aside, I wish to note that few Indo-philes among Eelam Tamils seem to feel strongly that this Indo-LTTE war Anthology series need to be stopped or dropped. I don�t see any reason in their censoring logic. Why should it be stopped? Because, it badly hurts Indian sentiments and rapprochement of Indian mandarins and power prigs in New Delhi towards the cause of Eelam Tamils. Or is it because, what happened two decades ago were so nasty and deserves to be hidden? .For these Indo-philes, my answer is that, first I�m neither creating nor distorting the events that unfolded between July 1987 and March 1990. If the Indian sentiments are bound to be hurt let it be; it is time that they learn from their own mistakes... .." more


Three Years Ago... Karunanidhi told President Rajapaksa's Special Envoy: 'New Delhi's Policy on Sri Lanka will be Tamil Nadu's Policy'..   "On 25 May  2006,  Karunanidhi, freshly elected to power in Tamil Nadu, home to the largest concentration of Tamils in the world, held a 15-minute one-to-one meeting with Arumugam Thondaman, leader of the Ceylon Workers Congress (CWC) and a special envoy of Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse. On Monday, after calling on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and separately meeting Congress president Sonia Gandhi in New Delhi, Karunanidhi revealed to reporters what he had told Thondaman: "The central government's policy (on Sri Lanka) will be the state government's policy."..." together with Comment by tamilnation.org  also three years ago: "Despite appearances to the contrary, Chief Minister Muthuvel Karunanidhi's policies in relation to the struggle for Tamil Eelam have always been within the frame work of New Delhi's policies - and therefore Mr.Karunanidhi  has not said anything new... The genocidal attacks launched by Sri Lanka on the people of Tamil Eelam should be self evident except to those who would prefer to close their eyes. When the history of Tamil Eelam comes to be written (as surely it will), the question will be asked: where was the Dravidian leader, Muthuvel Karunanidhi?  And history will, no doubt,  provide a fair answer - he was minding his own 'business'.  more

Tamil Nadu & the Tamil Eelam Struggle for Freedom

1. Congress Worker Ravichandran Protests Against Congress Inaction and  Immolates Himself for Tamil Eelam �I feel extremely depressed that my party people have not come forward to help the Eelam Tamils who suffer so much. A ceasefire is an urgent requirement in Sri Lanka. Tamils should not be killed,� Ravichandran wrote in a declaration that was given to the Mayilaaduthurai magistrate.
2. Sri Lanka's War on Eelam Tamils Sparks Full Fledged Political Agitation in Tamil Nadu


Sathyam Commentary

The Jeff & Mutt Act - Nadesan Satyendra "...The Jeff and Mutt act is also sometimes called the 'Good Cop, Bad Cop' role play. And given the recent Mutt like call by Norway, US, EU & Japan  for the  LTTE to surrender so that Vanni civilians may be saved from Sri Lanka's genocidal onslaught, it may be helpful to examine some features of the Jeff and Mutt role play adopted by international actors in relation to the conflict in the island of Sri Lanka... It seems that the trilaterals (US, EU & Japan)  having waited till Tamil resistance is 'sufficiently weakened' are now concerned to pressure Sri Lanka to fall in line with their own strategic interests in the Indian Ocean region... To put it shortly and I believe fairly: the self serving nature of the Jeff and Mutt Act by the so called 'international community'  stands exposed because whilst Mutt calls for surrender to the Sinhala genocidal forces and Jeff  is ready to cry 'war crime' against the actions of those Sinhala genocidal forces,  neither Jeff nor Mutt  is as yet  prepared to cry 'freedom for Tamil Eelam'. But for the Tamil people, though the charge is genocide, the struggle was and is for freedom - freedom from alien Sinhala rule."

"..It is a vain dream to suppose that what other nations have won by struggle and battle, by suffering and tears of blood, we shall be allowed to accomplish easily, without terrible sacrifices, merely by spending the ink of the journalist and petition framer and the breath of the orator..." Sri Aurobindo


About US & Visitor Comments to include

1. Varan Sureshan writes from Australia - "a thinking person's interview' ABC (Australia)  Interviews of Prof.Jayasuria

2. முனைவர்  நா. மால்முருகன், சிங்கப்பூர் - பரம்பொருளுக்கு என்னுடைய வேண்டுதல் ...  நான் நாத்தழும்பு ஏறிய நாத்திக வாதியல்ல ...
உன்னையே நம்பும் ஆத்திகன் ....
எல்லாவற்றையும் பார்த்துக் கொண்டிருக்கும் என் கடவுளே
ஏன் ஏன் இனிய ஈழ மக்களுக்கு இந்த துயரம்? more

Conflict Resolution in the Age of Empire to include

Michael Collins - Commander iRA1921 Anglo-Irish Treaty & Michael Collins together with Comment by tamilnation.org  "During the uneasy peace of the Norwegian sponsored Negotiation Process, a Tamil Eelam expatriate visited the Vanni. At that time he had the opportunity to meet with Tamil Eelam leader Velupillai Pirabakaran. At one stage, Pirabakaran had reportedly asked the visitor: 'Have you seen the film Michael Collins?'.  The visitor replied in the negative. Pirabakaran had replied: 'You should'. The visitor was puzzled. The visitor  had not even known who Michael Collins was. We ourselves do not claim to know what the Tamil Eelam leader  may have had in mind. But, what we do know is that Michael Collins' role in the Anglo Irish negotiations which culminated in the 1921 Anglo Irish Treaty is a lesson from history from which we can all learn...  In 1921, Eamon de Valera, the Irish leader knew that the British would not grant independence to Ireland and that, at that time, the IRA lacked the fire power to oust the British armed forces from Ireland. It is said that de Valera decided not to go to the talks in London but cajoled  Collins  to go. Collins eventually consented but he knew that  he was committing  political suicide by agreeing to lead the negotiations.  Later, when asked whether he had signed the Anglo Irish Treaty under duress, Collins response was that he did not sign the Treaty under duress, but that  'the element of duress was present when we agreed to the Truce, because our simple right would have been to beat the English out of Ireland. There was an element of duress in going to London to negotiate.'... more

Sathyam Commentary

Sinhala Sri Lanka's  Genocide of Eelam Tamils  - a Crime Against Humanity... - Nadesan Satyendra  "The question is being asked by some: why is the international community which was willing to arm Sri Lanka and to ban the LTTE, unwilling and/or unable  to prevent the genocide of Eelam Tamils?  Suffering is a great teacher and the Tamil people are being taught that for the governments of the so called IC, human rights and humanitarian law are but useful instruments to advance their political and strategic interests.  ... the international community will wait till Tamil resistance is sufficiently weakened or  annihilated before it attempts to intervene 'on humanitarian grounds' and in seeming response to 'world wide Tamil appeals'.  Meanwhile the IC will even welcome such world wide appeals by Tamils as that will pave the way (and establish useful contact points amongst the Tamil diaspora) for IC's eventual intervention with 'development aid' with the mantra of not conflict resolution but 'conflict transformation'. Give them cake when they ask for freedom from alien Sinhala rule. A conquered people should be grateful for whatever they can get - though there may not be not enough cake to go round.The Tamil people are being taught the truth of something which Subhas Chandra Bose said many years ago - Freedom is not given, it is taken..." more


"America may be the mightiest nation on the earth today but that cannot detract an iota from our right to live with honour, dignity and freedom in the land of our fore bears. It cannot for a moment make us give up an inch of our lands to help India or the US Bloc stabilise the Sri Lankan state for the sole purpose of furthering their strategic and economic interests..." Dharmaretnam Sivaram (Taraki)

Conflict Resolution: Tamil Eelam  Sri Lanka

Norway, US, EU & Japan  Show Their Hand: Call for  LTTE to surrender to save Vanni civilians together with Response by Tamil Parliamentarian S. Gajendran  "At a time when the civilized world is fully aware of the butchery, duplicity and injustice on the part of the Colombo government and coming out with condemnation against it, the Co-chairs calling for the submission of the victims, relinquishment of their safeguards and asking them to seek amnesty at the hands of their butchers, amounts to nothing but a mockery of human civilization." and Response by  Tamil National Alliance and by  V.Thangavelu, Canada  and  more

One Hundred Tamils of 20th Century

C.N.Annaduria - Funeral Procession
Annadurai Funeral Procession 3 February 1969

On 40th Death Anniversary of C.N.Annadurai -   மனித மேம்பாடே என் இயக்கம்! தோழமையே என் மேடை!  to include Anna�s Birth Centennial Anthology � Part 1: Poet Kannadasan�s Lament - Sachi Sri Kantha


C.N.Annadurai Statue in Coimbatore"India is a sub continent; it should be divided into a number of countries. The continent of Europe has 32 independent countries. No one argues that it should be a single country ruled by a single government. Similarly there is no need for India to be under a single government... Aryan influence increases within a single country called India. Welfare of the other races is crushed under Aryan rule. Uniting different races (nations) under a single country leads to rebellions and troubles. In order to prevent such troubles and bloodshed in India, we should divide India according to racial (national) lines now... Even during the days of the emperors Ashoka, Kanishkar, Samudra Gupta and Akbar, India was not a single country.

If India is divided into many countries, each country could develop its economy according to its circumstances. It would also put an end to one region robbing the resources of another. All races (nations) can achieve equality only if each race (nation) has its own country and government. We fear the thought of one race (nation) living under the rule of another. This fear gives birth to violent rebellion. It is necessary to divide India racially (nationally) to prevent such violent revolutions. The reason one race (nation) has not choked another race (nation) to death in India so far is the British guns. When the British leave, India will become a killing field [unless it is divided into different countries on racial (national) basis]." 
Annadurai at the Dravidar Kazagam State Conference in Tiruchi in the 1940s (Translated from Tamil to English by Thanjai Nalankilli)

Tamil Nadu & the Tamil Eelam Freedom Struggle

Muthukumar in Tamil Nadu immolates himself so that Tamil Eelam may live to include Writer & Poet Meena Kandasamy in Chennai on Martyr Muthukumar - 'You cry/ For the dying. He dies/ For the crying'

"I went to Muthukumar�s funeral Saturday, and though I paid my homage, I never had the courage to look at his face. It was not because I am against curiousity of any kind, it is just that, I couldn�t get the nerve. Since Thursday, I must have read his last letter at least ten times, until I could no longer bear to reread it. Or perhaps, I knew its contents by heart, by then. And every time I read, I cried. It is sad to think that someone wrote so much, so powerfully and then went on to print it, and then go to Shastri bhavan and set himself on fire.  And he was woefully young and talented. And sharp and critical and brutally frank.  I was all the while reminded only of Kasi Anandan ayya�s short poem Poraali (Fighter) You cry/ For the dying. He dies/ For the crying." more

International Frame of  Tamil Eelam Freedom Struggle

Over Hundred Thousand British Tamils stage largest ever Demonstration March: The Charge is Genocide - the Struggle is for a Freedom from alien Sinhala Rule

Tamil Demonstrators in London March carrying banner of  Thyagi Muthukumar who immolated himself in Chennai on 29 January so that Eelam Tamils may be saved.

Indictment Against Sri Lanka

Sinhala Sri Lanka's  Genocide of Eelam Tamils - a Crime Against Humanity... to include M.I.A Tells of Sri Lanka Genocide to US - 'the more successful I am getting the more dire it is getting for the Tamil people in Sri Lanka'    "Oscar and Grammy award nominee, Eezham born music phenom, Maya Arulpragasam, in the PBS interview on Tavis Smiley show Thursday told the U.S. listeners and fans worldwide that "there's been a systematic genocide which is a quiet thing because no one knows where Sri Lanka is. And now it's just escalated to the point there's 350,000 people who are stuck in a battle zone and can't get out, and aid's banned and humanitarian organizations are banned, journalists are banned from telling the story. "



"...My dear working Tamils... Vannakam. At a time when you are busy getting to work, I am pained that I have to meet you in this way. But there is no other way. My name is Muttukumar. I am a journalist. At present I am working in a newspaper in Chennai.Like you, I too have daily read the news reports and the internet of the daily killings of our fellow Tamils in Eelam. Like you I am also one of the countless Tamils who have been unable to eat or sleep.Senth Thamizh Nadu has given life to those who have come to it, but our blood relations in Eelam are dying. When we raise our voices and call for an end to this killing, the Indian imperial government says neither yes nor no and grows silent. If the Indian government�s war is just, then it should engage in that war openly. Why does it do it in secret and with deceit?..Tamil Eelam is not the need of Tamil Eelam alone, it is the need of Tamil Nadu also... Dear Tamil people, in the struggle against injustice our brothers and children (in Tamil Nadu) have taken up the weapon of the intellect. I have used the weapon of life. You use the weapon of photocopying. Yes, make copies of this pamphlet and distribute it to your friends, relatives, and students and ensure that this support for this struggle becomes greater. Nan'ri." " Thyagi Muthukumar - Last Message before Immolating himself in Chennai

Tamil Nadu & the Tamil Eelam Freedom Struggle -

 Muthukumar in Tamil Nadu immolates himself so that Tamil Eelam may live

 ஈழத்தமிழர்களைக் காக்கவே உயிர்விடுகிறேன்: சாகும் தருணத்தில் முத்துக்குமரின் வாக்குமூலம் "இலங்கையில் ஈழத்தமிழர் பிரச்சனை முடிவுக்கு வரவேண்டும் என்பதை வலியுறுத்தியும், ஈழத்தமிழர்கள் படுகொலையை கண்டித்தும் தூத்துக்குடியை சேர்ந்த் வாலிபர் முத்துக்குமரன் என்பவர் சென்னை சாஸ்திரி பவன் அருகே இன்று காலை 10.45 மணிக்கு (பாஸ்போர்ட் அலுவலகம்), ஈழத்தமிழர்களுக்கான ஆதவான கோஷங்களை எழுப்பிக்கொண்டே மண்ணென்ணெய் ஊற்றி தீக்குளித்தார்." more



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