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"To us all towns are one, all men our kin.
Life's good comes not from others' gift, nor ill
Man's pains and pains' relief are from within.
Thus have we seen in visions of the wise !."
Tamil Poem in Purananuru, circa 500 B.C 

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Selected Writings - Chandiravarman Sinnathurai

Father Chandiravarman Sinnathurai is a Christian priest trained in the West. He travelled extensively in the northeastern Tamil territories post-tsunami for humanitarian work and also did a series of interviews with the de facto Tamil state senior officials entitled �Eelam Encounters�. He actively fulfils his vocation as priest-poet-writer. He is currently researching on Tamil Eelam Armed Resistance: A Socio-political Theological Evaluation, based in Thamil Elam.

30 December 2008 Sri Lanka: Kissing Distance to Being Trapped
22 June 2008 Where Do We Go From here?
20 May 2008 Tactical Tremors in the Indian Ocean
24 April 2008  Sri Lanka: The Peace Industry
23 April 2008

Father, For they know what they are doing!

12 April 2008 The dogs bark, and the caravan moves on...
24 March 2008 Fighting on the Beaches and Battles Under the Sea
22 March 2008 Sri Lanka State: A Psychological Assault?
16 December 2006 Transforming Dialectics into Dialogue - A Humanising Concept
22 November 2006 Eelam Tamils: Highlighting crimes against peace
6 November 2006 A 9 - The Road to Sri Lankan Darfour: Emptied of Compassion
18 August 2006 Elliptical Illusion: PEACE
27 July 2006 In Gratitude - Adrian Wijemanne
22 July 2006 Sri Lanka - A Terror State
17 July 2006 Keeping the Peace? International Intervention
8 July 2006 Pinching the Child & Rocking the Cradle
3 July 2006 Satya-Lobby: Prophetic Praxis and Imagination (2)
1 July 2006  Palacingham Pragmatism
18 June 2006

Satya-Lobby: Prophetic Praxis and Imagination (1)

10 June 2006 Satya-Lobby ��Take up the white man�s burden�
6 June 2006 Democratic Deficit
1 June 2006 Tamil Struggle: Poesy and Points of View
29 May 2006 In Protest to Satyam
24 May 2006 Brian SEN
17 May 2006 Look on the Bright Side
14 May 2006 Rest in Peace
Look what the peace talkers have done!
Much could be understood
From that which is not said
But from that which one chooses to not say�
We shall take control of our very own destiny
We shall rule our land and the sea...
Upon our dead we promise�
As long as we live
We will not allow others to tell us what to do or where to go� more
9 May 2006 Any Questions
3 May 2006 The Life of Job
2 May 2006  Mountain of Growth
30 April 2006 Dignity - தன்மானம்: Dedicated to Talaivar

How long will you bomb us?
And try your best to destroy us?
Yet in the rubbles
And in the stench of death
You have created for us
We will quietly stand
We will rise up
Raise our heads to the sky
And shout Freedom  more

27 April 2006 What Questions Are Worth Asking?
17 April 2006 Thamil Tāyi -  தமிழ் தாய்
15 April 2006 Half-empty or Half-full glass: It boils down to how you view things
4 April 2006 The Elephant in the Room
2 April 2006 Wounded Memories: A looking back (and on அறம் - Aaram and மறம் Maram)
23 March 2006 Prosaic Dream
21 March 2006 As it happens�

"...Tamils must ask the question:  What is the central plank of the Western Foreign Policy that has a fatal attraction towards the Sri Lankan genocidal intent against a wounded Tamil Nation?�

15 March 2006 Trade Wars, Peace Deals and Imperial Occupation

"..In this shrinking global market, the high value �stock in trade� is �peace and human rights�. It has of course, multiple meanings; but one of it is that, it is a ruthless industry. Hence, prior to any �new� peace deals, the Tamils must refuse to fall into the trap in which they were almost entrapped in previous negotiations. One would fervently pray that, this time round, the Tamil Peace Secretariat will clearly articulate the non-negotiable..."

12 March 2006 The Rite of Spring
10 March 2006  Ol� Man River He just keeps rolling along�
6 March 2006 An Ode to Professor Typo - "Pilfering Print Space"
3 March 2006 A Lenten Meditation
28 February 2006

Looking for Loopholes

"Much is being said about the peace overtures in Geneva between the Sri Lanka Government (SLG) and the Tamil Tigers (LTTE). Balasingham called it a �diplomatic victory�. An over estimation, one would think. The SLG have raised their tails and retorted with a spin that the Tigers agreed to an "Amendment to the original Cease Fire Agreement". Balasingham rejected it as �bizarre interpretation�. While this media warfare is being conducted multiple statements had been put out in the public domain by various Tamil organisations."...

25 February 2006 Ballad of the Land and the Sea
20 February 2006 Kasi Ananthan Poesy and the Tamil Eelam Liberation Struggle
10 February 2006 Redemption Song - Dedicated to the heroic memory of all the writers and journalists assassinated by the Sri Lanka State
4 February 2006 Democratic Sri Lanka? A Mocking Parody - An Observation through the prism of Hebrew text
27 January 2006 Four Legs Good, Two legs Bad - An Assortment of Modest Reflections�read on the Holocaust Memorial Day at the local Synagogue
12 January 2006 The Principle of Pre Emption - A Modest Assessment
7 January 2006 Shifting the Balance of Power, Capturing the Power of Leverage
19 December 2005 Drawing Circles in the Sand
8 December 2005 The Threat of Genuine Negotiations
1 December 2005 �Wait and Observe� - Tamil Eelam Leader's Modest Spiritual Approach
30 November 2005 Tripartite Strategic Considerations
23 November 2005 Thamil Bishops Urge Votes for Peace
4 November 2005 Competing Geopolitical Monologues in Sri Lanka
22 October 2005 The Weapons of Misperceptions
11 October 2005 Some Simple Notations within the Margins
28 September 2005 A Vitiated Moderation
May-July 2005 Eelam Encounters



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