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"To us all towns are one, all men our kin.
Life's good comes not from others' gift, nor ill
Man's pains and pains' relief are from within.
Thus have we seen in visions of the wise !."
Tamil Poem in Purananuru, circa 500 B.C 

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Selected Writings -  Fr. Chandiravarman Sinnathurai

Pinching the child: rocking the cradle
[see also LTTE Political Wing Leader Interview with NDTV]

8 July 2006

As a measure of desperation President Mahinda is calling the Tamil Tigers for talks. Any body who knows about Sri Lanka politics would know that this is a call to play musical chairs. The question is to whose music Mahinda is dancing this time round.

Talking the talk without walking the talk is the biggest problem in Sri Lanka. The question is: But what is left there to talk without tackling the core issues of the crisis? Since independence from the British in 1948 the previous Tamil leadership have repeatedly talked and made peace-pacts with Sinhala governments. All attempts have ended in colossal failure. No promises were kept by the Government. All pacts were never honoured. The Sinhala state however, continued with the concealed agenda of the slow-genocide of Tamils. Things were much easy going for the Sinhala state then, because the Tamils of yester-years did NOT have a Tamil Armed Resistance.

Mahinda is putting it simply that he and Prabaharan (LTTE leader) are Sri Lankans and therefore they can both sit and talk and sort out the differences. O! What a splendid suggestion. Has he forgotten that Prabaharan is the head (Talivar) of a Defacto state called Tamil Eelam? Had Mahinda been truthful and honest in his dealings, one would think, the Tamils would grab this opportunity with both hands. But that is not the ground reality unfortunately.

How would the proposed �Mahinda talks� play a different note from other talks?

♫The current unitary constitution gives pre-eminence to Buddhism as state religion hence safeguarding the following Trinitarian agenda: 1) Buddha Sāsana 2) the majoritarian Sinhala Buddhist people 3) foremost official status to Sinhala language.

{Sāsana: which underpins Sinhala chauvinism and hegemony. Its foundations are believed to be Vinaya (discipline), Nitiya (just laws), SatYa (truth).}There are unfortunately no safeguard to Tamils. Hence state-sponsored pogroms and terror is normative for nearly half-a-century! The State never has awakened to the fact that Sri Lanka constitutes multi-ethnic; multi-cultural; multi-faith communities.

The understanding of the Sinhala masses is that the President first and foremost is the guardian of the Buddha Sāsana. That is to say, that the President must ensure that the Theravada strand of Buddhism is not tarnished. That is why the highest office in the land is securely given in the hands of not just a Sinhala, but a Sinhala Buddhist! In the past the Bandaranayake, the Senanayake and the Wijewardne (out of which sprang JR Jeyawardne and Ranil Wickremasinghe) clans had to reconvert back to Buddhsim for that was the political vehicle that could grant them political power. So, let none be deceived that Sri Lanka is none other than solely a Sinhala Buddhist state!

It is the utmost duty of the President to safeguard the interests of Buddhism Not the constitution. (This was explained by Harischandra Wijetunge, a famous lawyer. Reported on The Island 23.05.90) How would now Mahinda make a paradigm shift in terms of a well entrenched Sinhala-only mind frame?

♫The devolution of power to the Tamils is an idea that has over run its �sell by date� in Sri Lanka. Trying to resurrect such a sour grape of an idea will be laughed out of Tamil minds. What Mahinda needs to be convinced of is that the Tamils are not prepared to be hood winked. As �Sunaa Pana� (Mr Thamil Chelvan � LTTE political wing Leader) rightly pointed out that this devolution idea has been rejected by the Tamils out rightly because the Tamils saw the duplicity of the Sinhala State. Has Mahinda got any fresh and convincing ideas up his sleeves to advance?

♫The killing, raping, involuntary disappearances and bombing of the Tamil civilians are continuing while Mahinda is stretching his hand of �peace�. The Mahinda regime has sheltered and armed various Tamil paramilitaries including the Karuna faction. Mahinda regime is living in denial. And they have refused to disarm such groups. Why? The State has employed these quisling groups to liquidate Tamil intellectuals, human rights and humanitarian workers, parliamentarians � Any opposing voice against the State is silenced! Will Mahinda wake up from his slumber and selective amnesia?

♫The Tamils are not just a minority in Sri Lanka. The Tamils of the East and North are indigenous people of ancient culture, unique tradition, distinct heritage, history and they have their inalienable right to live in their traditional homelands. What the State has done for half-a-century is to adopt a policy of secret colonisation. Of course, the Moslems have a voice. They are Tamil speakers too. No Tamil would deny the right of Moslem brethren to live in harmony. But what is not acceptable is for the State to play the �Minority rights of Moslems� card against the Tamils. One would expect the Tamil-speaking Moslems of the North-East to be vigilant and not to be tempted by such cheap baits and fall into the suicidal trap of Jihadi terror. Mahinda regime is being accused of covertly arming the Moslem Jihadis.

Now what would the proposed Mahinda Talks achieve? The Tamil public would wish that the transformation of the following ground reality in the North-East would pave way to a negotiated settlement:

Illegal settlements to be evacuated
Restrictions on civilian movements to be removed
Involuntary disappearances to cease
Eco-terror: Destruction of trees and crops to stop immediately
Tamil fishermen not be harmed and permitted to engage in deep sea fishing
Returning of SL Armed Forces to barracks as they are a threat to peace in Tamil territories
Disarming of Paramilitaries
Restoring water supplies, power supplies, health provision and non-disruptive education
Safe return of internally displaced people to their villages and towns
Suitable dwellings provided to people who are currently in refugee camps
Compensation to all whose properties were bombed or bulldozed
Next of kin to receive compensation for civilian killings by the state forces
Re-drawing of map

The general perception however is that the Mahinda regime is presenting the �Peace Child� to the world with double tongue and twin face. The Tamil Tigers are two steps ahead of such a duplicitous strategy.

The Sri Lanka peace question is more than a national crisis. The International community must monitor Arms supply to the ruthless Sinhala regime. It is also believed that the EU is selling arms to Sri Lanka.  The Mahinda regime has killed over 420 Tamil civilians since the Geneva Talks in February 2006 and the state has refused to view the Tamils as its own citizens.

One thing is for sure. The opportune time is running out swiftly for President Mahinda Rajapaksha.


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