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"To us all towns are one, all men our kin.
Life's good comes not from others' gift, nor ill
Man's pains and pains' relief are from within.
Thus have we seen in visions of the wise !."
Tamil Poem in Purananuru, circa 500 B.C 

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You may email your letters/articles (in Tamil or in English) for publication here. Additionally, you may send your comments on the tamilnation.org website for publication in the Visitor Comments section.  

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Lists and Discussion Fora

Agaththiyar - Dr. Jaya Bharathi  - (931) - A bilingual list for discussing Tamil / Indian culture, arts, crafts, science, traditions, heritage, history, literature, linguistics, and Hindu religion.
E-suvadi, - Dr.N.Kannan (410) E-Suvadi meaning Electronic Manuscript is aimed at IT professionals, academicians, institutions and individuals who are committed to preserving Tamil manuscripts in palm-leaves (suvadi) and in print form. The group aims at :
1. Identifying (so far) unpublished manuscripts
2. Prioritizing
3. Digitizing
4. Cataloging
5. Transliterate and translate them and
6. Documenting the effort in audio visual form

The group encourages discussions on the broad based 'Tamil Heritage Foundation' that aims to digitize tamil heritage materials in texual, visual and audio forms. A portal for this project is at http://www.tamil-heritage.org
Dhinam Oru Kavithai - Tamil Poetry (2269) - for those who are interested in Tamil Poetry. One Kavithai will be posted every weekday by the moderator, Authors range from Sanga Ilakkiyap pulavarkaL to Modern Poets like you.
Desikann - Sujatha (512) List members receive information and updates of my home page which contains articles written by Sujatha, Kalki, Devan, Desikan ( that is me :-). There is also a special section on Vaishnavam. If you want to know more you can read the munurrai written by Sujatha for my page There are around 500+ pages of information all in Tamil.
varalaaRu  Raveen S. Nathan - (160) -  an electronic discussion list for experts and lay people who are interested in the fast evolving history of the currently 'Tamil Speaking' people of Sri Lanka (Ta. Ilam, Ilankai). Many formerly and or still Tamil speaking communities such the coastal as well as interior Sinhalese (or Sinhalised) communities or social groups (castes) such as the Durava, Salagama, Karava, Demalagatara, Kinnaraya, Bharathakula, Ambataya and many other Sinhala social groups with Tamil origins. We also would like to discuss about Colombo Chetty community as well as the varied communities of the Islamic faith who do not consider them to be ethnically Tamil but mostly speak in Tamil or a variant Tamil dialect known as Arwi/ Sonakam. Our aim is to increase the awareness of the unique history of these communities and archive it for future reference.
Olyum Olyum - Film Songs (148) -  songs from various top Tamil Films in real audio. .. also a top ten movie listing every week, movie news and gossip in the Tamil Cinema and also a discussion group for fans to discuss Tamil Cinema
Kalapam Tamil Entertainment (35)
Tamil Bharathanatyam (413) - to share your knowledge and views with others
Tamil mp3 post  - (360) - Welcome to Tamil mp3 Post. Join this group to post ur Fevorite Tamil mp3 songs to share with others through Myplay.com. Please share ur songs one in another. In this MyPlay.com Account u can listen,upload and download ur Favorite songs by sharing ur songs one in another.
Thendral Magazine Readers Bringing the readership of 'Thendral' Magazine together. (1151)

Tamil Chat

Chat at Tamilmovies
Tamil Chat World
Paris Tamil
Kalapam Chat

Subject Threads

Hundred Tamils of 20th Century
Tamil Eelam?

Who is a Tamil?

Caste & the Tamil Nation

Dowry System in Tamil Society

Lists and Discussion Fora

Tamil History Discussion
Tamil Literature Discussion

Project Madurai  Dr. K. Kalyanasundaram (450)- an open world-wide initiative devoted to preparation of electronic texts of Tamil literary classics, to archive them in public-access sites (web/ftp) and to distribute the Etexts free on the internet. This mailing list is a dedicated list meant for Project Madurai volunteers to routinely discuss progress in on-going work in Etexts of various tamil works and to discuss all related matters (for e.g dedicated OCR package, copyrights, target works for inclusion, possible ways in which etexts are distributed etc.). The discussions can be in English or Tamil. For the latter, we prefer that you use Tamil fontfaces based on recently proposed Tamil Standard Code TSCII. Several font faces corresponding to TSCII scheme are available along with Keyboard editors for Windows and Mac OS at the TSCII website http://www.projectmadurai.org 
Meykandar E-Group - Dr.K.Loganathan (335)- named  after  Meykandar who brought about a revolution in Dravidian Philosophy with his magnificent Civanjana Botham in the 13th century... objective of promoting  metaphysical reflections among the Tamil people so that they become again bold thinkers not afraid of contemporary social and political pressures.  (348
Odai - Modern Tamil Literature (334)- a group for modern Tamil literature. To share and uplift the creativity of ourselves, who are out of Tamil Nadu and in great thirst for modern Tamil Literature
Tamil Araichchi - Research -(3990) Sinnathurai Srivas - Tamil Research, Tamil Character reform. Study of Phonology and Linguistics
Erumbugal Erumbugal - (12) - ("ants" in Tamil) is the hotbed where the Bala Pillai mind colonies (self-sustaining mind ecosystems) invention is being fine-tuned.

Think of mind colonies as parallels to ant colonies. Or ageographical villages.

In dissected language, mind colonies are spirit-rich, self-sustaining cross-media networked mind cooperatives for shared ethos groups, where minds in a mind grid are catalysed by full-time catalysts to learn, work, play and complement each other, with card-based exchange-guaranteed multilateral barter as currency.

Erumbugal is the evolution of the steering core of Thamil Innaiyam (TI) , Malaysia.Net and several other South/Southeast Asian mind colonies of 500,000 relationship building minds, since 1995.

Tamil Youth

Tamil Youth in America (146) - a group for Tamil youth who were born and/or raised in America. .. main purpose is to educate Tamil youth about Tamil language, culture, and history. Its secondary goals are to connect American Tamil youth and provide a forum for them to discuss issues related to being a Tamil youth in America... irrespective of caste, country, or religion.
Tamil Students - University of Texas (232)
Tamil Youth Club - Los Angeles (36)
Tamil Students (318) - supporting helping all the Tamil students. Wanted - Style leaders, opinion makers, writers within Tamil youth - Yes that is you!
Do you consider yourself to be a person with a finger on the pulse? - Do you know what is happening, what's cool and what's not? No qualifications are required to be involved - just a commitment to be ready to tell us what you are thinking. Are you between the ages of 18 - 24? If yes - then we would like to invite you to join our on line Tamil students team. If you would like to develop your career in Web designing development or any other related areas here is the golden opportunity for you. We do have many exciting projects for you to develop your career. So why are you waiting for? come along with us you feel the difference.
Tamil Student Bodies - Canada  - (711) -Hey all ==> Canadian Tamil Student Bodies [CTS_Bodies] ==
The intention of this 'Group Bodies' is 2 unite all da Thamizh students in CANada! V [students] can collaborate ne matter which may b education wise / business wise. Post ne news/jokes/'fun matter' or nethin [u name it] u think is CAN b shared. V [students] can let EVERY STUDENT in Canada know about what v r doin right now what v'll do in da future! In this group, all the UNIversity/COLLeage students in CANada r very welcome 2 join. Also BEWARE, dat whatever u send 2 this group, it'll b sent 2 ALL da ppl.
Tamil Students Everywhere - (770)-Tamil Students are everywhere. Through out the world. Spread in numbers and making history all around the globe. Let us come together and make our voices heard through out the world. Let us share our ideas and thought to build a strong foundation for our community.

Featured Writers
- from many lands
and across distant seas
- in alphabetical order

Sara Ananthan - from Australia
Arugan - from  Italy
Arujna - Oru Paper Editorial - from Eelam
R.Cholan - from USA
N. Ethirveerasingham from USA
C.Kumarabharathy -  from New Zealand
S. Makenthiran - from Canada
Chelvadurai Manogaran - from USA
Kandiah Mylvaganam - from Eelam
N.Nandhivarman - from Pondicherry

Ana Pararajasingham - from Australia

Karen Parker - from USA
Wakeley Paul - from USA
Victor Rajakulendran -  from Australia
Shan Ranjit -  from USA
P.Ramasamy -  from Malaysia
Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran - from USA
Sanmugam Sabesan - from Australia
Satchitanandam Sathananthan from India
Nadesan Satyendra - from UK
Brian Senewiratne - from Australia
R.Shanmugalingam -  from USA
Chandi Sinnathurai - from Eelam
S.Sivanayagam - from UK & France
Dharmeratnam Sivaram (Taraki) - from Eelam
V.Siva Subramaniam - from Singapore
Karthigesu Sivathamby - from Eelam
Sachi Sri Kantha -  from Japan
Rajan Sriskandarajah - from USA
Raj Swarnan -  from Eelam
M.Thanapalasingham - from Australia
Velupillai Thangavelu -  from Canada
J. S. Tissainayagam - from Eelam
Margaret Trawick - from New Zealand

Vanavar -  from Italy

Vaiko - from Tamil Nadu
Alvapillai Velupillai  from USA
Adrian Wijemanne from UK

Lists and Discussion Fora

e-Uthavi (320)  is :To Provide help to those who have - questions or have troubles with sending/reading mails in Tamil
- have questions on how to set up web pages in Tamil - any other font problems for simple day-to-day use thro email/phone/in person
Kamban - for users of Kamban Software and Tamil lovers (787)
India Information Technology Discussion  (503) for everybody who wants to learn/share/discuss on Information Technology.
Tamil Resurgence Forum An English Language forum in the honour of the Eelam Tamil's resilience and the Tamil Eelam Nation's resurgence.
TIS Discussion Forum - an Open Forum to the Tamil World.

Tamil dot Net List

Tamil Ring -  (89) - Uniting Tamils worldwide over the net
Tamilians (29) Tamils all over the world...what do we have in common? Language? Culture? Movies? Songs? Achievements? Yeah, u name it.... But lets not forget our roots... Our kids must speak Tamil and at least remember our culture.. Let's share this throughout the world....
Tamil Ulagam Vanakkam,
Established in 1999 for the benefit of the tamil speaking community throughout the world, Tamil-Ulagam discusses any issue that concerns the Tamil community. (932)
Federation of Tamil Sangams of North America (2346)
Tamil Sangam, Ohio - designed to promote Tamil Language and its culture in central Ohio (241)
Tamil Sangam - San Diego University
Tamil Sangam, Richmond (205)
Tamil Sangam, Carolina (278)
Ilakkiyam - Tamil Literary Club of Bay Area
Tamil Sangam, Chicago  (722) - serving the Tamil speaking community of Chicago and surrounding areas for more than 35 years. Our goal is to promote the understanding of our Tamil language and culture of Tamil Nadu.  http://www.chicagotamilsangam.org/
Tamil Manram, San Francisco (1058)
Tamil Christians, Atlanta - (104) -This is an e mail group for Tamil Christians living in Atlanta,GA (USA) to bring unity and edification among Tamil Christians. We can encourage and edify one another by the Word of God and pray for each other in needs. If you have any private prayer requests, please send to us. Members can send mail either in English or in Tamil
Sydney Tamil Manram  -  for lovers of Tamil, sharing views, communicating news and ideas. (300)
Singapore Tamil Indian Club  (27)
Tamil Schools New South Wales (23)
NZ-Tamils News Digest (81)
Tamil Lankans (98)
Tamil Islam - (258) - Basics of Islamic information in Tamil language, discussion about Islam, FAQ. which is mainly to clarify non-Muslims wrong  opinion about Islam and looking brotherhood from them
Tamil Muslim - discussing issues of Tamil Muslims (25)


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