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"To us all towns are one, all men our kin.
Life's good comes not from others' gift, nor ill
Man's pains and pains' relief are from within.
Thus have we seen in visions of the wise !."
Tamil Poem in Purananuru, circa 500 B.C 

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Selected Writings -  Fr. Chandiravarman Sinnathurai

Sri Lanka - A Terror State

22 July 2006

LTTE Political Wing Leader �Suna Pana� (Thamil Chelvan)  has given a clear-cut response to the Swedish special envoy Mr Andres Oljelund when he  visited Vanni on Friday 21 July to discuss about Nordic Monitors September 1st.deadline. Suna Pana requested both the EU and the international community to out law the Sri Lanka Regime as a terror state.

One hopes the international community will listen to the cry of the Tamils and would take necessary action. The religious communities in Sri Lanka � Tamil Eelam will also be expected not to be silent in this regard.

When the Bus Bombing took place Rt Revd Chickera was prompt in releasing press statements condemning the attack. The Bishop was implying with out any shred of evidence that this was the work of Tamil Tigers. More over he also made sure through ecclesiastical grapevine that the religious bodies in the West not only hear precisely that message but they do also gobble it up with out any critical analysis. Such is the �color� of prejudice!

When Tamils were bombed and killed the Bishop observed studied silence.

At a recent international Christian Conference in Britain some senior clerics in the world ecclesiastical circles brought forth a �Notice of Motion� on Sri Lanka. The British Media reported as follows: �The Conference noted with concern the deteriorating situation there, called on the British Government to put pressure on the Government of Sri Lanka and on the Tamil Tigers�� A clergyman who introduced himself only as a �Ceylon Tamil� asked for a �Moderate amendment� to this Notice of Motion on the ground that it was imbalanced and an undue blame was apportioned to the dispossessed Tamils. He further went on to explain the effects of Kfir jet bombings, eco terror and the genocide killings including little children as young as 3years of age. He asked the Conference to amend by substituting �terror� for fear. Because the Tamils are living in �terror stalking them day and night.� Killing must stop on both sides. And the State terror have to stop immediately. That should be the main thrust he emphasised and called the Church to act with courage and with prophetic insight.

Two senior people from the World Church spoke in response. One person spoke of her visit to Sri Lanka. �I was given a smiling welcome by a peace-loving people.� She further added that the Church was composed of members of all communities. They had �much experience of holding together contradictory opinions.�

People who know main-line denominational Churches in Sri Lanka will tell this is simply a bed-time story view. The person who was sent as a delegate representing Sri Lanka kept silent. The obvious reason being that he is a Tamil!

The principal speaker on the Motion resisting the amendment said: �The Roman Catholic Church is bringing the same matter to the attention of the Holy See through the Archbishop of Sydney�� He underscored this amendment is not helpful as the wording of the Notice of Motion was already agreed by the Bishop � None other than Chickera!!

The worrying trend is that there is a lop-sided view when it comes to actual wording of the document and the revealing of subtle pariality. For instance the first paragraph of "Notice of Motion 1 Sri Lanka" read: "The Conference notes with urgent concern the deteriorating situation in Sri Lanka, particularly the brutal attack on civilians at Kebthigollewa on 15 June, which killed over sixty, and the murder, in Mannar District, of five fishermen and a further six people who had taken refuge in St Mary's Church."

You would have detected the number games. "Over 60 killed in Kebthigollewa and only 5 fisherman and futher 6 people = 11" The Ceylon Tamil in NM 124 (amendment to NM 1) asked: "How about the ones who are slaughtered daily? The hundreds who perished by aerial bombings?" The answer to this query was utterly illogical: "The LTTE is proscribed by Britain and the EU as a Terrrist organisation!" It is a play with numbers and words - "words agreed by Bishops and Cardinals" Woe to these whited-sepulchers!

The Tamil Christians in Sri Lanka � Catholics, Methodists, Anglicans -- all have to wake up to reality. Of course, this is indeed risky business. None would underestimate that. Its high time, one would think, for the Tamils to have own respective autonomous Bodies for their ecclesiastical Governance. Such a move will make the West to hear the alarm bells go off. Lets face it even within the Church the Tamils are marginalised and discriminated against � that is the sad reality. The Tamil Churches ought to exert pressure on their Western counterparts and counteract the deliberate lies circulated in the name of fictitious peace. The Church cannot afford to be quiet nor can it avoid the racist politics of the Terror state.

One hopes �Sunna Pana� will initiate a religious dialogue with Tamil Christian denominational leaders in order for them to prepare the ground for the future but most importantly and urgently to counteract the vicious cycle of half-truths recycled by their respective Colombo head quarters.

Sri Lanka is an out law state. It is highly commendable that �Suna Pana� did not mince his words with the Special envoy.

State terror is the ground reality in Sri Lanka. The international community ought not to tolerate it any longer.


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