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"To us all towns are one, all men our kin.
Life's good comes not from others' gift, nor ill
Man's pains and pains' relief are from within.
Thus have we seen in visions of the wise !."
Tamil Poem in Purananuru, circa 500 B.C 

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"Whatever may be said, whosoever may say it -  to determine the truth of it, is wisdom" - Thirukural

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February 2006-

28 February 2006 Tamil National Forum to include

1. Chandi Sinnathurai on Looking for Loopholes  "Much is being said about the peace overtures in Geneva between the Sri Lanka Government (SLG) and the Tamil Tigers (LTTE). Balasingham called it a �diplomatic victory�. An over estimation, one would think. The SLG have raised their tails and retorted with a spin that the Tigers agreed to an "Amendment to the original Cease Fire Agreement". Balasingham rejected that as a �bizarre interpretation�. While this media warfare is being conducted... Think of the suffering for a moment of all those abducted TRO workers. Are they still alive? Will the quisling forces be disarmed? Now, let�s talk until the cows come home."... more

2. Sanmugam Sabesan from Australia - சமாதானப் பேச்சுக்கள் - மீண்டும்?!

3. Brian Senewiratne on Geneva Peace Talks that Have Gone Nowhere

26 February 2006 Tamils - A Trans State Nation - Thousands of  Swiss Tamils greet LTTE Delegation to Geneva Talks விடுதலையின் வாசலில் - At Freedom's Entrance.... including speeches in Tamil in Real Audio by LTTE Political Wing Leader, S.P Thamilchelvan, Col.Jeyam, Nahulan, and Ilanthiraiyan.

தமிழ் அகம் - ஓர் உணர்வா, அல்லது இடமா?

26 February 2006 Tamil National Forum - Selected Writings by Fr. Chandi Sinnathurai to include

1. Kasi Ananthan Poesy and the Tamil Eelam Liberation Struggle

2. Ballad of the Land and the Sea

What good would it be to talk peace?
When we don�t see it on the ground?
What good would it be to beg please?
When that means to be shot and killed?

Is this the peace you talk about?
In a far flung foreign land!
If that is peace Mr Diplomat
Then give us not �peace� we plead! more

 24/26 February 2006 Conflict Resolution: Sri Lanka - Tamil Eelam - Norwegian Initiative to include Geneva Talks at a Four Sided Table

LTTE & Sri Lanka Delegations

The LTTE delegation led by Anton Balasingham, sat across a four sided table from Ministers of the new Rajapakse government in Colombo. Norwegians and the Swiss hosts sat on a third side and truce monitors completed the square. The shape of the table reflected, perhaps, the four sided nature of the talks. Form and content usually go together.

1. Statements by LTTE & Sri Lanka

2. Concluding Statement Released by the Norwegian Facilitator  " New talks will be held  in Geneva, on 19 and 21 April. Both sides committed to respecting and upholding the ceasefire agreement and are committed to taking all necessary means to ensure that there will be no intimidation and acts of violence."

3. LTTE Political Wing Leader Interview in Tamil with IBC at conclusion of Talks

4. Report on Talks in Sri Lanka State Controlled Daily News

5.  Balasingham's interview with Sunday Leader after Geneva Talks, 26 February 2006

"... I told the delegation that I have come with a specific mandate from Mr. Pirapaharan to only talk about the implementation of the CFA. I said we will walk out if anybody raises anything or starts discussing constitutional or legal problems pertaining to this document. I said the moment you claim the CFA is incorrect, then you are coming out of the CFA. That means you are giving two weeks notice for the resumption of hostilities. You better think very carefully, I said. So they kept quiet..."

5. Kasra Naji, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC),  reports from the Vanni on Geneva Talks

20 February 2006 Tamil National Forum to include

1. Oru Paper Editorial  Geneva here they come! Too much of private tuition can make anyone sleepy!"The gentleman whose photograph you see alongside is Mr.Nimal Sripala de Silva, Mahinda Rajapakse's frontline minister, Government spokesman and head of the Sri Lanka government delegation to Geneva for talks on February 22nd and 23rd.. If the photograph shows him sleeping at an important public function in Colombo, forgive him. Colombo's sultry weather is of course sleep inducing, public meetings nevertheless. But what is worse, even for Health Ministers in charge of nutrition, is too much of private tuition!"... more

2. Sanmugam Sabesan from Australia on  ஜனநாயகமும் பயங்கரவாதமும் "ஜனநாயகம்-பயங்கரவாதம் போன்ற சொல்லாடல்களிலும் கருத்துருவாக்கங்களிலும் எவ்வளவு முரண்பாட்டையும், தெளிவின்மையையும் சம்பந்தப்பட்ட உலக நாடுகள் கொண்டிருக்கின்றன என்பதைச் சுட்டிக் காட்டித் தர்க்கிப்பதுவே எமது எண்ணமாகும்." [together with English Translation]

19 February 2006 Conflict Resolution: Sri Lanka - Tamil Eelam - Norwegian Initiative to include

1. LTTE delegation Arrives  in Geneva, Switzerland for Talks
with Sri Lanka on Implementation of Ceasefire

LTTE Political Wing Leader, Thamil Chelven, addressing a gathering of Swiss Tamils at the Airport said " talks will reveal the bona fides of the Sri Lanka Government in seeking a peaceful resolution to the Tamil National question..."

2. R.Cholan writes a 'A Private Letter to President Mahinda Rajapakse' "...You made a bit of a �BOOBOO� this week in your interview with the Reuters [13 February 2006] and I was quite embarrassed, you being the President of my old country and all that. You had said, �[Sri Lanka] is a small country, where you can�t have two states�� You are an educated man (a lawyer, I am told) and I am surprised at your lack of knowledge on such matters. The fact is � Sri Lanka is not a small country as you claim. I have listed below data on 138 countries smaller in population than Sri Lanka, all full-fledged members of the United Nations. The total membership of the UN is only 191 countries..."more

3. LTTE Political Wing Leader Tamilchelven & Sri Lanka President Rajapakse on the Peace process - in TIME, 12/13 February 2006 Tamilchelven:-"First Accept the Sovereignty Of Our People ...War is not gentle and nice. It's definitely going to be cruel. We hate war and we do not see it as an option that will produce a political solution. But we were forced into war. The decision to avoid such bloodshed, to avoid the killing of thousands of people, is for the occupying military power, the prosecutor of war, not the oppressed..."  more

17 February 2006 Tamil Language & Literature to include

1. Kalki's  cOlaimalai iLavaraci
கல்கியின் சோலைமலை இளவரசி

2. அகநானுறு - akanAnURu  of  eTTutokai - the 400 Hundred Poems of Love

17 February 2006 Sri Lanka Accused at United Nations to include

Written statement submitted by International Educational Development to the UN Commission on Human Rights, under agenda item on the right of peoples to self-determination ' " United States has substantial interests in Sri Lanka, especially as the United States seeks to expand its role and power in Asia...Understanding the interests of the United States in the Tamil areas of Sri Lanka goes a long way to explaining the United States� overt actions in relation to the conflict in Sri Lanka, the most prominent being its harsh rhetoric against the Tamils and their leadership under the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)..." more

15 February 2006 Comments & About Us to include Comments from Canada, New Delhi, Tamil Nadu and France.

14 February 2006 International Relations in the Age of Empire to include

Power & Interest News Report - China's Strategy of Containing India - Dr. Mohan Malik   "...India's so-called "healthy competition with China" is becoming one of rivalry. In fact, China's behavior toward India is not much different from that of the U.S.' behavior toward China for the simple reason that China is a status-quo power with respect to India while the U.S. is a status-quo power with regards to China..."more

14 February 2006 Tamils & the Digital Revolution to include

தமிழ் வளர்க்கும் அறிஞர்கள் - அழகி.காம் விஷி (எ)விஸ்வநாதன்  " ஒரு கொடிய வியாதியைத் தந்து அதையே ஒரு தூண்டுகோலாக / பாலமாக / வரமாக ('அழகி' தமிழ் மென்பொருள் செய்ய) அமைத்த இறைவனுக்கு நன்றி. இல்லையென்றால், 'Also went to USA. Also settled in USA' என்றே என் வாழ்க்கை அமைந்திருக்கும்." more

14 February 2006 Sanmugam Sabesan writes from Australia on Valentines Day - காதலர் தினம - சொல்லக் கூடிய சில தகவல்கள்  "தமிழர் வாழ்வில் ��காதலர் தினம்� என்ற ஒன்று தேவையா? அல்லது தமிழர் வாழ்வில் காதல் என்ற ஒன்று இல்லையா? என்று விதவிதமாகக் கேட்போரையும் சற்றுக் கவனிப்போம்..."

12 February 2006  International Relations in the Age of Empire to include

1. US Congressional Caucus on Sri Lanka Introduces Resolution in the US House of Representatives - together with comments by tamilnation.org

2.Arundhati Roy on Instant-Mix Imperial Democracy - Buy One, Get One Free [also in realaudio] "..Way back in 1988, on the 3rd of July, the U.S.S. Vincennes, a missile cruiser stationed in the Persian Gulf, accidentally shot down an Iranian airliner and killed 290 civilian passengers. George Bush the First, who was at the time on his presidential campaign, was asked to comment on the incident. He said quite subtly, "I will never apologize for the United States. I don't care what the facts are." I don't care what the facts are. What a perfect maxim for the New American Empire. Perhaps a slight variation on the theme would be more apposite: The facts can be whatever we want them to be..."more

3.A Trivial Technique of Psychological Pressure  "Condoleezza Rice, the US Secretary of State...used quite a trivial technique of psychological pressure, which is mostly practiced in the field of education. According to Condoleezza Rice, Russia's actions towards Ukraine did not characterize it as a respectable member of the Group of Eight. The statement from the high-ranking US official sounded like a reprimand from a strict babysitter that was teaching its baby to behave. It goes without saying that the largest Eurasian power is not a baby" more

4. Some Questions for Condoleezza Rice
5. United States & the Use of  Paramiltaries in Iraq

12 February 2006 Indictment Against Sri Lanka -  Rape & Murder of Eelam Tamil Women to include The Blood-soaked Jasmine by Chandi Sinnathurai

She was barely sixteen
When she disappeared suddenly one night
Mallikai our little thankachi. more

11 February 2006 Tamil Heritage - the Tamils are an ancient people to include

1.Tamil Language Inscriptions in China - Dr.S.Jayabarathi

2. Thamizhar Martial Arts - Alex Doss "..When we think of martial arts, we usually think of China or Japan. Only recently, people have discovered that martial arts had its roots in India �somewhere�. The location of  the part of India martial arts came from still remains a mystery to many..." more

10 February 2006 Tamil National Forum to include  

Fr. Chandi Sinnathurai writes from Thondamanaaru, Tamil Eelam - A Redemption Song [Dedicated to the heroic memory of  all the writers and journalists assassinated by the Sri Lanka State]

" The Pen in my Tamil land
Drips Virar blood �
Flesh of my flesh; bones of my bones are crucified.
For they wrote what they witnessed,
Maravar blood of the Crucified Thiyagi sown in the Eelam soil,
They will rise again; and so we console our spirit..." more

9 February 2006 Right to Self Determination: Tamil Eelam to include

G.Amirthalingam on Tamil Struggle: The Need for self-determination  "Tamils don�t need the consent of the Sinhalese population to determine their political future. Did the colonizers get the consent of the Tamil people in a democratic manner, when the Tamil homeland was merged with the rest of the country?  ..In 1505, Sri Lankans gave into Portuguese invasion, in order to oust the Portuguese they invited the Dutch for help, and then the British walked in without any resistance. All in all the country lost 433 years of Sovereignty. Sri Lanka will make the same mistake again, if there is no settlement to the Tamil cause, and lose the country to foreign rule for another 500 years..."

8 February 2006 Conflict Resolution: Tamil Eelam - Sri Lanka to include Wakely Paul on the Essence of Geneva

7 February 2006 Tamil National Forum to include

ஓ....எங்கள் குரல்

1. Fr. Chandi Sinnathurai writes from Mattakkalappu, Tamil Eelam - Democratic Sri Lanka? A Mocking Parody  "Sri Lanka functions within a framework of a racist sectarianism couched in a fa�ade of duplicitous democracy. I therefore pen this piece, under the real threat of a police state while death squads are meting out collective punishments.... I rang one of my relatives in Mattakalappu a week after the senior Tamil legislator�s murder in the Cathedral. He conveyed to me that the people in Batticaloa are living in constant fear: �Any moment any thing can happen � this is worse than the trauma of tsunami� he shuddered. Why don�t you write about these atrocities in the news papers and let the whole world know, I urged him. �If so,� he enquired �are you willing to conduct my funeral?� Such frightening reality is an open secret. Naturally no one wants to even whisper a word  .." more

2.Sanmugam Sabesan writes from Australia - பொய்மை உணர்த்தும் உண்மை!

3. Fr. Chandi Sinnathurai from Mattakkalappu,Tamil Eelam - Four Legs Good, Two legs Bad - An Assortment of Modest Reflections�read on the Holocaust Memorial Day at the local Synagogue

5 February 2006 International Relations in the Age of Empire to include

Dr. Michael A. Weinstein - Power and Interest News Report - Condoleezza Rice Completes Washington's Geostrategic Shift  "..Rice's announcements culminate a major revision of Washington's overall geostrategy that has been in the making since 2004 when the failures of the Iraq intervention exposed the limitations of U.S. military capabilities and threw into question the unilateralist doctrine outlined in the administration's 2002 National Security Strategy... Rice's reforms are significant because they are embraced by a multipolar perspective on world politics that brings Washington into line with the other major power centers. .... other power centers will welcome Washington's acknowledgment of multipolarity at the same time that they will be challenged by it..."

4 February 2006 On the 58th Sri Lanka Independence Day Tamil Eelam - a De Facto State to include

Very little of Sri Lanka in Kilinochchi - Raju Gopalakrishnan reporting for Reuters  from Killinochchi  "...There's very little of Sri Lanka in Kilinochchi.... Coming in from Colombo in the South, visitors to the area need to pass customs and get an entry pass, in effect a visa. Kilinochchi has the LTTE's own bank, court, hospital and taxi service and is in a separate time zone -- half an hour off Sri Lanka time..." more

4 February 2006 Foreign Aid & Tamil Eelam - Sri Lanka Conflict to include

Aid, Conflict & Peace Building in Sri Lanka 2000 - 2005 Jonathan Goodhand and Bart Klem with Dilrukshi Fonseka, S.I. Keethaponcalan, and Shonali Sardesai   "There is scope to think more creatively about the interfaces between diplomatic, development, humanitarian, and human rights actors, so that the distinctive approaches of each reinforce and complement (rather than undercut) one another. The same also applies to complementarity between countries - for instance the "good cop" roles of the European countries, versus the "bad cop" roles of India and the U.S..." more

3 February 2006 Conflict Resolution: Tamil Eelam - Sri Lanka  Norwegian Peace Initiative to include

1. S.J.Tissainayagam asks 'Will talks in Geneva dispel war clouds?'... "What has to be  borne in mind is that the defence and military hierarchy in Colombo are said to have informed the president they need a couple of months of preparation to be in a position to take on the LTTE militarily, either to begin an offensive or to defend themselves if attacked. In which case the LTTE would also be cognisant of the fact that the proposed talks are a time buying exercise.... To believe that international legitimacy is all the Tigers are after and would sacrifice everything for that is a complete misunderstanding of the LTTE�s mindset and intentions...." more

2.  (Ranil Wickremasinghe supporting) Sinhala Lankadeepa Daily on Geneva & Karuna - பேச்சுக்களின் பெயரால் புலிகளைச் சிதைக்க தீட்டிய திட்டங்கள் என்ன?: ஆதாரங்களோடு அம்பலப்படுத்தியது 'சிங்கள' நாளேடு! - "...சமாதான பேச்சுவார்த்தை நிகழ்ச்சி நிரலின் முதலாவது விடயம் யுத்த நிறுத்த உடன்படிக்கையை அமுல்படுத்துவதாகும். விடுதலைப் புலிகள் சொல்லப்போவது அதெல்லாம் செய்வதற்கு முன்னர் கருணாவை நிராயுதபாணியாக்குங்கள் என்பதையாகும்... அரசாங்கம் கருணாவின் தலையைப் பலிகொடுக்குமா? .." more

2 February 2006 Tamil National Forum: Selected Writings by Sachi Sri Kantha to include

Attention Anandasangaree; A Valentine For You " Dear Sangaree Senior, Since the Valentine�s Day is approaching, I thought that I�ll send a valentine for you. You have been suffering from loneliness and pain for the past two years; the pain of being deserted by the Eelam Tamils.... I�d suggest that the name of your new political horse, named All Ceylon Tamil Liberation Party, is a mouthful...How about having a more pragmatic, simple name for your new political horse? For me, the name Rascals And Wobblers Party (acronymized as RAW party) sounds true to the origin, and it also honors the prospective patrons of the party properly. Please give some thought to my suggestion..." more

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