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"To us all towns are one, all men our kin.
Life's good comes not from others' gift, nor ill
Man's pains and pains' relief are from within.
Thus have we seen in visions of the wise !."
Tamil Poem in Purananuru, circa 500 B.C 

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Tamil Armed Resistance & the Law

Reports on Armed Conflict in Tamil Eelam

19 May 2009 Lessons of War from Tigers Defeat - Might is Right - BBC

"The defeat of the Tamil Tigers might encourage other governments to put more emphasis on fighting insurgents by military means.This would go against the modern theory of counter insurgency, which tries to win over populations as the key to long-term peace. The modern theory has been enshrined in the US manual of counter insurgency. This was written by General David Petraeus, the man who led the surge in Iraq and brought a greater degree of stability. He is now trying to do the same thing in Afghanistan. "Counter-insurgents should prepare for a long-term commitment" is one sentence from the manual. "Offensive operations are only the beginning" is another. In Sri Lanka it was certainly a long-term counter-insurgency commitment. But offensive operations were the end as well as the beginning... The events in Sri Lanka will not bring a decisive shift in thinking back to the old days of might means right, but they will have an effect in this kind of debate. "

17 May 2009 We are silencing our guns - LTTE
26 April 2009 Sri Lanka rejects LTTE's  unilateral ceasefire
21 April 2009 'SLA advances behind human shield, act fast to rescue civilians,' Puleedevan urges UN
21 April 2009 Sri Lanka army accused of carnage
20 April 2009 Casualties cross 1000 in SLA's attempt to capture civilians
20 April 2009 'Thousands flee' Sri Lanka combat
20 April 2009 Chaos and carnage as SLA enters 'safety zone'
20 April 2009 Wounded thousands lack medical supplies, ICRC
19 April 2009 SLA launches ground push targeting 'safety zone'
19 April 2009  SLA attacks continue to target 'safety zone'
19 April 2009 SLA conducts large scale cordon, search in Jaffna
18 April 2009  "There will not be a post-LTTE scenario" - PC Vinoj Kumar interviews LTTE Political Head, B.Nadesan Tehelka Magazine
15 March 2009 Vital Tamil clinic 'could close' due to medicine shortage - BBC
14 March 2009 UN fears Sri Lanka 'war crimes' - BBC
12 March 2009 Heavy fighting in north Sri Lanka - BBC
11 March 2009 Sri Lanka 'suicide bomb kills 14' in Akuressa - BBC
20 February 2009

Black Air Tiger attack on Colombo's Air Force HQ, Air Base

6 February 2009 Tigers seize SLA arms cache in PTK
28 January 2009 Sri Gaza and The Tamil Hamas - Tim Marshall
11 January 2009  �Conquering Kilinochchi�: Military delusions that ruin Sri Lanka - Vasantha Raja
10 January2009 Crouching Tigers & the Fall of Killinochchi
6 January 2009 Why the conflicts in Gaza and Sri Lanka will continue - Damien Kingsbury  
2 January 2009 The True Face of President Rajapksa's Genocidal Killinochchi 'Victory'
18 December 2008 Kilinochchi: The Kiss Of Death - B.Raman
17 December 2008 SLA death toll hits 170 in Vanni, hundreds wounded, 36 bodies recovered - LTTE
14 December 2008 Govt's war costing more lives than ever in Lanka's history 
10 December 2008  90 SLA killed in two fronts of Killinochchi - LTTE
20 November 2008 130 SLA killed, 450 wounded in 3 days in Mukamaalai
16 November 2008 18 kilotonnes of TNT on the Vanni - equivalent to that dropped on Hiroshima
15 November 2008 Pooneryn falls to Sri Lankan Forces
31 October 2008

Kilinochchi Battle will be Archetypal Military Disaster for Sri Lankan Army

28 October 2008 Tamil Tiger planes bomb power station and army camp
29 September 2008 Three Views: One Truth
13 September 2008 LTTE warns of Genocide as UN Agencies Pull Out
10 September 2008 Sri Lanka Bombs Killinochchi Civilian Centre  & Demonstrates to the Tamil people  the 'Power that Flows from the Barrel of the Gun'
9 September 2008  LTTE Destroys Sri Lanka Radar Installation - and finds India at Work
28 May 2008 Sea Tigers raid Sri Lanka Navy camp close to Jaffna city
9 May 2008 Sea Tiger commandos sink SLN supply ship in Trinco Harbour

A troop carrier cum supply ship of the Sri Lanka Navy, A-520, named 'MV Invincible', was sunk by Sea Tiger naval commandos in the Trincomalee Harbour at 2:23 a.m. Saturday, according to the Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) officials in Vanni. The underwater attack by Black Tigers was carried out when the supply vessel was loaded with explosives to be transported to KKS Harbour in Jaffna, the LTTE said. The ship was sunk within the first 13-minutes of the attack, the Tigers said. The 80-meter long supply ship and troop carrier has also been deployed in the Sri Lanka Navy's deep sea operations against Tiger vessels in 2007. The ship has lately been engaged in naval resupply service between KKS and Trincomalee. The Sri Lanka Navy seized the ship in 2003 when it was reportedly involved in a people-smuggling operations. Operated by a Russian or Georgian crew, it had 250 Pakistanis on board, who had flown legitimately to Colombo, the BBC reported. Commandos from Kangkai Amaran unit of the Sea Tigers took part in Saturday�s mission, the LTTE also said. The unit was named after a senior commander of the Sea Tigers killed by Sri Lankan Army Deep Penetration Unit on 29 June 2001 in an attack in the Mannaar district.

4 May 2008 2,000 Sri Lankan soldiers killed last year � Army chief
24 April 2008 Tigers' feint kills 100 Sri Lanka troops
24 March 2008 Fighting on the Beaches and Battles Under the Sea
12 February 2008 Death toll mounts as Sri Lanka pushes for Tiger teritory
16 January 2008 Tamil Tigers kill 28 with bus bomb
26 December 2007 Black Sea Tigers sink SLN Dvora attack craft in the seas off Delft island
26 December 2007 5 SLA troops killed, 11 injured in clashes in Vanni - LTTE
28 October 2007

Who's writing the script of the war? - J.S. Tissainayagam

24 October 2007 The Exhibitionism of Necrophilia: The Subhuman in the Sinhala-Buddhist Psyche - Giuseppe. C. Luciani
22 October 2007 Liberation Tigers combined air, ground attack on Anuradhapura air base
14 October 2007

LTTE on its last legs in Wanni - Sri Lanka State Controlled Observer

19 July 2007 Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapakse celebrates 'capture' of the East

17 July 2007 "Capture" of  the East by Sri Lanka and the Killing of Sinhala Chief Secretary of the Eastern Province
25 May 2007 Who is winning Sri Lanka's war? - Roland Buerk, BBC

"A joke used to do the rounds in Colombo, during a previous phase of Sri Lanka's interminable civil war - that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (Tamil Tigers) must surely have already been wiped out entirely, given the numbers of rebels the military said it was killing..."

8 May 2007 What a flying menace!
6 May 2006 Fully fledged air defence system vital to counter Tiger air threat says Sri Lanka State Controlled Sunday Observer
29 April 2007 Liberation Tigers bomb Fuel Installations in Kolonnawa near Colombo
March/April 2007 B.Raman, South Asia Analysis Group (SAAG) On LTTE's Air Capability
24 April 2007 Liberation Tigers bomb Sri Lankan military�s main base complex in Jaffna peninsula
1 April 2007 Lanka Air Security Strategy : Perimeter Defence & Over the Horizon "Radar" - Namal Suvendra
26 March 2007 Katunayake Military Airbase Bombed by LTTE Air Wing

22 January 2007 Sanmugam Sabesan on மாவிலாறு- சம்பூர்- மூதூர்- வாகரை�
22 January 2007 Victory in Vakarai - Dayan Jayatilleke in Sri Lanka Defence Ministry Publication
1 January 2007 Battle for Vaharai
9 November 2006 Sea Tigers sink 2 Sri Lankan attack crafts (Video)
18 October 2006 SL Naval base in Galle attacked, curfew imposed  
17 October 2006 SLAF bombs broadcast tower in Vanni
22 October 2006 தமிழீழ கடற்படையின் தளபதி கேணல் சூசை -  உரையாடல்
15 October 2006 Sri Lanka Armed Forces Suffer Debacle at Muhamalai
13 October 2006 LTTE hands over 74 SLA bodies to ICRC
7 October 2006 Colombo declines to receive bodies of dead soldiers, captured soldier talks to media

"..The fighting formation of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) forces, "boxed" an area of 10 square kilometers and defeated Sri Lankan offensive towards Vaharai Friday, LTTE Trincomalee Political Head S. Elilan said Saturday. Accusing Sri Lanka for violating the Ceasefire Agreement (CFA) and the Geneva Agreement of disarming the paramilitary cadres, Mr. Elian said 400 Sri Lankan troops, including 80 paramilitary cadres, were involved in the Sri Lankan offensive. K.M.S. Ratnayake, a soldier from Sri Lanka's 6th Battalion of Gemunu Watch, was captured alive by the Tigers. Colombo has refused to accept 9 bodies of SLA soldiers killed in the encounter, Mr. Elilan said..."

13 October 2006 Tamil Tiger fighters kill 129 in fresh clashes with Sri Lankan army (Daily Telegraph)
12 October 2006 Sri Lanka military's 'bloody nose' - BBC
24 August 2006 Sri Lanka: Stories from Conflict Zones - BBC Report
14 August 2006

  Australian Tamil Broadcasting Corporation interviews

13 August 2006 Lanka Sri TV: விடுதலைப் புலிகளின் படையணிகள் முகமாலை, மண்டைதீவு, கிளாலி, நாகர்கோவில் படைத் தளம் மீது தாக்குதல்
6 August 2006 Sri Lanka forces attack reservoir - BBC
6 August 2006 Sri Lanka rejects Tiger deal to end water crisis, resumes shelling
4 August 2006 Muslims blame Sri Lankan Govt for Muttur deaths
5 August 2006 Sri Lankan military attacks drive thousands from Muttur
4 August 2006 LTTE overrun  17 Sri Lanka Army Camps in Muthur - Video News
2 July 2006 Six thousand civilians complete training in Muttur east

The graduation ceremony for about six thousand villagers who have completed their training under the civilian volunteer force programme in the LTTE-held Muttur east villages was held Friday evening at Sri Senbaga Maha Vidiyalyam grounds in Eachchilampathu division in the Trincomalee district. "Sinhala government in the south has shown its unwillingness to respect the legitimate rights of Tamil people. We are forced to strengthen ourselves with the support of Tamil people under the leadership and guidance of our national leader to move the liberation struggle vigorously forward," said Mr. S. Elilan, LTTE Trincomalee district political head, in a speech at the event, LTTE sources said. Mr. Elilan further said, "We are disppointed with the approach of the international community toward resolving the conflict in Sri Lanka. They appear to be driven by their own domestic agendas."

16 June 2006 Sri Lanka Navy Grenade attack on Church - 5 civilians killed, 44 wounded in Pesalai

Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) troopers shot and killed four fishermen and lobbed a grenade Saturday morning into the Church of Our Lady of Victory in Pesalai, killing a lady and wounding 44. Civilians had sought refuge at the church following the recent escalation of violence in Pesalai. The fishermen were killed at the shores of Pesalai, 15 km northwest of Mannar, around 7:00 a.m. Saturday, when the troopers began attacking civilians after a sea fight with the Sea Tigers in the seas off Pesalai.

16 June 2006 Sri Lankan Kfir bombers bomb Kilinochchi again

"Sri Lankan Kfir bombers, for the third time within the last 36 hours, Friday, 16 June evening from 5:20 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., dropped 10 bombs in the suburbs of Kilinochchi. Kfir bombers also dropped six bombs in the suburbs of Kilinochchi Friday morning. At least two Kfir bombers and a reconnaisance aircraft were observed in high altitude over Vanni in the morning and the evening."

15 June 2006 SLAF Kfir bombs target tsunami camp in Mullaithivu

Bombs targeted by Kfir bombers of Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) at a tsunami refugee camp with 300 refugees in Selvapuram on Mullaithivu-Paranthan Road, beyond Vadduvahal bridge, Thursday noon missed the target, sources in Mullaitivu said. Refugees who fled their temporary huts in Selvalpuram seeking safety elsewhere escaped injuries from the indiscriminate bombing from high altitude by the supersonic jets.

6 June 2006 Self-defence training to Muttur east civilians begins
4 June 2006 10,000 graduate from self-defense training in Mullaitivu

12 May 2006  Indian help sought to escort �Pearl Cruiser� safely to KKS
3 November 2005 Sixth anniversary of Unceasing Waves-III commemorated
23 March 2003 Elephant Pass fall:  Reassessing LTTE's manoeuvre warfare prowess

Elephant Pass Commemoration

3 September 2001 Janes Weekly Report: LTTE assault on Sri Lanka's Bandaranaike airport was aviation history's most destructive 'terrorist' act

24 July 2001 Katunayake Airport Attacked
28 April 2001 Sri Lanka Army suffers major debacle
26 April 2001 Fighting continues in Southern Jaffna
23 April 2001 LTTE Ceasefire Comes to an End
19 April 2001 LTTE blames Sri Lanka Troops for Wounding American Journalist
16 January 2001 Sri Lanka Launches Major Offensive at Kilaly
19 October 2000 Nagarkovil Defence Lines Overrun
27 September 2000

Heavy Fighting in Muhamalai-Killali Sector

03 September 2000

Fierce Fighting Erupts in Jaffna

26 June 2000

Sea Tigers Destroy Ship Carrying Arms to Jaffna

06 June 2000

Sri Lanka gun boats destroyed

27 May 2000

Sri Lanka rejects ceasefire - civilians stranded in battle zone

26 May 2000 LTTE declares ceasefire to evacuate Tamil civilians to safety
20 May 2000 Chavachcheri town falls to LTTE
19 May 2000 LTTE appeals to Sri Lankan soldiers to surrender
19 May 2000 LTTE intensifies attacks on KKS Harbour and Palaly air base
17 May 2000 Kaithady Military Complex falls to LTTE
16 May 2000 Tigers ask civilians to move
16 May 2000 Navatkuly falls to LTTE
14 May 2000 Offensive exposes Jaffna's 'soft underbelly'
12 May 2000

LTTE preparing for final push into Jaffna

11 May 2000

LTTE scores spectacular gains

10 May 2000

Strategic bridge falls to Tigers

10 May 2000 LTTE advances towards Jaffna
08 May 2000

LTTE offers temporary ceasefire to facilitate evacuation of Sri Lanka troops from Jaffna Peninsula

30 April 2000

LTTE captures strategic town of Pallai

24 April 2000

LTTE captures massive haul of arms

29 April 2000 Fall of Elephant Pass - V.Sambandan
22 April 2000

Elephant Pass Falls to  LTTE

20 April 2000 Sri Lanka army faces serious debacle
19 April 2000 LTTE scores major victory
18 April 2000 LTTE launches fresh offensive in Jaffna
3 April 2000 Sri Lankan armoured unit destroyed
1 April 2000   Sea Tiger strategies concern SLA
29 March 2000

Military complex falls to Liberation Tigers

28 March 2000  Tigers beef up strength on coast
27 March 2000 Unceasing Waves III resumes  LTTE launches sea and land assault
25 December 1999 Tigers urge Elephant Pass surrender
24 December 1999 Heavy fighting near Iyakkachchi
21 December 1999

Elephant Pass Southern Defences Collapse

18 December 1999 Tigers advance on complex - radio
17 December 1999 Paranthan falls to LTTE
17 December 1999 Tigers attack Paranthan, shoot down helicopter
16 December 1999 LTTE's tactical manoeuvres trouble Sri Lanka army
16 December 1999

Four more villages captured -VoT

15 December 1999

Heavy fighting continues in Jaffna Peninsula

13 December 1999

Tigers capture Vadamaradchi East villages

13 December 1999

LTTE offensive spreads to Thenmarachi

11 December 1999

LTTE launches major assault on gateway to Jaffna

24 November 1999 

Tigers say Thallady forward defence overrun

18 November 1999 LTTE overruns several strategic Towns in Mannar
18 November 1999 LTTE resumes offensive in Mannar
09 November 1999 

Tigers consolidate, press attack

08 November 1999  Tigers say advancing on three fronts
08 November 1999 LTTE forces advance further into the Vanni
07 November 1999

Tigers say resume advance

07 November 1999  Sri Lanka imposes censorship
06 November 1999

Puliyankulam falls to LTTE

06 November 1999  Tigers seize more towns
05 November 1999

LTTE captures Mankulam

05 November 1999

 Karupaddamurippu captured

04 November 1999

Heavy fighting continues in the Vanni

04 November 1999 Sri Lanka troops suffer heavy casualties
04 November 1999

1000 SLA troops killed - LTTE

03 November 1999

Nedunkerni falls and Sri Lanka troops in disarray

03 November 1999 

Tigers capture large area - radio

02 November 1999

LTTE overruns Oddusudan military complex

18 July 1996 Operation Unceasing Waves: The Mullaitivu Battle.
11 November 1993  LTTE attacks major Sri Lankan Military Base at Pooneryn
1 January 1991 Hard Facts - Christian Worker Quarterly
15 September 1990 Hitler caused 50 million Deaths: 80% were Civilians says Sri Lanka Deputy Defence Minister, Ranjan Wijeratne

Sri Lanka Deputy Defence Minister Anuruddha Ratwatte on Horse

"We will never give the LTTE another chance to reorganize on the pretext of peace talks. We pledge to fight until we destroy the last terrorist," Sri Lanka Deputy Defence Minister Anuruddha Ratwatte quoted in Hot Springs, October 1998




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