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"To us all towns are one, all men our kin.
Life's good comes not from others' gift, nor ill
Man's pains and pains' relief are from within.
Thus have we seen in visions of the wise !."
Tamil Poem in Purananuru, circa 500 B.C 

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History & Geography

 "...The rediscovery of the Cankam works and the revival of Tamil language and literature revealed the richness and antiquity of Tamil culture which was proclaimed to be distinct from and superior to northern Sanskrit-Aryan culture. Along with this cultural awakening came a new sense of Dravidian self-consciousness and cultural pride..." K.Nambi Arooran  - Tamil Renaissance and Dravidian Nationalism,  1980

[see also The Tamil Heritage - the Tamils are an ancient people...]

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Timothy Brook and Andre Schmid (Editors) Nation Work: Asian Elites and National Identities C. Brito - Yalpana Vaipavamalai.Or The History of the Kingdom of Jaffna  Translated from the Tamil with an Appendix and a Glossary. Reprint. New Delhi, AES, 1999, 65 p., cxII, ISBN 81-206-1362-7.

Contents:  Appendix: 1. Iradchathar. 2. The Nagas. 3. Kasi Kandam. 4. Thiruvathavurar puranam. 5. Skanda-purana. 6. Thirikonasala-puranam. 7. Yalpanach-chariththiram. 8. Puthaththampi-nadakam. 9. The Vinea Taprobanea. 10. The Kalveddu. 11. The Kayilaya malai. 12. The origin of the Singhalese, Tamil, Moorish and Malay inhabitants of Ceylon. 13. The Moors. 14. The Colombo Chetties. 15. The Tamils of Jaffna. 16. The Pagnchangkam. 17. Glossary and index.

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*Daniel, E. Valentine - Fluid Signs : Being a Person the Tamil Way  / Paperback / Published: August 1987

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Guilmoto, Christophe Z, and S. Oliveau, with S. Vingadassamy and R. Amuda - South Indian Population System CD ROM published by French Institute, Pondicherry, 2000

"...the CD-ROM includes a database along with a mapping software. It is a user-friendly population and infrastructure database of villages and towns in South India which can be easily visualized through maps. With the help of a customized software included in this CD, you will be able to explore the region at different scales of analysis ( districts, taluks, villages, towns). You may also consult and map out data of your choice, as well as save and print maps. Available data include population and other socio-economic statistics, health and education infrastructures, communication and transportation facilities, as well as maps of land use, elevation or irrigation...  SIPIS covers the South Indian States and will comprise four volumes (Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala). The first SIPIS volume available is for Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry..."

Hanumanthan, K.R. - Untouchability: a historical study upto 1500 A.D.: with special reference to Tamil Nadu - Madurai: Koodal Publishers, 1979, 282p

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**Irschick,  Eugene F. - Tamil Revivalism in the 1930s  Hardcover / Published 1986

*Eugene F. Irschick - Dialogue and History: Constructing South India, 1795-1895,1994

"Eugene Irschick deftly questions the conventional wisdom that knowledge about a colonial culture is unilaterally defined by its rulers. Focusing on nineteenth-century South India, he demonstrates that a society's view of its history results from a "dialogic process" involving all its constituencies. For centuries, agricultural life in South India was semi-nomadic. But when the British took dominion, they sought to stabilize the region by inventing a Tamil "golden age" of sedentary, prosperous villages. Irschick shows that this construction resulted not from overt British manipulation but from an intricate cross-pollination of both European and native ideas. He argues that the Tamil played a critical role in constructing their past and thus shaping their future. And British administrators adapted local customs to their own uses."

*Karunanithi, G. - Caste and class in industrial organisation : a case study of two industrial units in Tamil Nadu

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Matakal Mayilvakanap Pulavar - The Yalpana-vaipava-malai, or, The History of the Kingdom of Jaffna

C.Meenakshi, Dr  - Administration and social life under Pallavas

Nambi Arooran  - K. Tamil Renaissance and Dravidian Nationalism, Koodal Publishers, Madurai, 1980

"...The rediscovery of the Cankam works and the revival of Tamil language and literature revealed the richness and antiquity of Tamil culture which was proclaimed to be distinct from and superior to northern Sanskrit-Aryan culture. Along with this cultural awakening came a new sense of Dravidian self-consciousness and cultural pride..." more

* Nilakanta Sastri - The Colas: With over 100 illustrations (Madras University historical series)

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Pandian, Jacob - Caste, nationalism, and ethnicity : an interpretation of Tamil cultural history and social order, 1987

".... in defining ethnicity it is necessary to make a distinction between the symbols of cultural boundaries that are transmitted from one generation to the next, and the use of these symbols - the explanations and interpretations of these symbols in the construction of group or ethnic identity....."

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* Rajayyan, Dr.K Historiography: History in theory and method

*Rajayyan, Dr.K A history of British diplomacy in Tanjore

* Rajayyan, Dr.K History in theory and method: A study in historiography

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Ramasamy, Rajakrishnan . Sojourners to Citizens : Sri Lankan Tamils in Malaysia, 1885-1965 

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*A.L.Rowse - Use of History (History and Historiography Series) , published by Hodder & Stoughton, 1946

"... The general conclusion I draw from European history is that no one power is strong enough to rule all the rest. Therefore the sensible thing (i.e. what the sense of history indicates) is some federal system that may enable us to work together in co-operation. On the basis of a knowledge of history we can look into the nearer future and see something of the shape of things that is emerging. And that knowledge is the best aid to knowing what we can usefully achieve in our turn�"

Sangarapillai, Ponnambalam - நாம் தமிழர்: We Tamils  English Translation by Dr.Manoharan

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"This is an outstanding study of Dravidian politics, the first to do full justice to the complexities and nuances of the subject, and should become the standard reference work for years to come. But, Narendra Subramanian's book is also much more. It pioneers new approaches to the study of Indian politics and contributes new insights into the comparative study of ethnicity, populism, pluralism and democracy. In its light, many conventional understandings of India's recent political history will have to be revised.' - David Washbrook, Professor of History, Oxford University

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