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"To us all towns are one, all men our kin.
Life's good comes not from others' gift, nor ill
Man's pains and pains' relief are from within.
Thus have we seen in visions of the wise !."
Tamil Poem in Purananuru, circa 500 B.C 

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On the  "Killing" of Pirapaharan!

January 2005

 - New Delhi's RAW & its Running Dogs
Karuna, Ram's Hindu, Lanka Truth, Asian Tribune, B.Raman, & Chandrika Kumaratunga
- a RAW commitment to truth

7 January 2005

Lanka Truth (the Most Reliable News in Sri Lanka) on Special coffin to the Tigers

"Tigers' Organisation is reported to have placed an order for an extraordinary coffin with a foreign country. The Tigers' Organisation says that this coffin was ordered for the funeral of a Sea Tiger leader who was second in rank and fell prey to the tidal waves. But intelligence sources have received information that Tiger leader Velupillai Prabhakaran was reportedly killed by the tsunami tidal waves and this special coffin was intended for his funeral. Velupillai Prabhakaran has attended the special Sunday Service held at Mullativu church on 26th last December and all those present at this special Service are reported to have been killed by the tsunami waves. Intelligence sources say that outsiders were not allowed entry into the Mullativu jungle in fear that this shocking revelation will cross its boundaries. However Intelligence sources say that they are still receiving information in this regard."


8 January 2005

Tamil Tiger leader dead or missing after tsunami: Sri Lanka radio - also at Outlook India

COLOMBO : Elusive Tamil Tiger chief Velupillai Prabhakaran and his intelligence chief Pottu Amman are among the dead or missing after last week's tsunami disaster, state radio said Saturday, sparking fresh tension between government and rebels who immediately denied the report.

The Island newspaper, meanwhile, reported Saturday that an expensive coffin "for a top LTTE leader" had been smuggled into a northern Tiger area inside a container carrying relief for tsunami survivors. The LTTE, in a statement posted on its official Peace Secretariat website, slammed the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation for carrying the reports, saying now was "not the time for gossip mongering and malicious propaganda".

"The LTTE and the Tamil people wish to strongly protest against this mischievous act of the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation, stooping down to such low level of broadcasting news that (is) fabricated by interested parties," the statement said.

"At a time of a national catastrophe of this magnitude, it is very ... regrettable that a responsible media of the government takes upon itself the job of spreading rumours and speculation that tend to create confusion in the minds of the people," it added.

The radio reports quoted a Vice Admiral Daya Sandagiri as saying Prabhakaran and Amman were among those killed or missing in the tsunami. Observers said, however, it would be difficult for the guerrillas to hide their leader's death and pointed out he had made a statement expressing sympathy for all those hit by the December 26 tsunami days after tragedy.

Prabhakaran directs the struggle for an independent Tamil homeland from a secret jungle base in the north-east of Sri Lanka and has a reputation as a fearless and ruthless guerrilla leader. Under his leadership, the Tamil Tigers have become a highly-disciplined and highly-motivated guerrilla force.

Tension has already been rising since the rebels Wednesday accused government security forces of preventing private donations from getting to temporary shelters in rebel areas holding tsunami survivors - claims which the government denied. The two sides have observed a truce since February 2002, but Norwegian-backed peace talks have been on hold since April 2003. Despite the deadlock in negotiations, both sides have pledged to respect the ceasefire. - AFP


10 January 2005 B Raman, Additional Secretary (retired), Cabinet Secretariat, Government of India, New Delhi, and, presently, Director, Institute for Topical Studies, Chennai on Tsunami & LTTE

"...The LTTE is a ruthless organization and Prabakaran was the most ruthless terrorist leader in the world. One need not shed any tears over his death, if he is really dead... the Sri Lankan Tamils need an LTTE minus Prabakaran and.. if the LTTE throws him out and gives up terrorism, India and Sri Lanka should be prepared to do business with it.... Statesmanship demands that the Sri Lankan leaders should work for such a denouement through special gestures to the Tamils and the other leaders of the LTTE...

One only has to visit the Internet chat rooms of many Sinhalese groups to have an idea of their mindset. I am giving below random examples of the comments of the Sinhalese:

"If we let them alone, disease will wipe them out. Sounds like the seven plagues in Egypt to me. Let God do what man has been unwilling to do;

"Nothing like a giant tsunami to ruin a good rebellion;"

"Those kids [children who were killed by the tsunami] would have ended up as child soldiers of the LTTE anyway;"

"Let them [the Tamils] rot. Perfect opportunity to go in and wipe out what's left of them;"

"Have their leaders strap on mega-bomb vests, then explode themselves. I'm sure they'll leave behind a crater large enough to bury quite a few bodies." ....  "

8 January 2005 LTTE condemns Sri Lanka State Media Reports

"...Referring to a news item broadcasted by the Government owned Sri Lankan Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) Saturday morning, quoting Vice Admiral Daya Sandagiri as the source person, that the leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam and the Intelligence Chief of the organisation are among the dead or reported missing consequent to the Tsunami tidal wave attack, the LTTE in a press release said that it "strongly protested against the mischievous act of the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation, stooping down to such low level of broadcasting news that are fabricated by interested parties... The government has a moral responsibility to ensure that its media exercise extra caution in broadcasting news material that tend to create tension and confusion, especially at a time the people are in distress consequent to the natural disaster..."


11 January 2005 Where is Prabakaran? - Hindu Editorial

Even if one were to discount reports that the leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, Velupillai Prabakaran, is among the thousands dead or missing in Sri Lanka after the December 26 tsunami, his absence at a time of unprecedented crisis for the people in the LTTE-controlled North-East is passing strange.

In the countries hit by the catastrophe, national and regional leaders publicly and visibly rallied to provide direction to a people confused and shattered by the unexpected nature of the calamity and the extent of the devastation around them. In Sri Lanka, the country worst affected after Indonesia, both President Chandrika Kumaratunga and Leader of the Opposition Ranil Wickremesinghe rose to the occasion. The President cut short her private visit to the United Kingdom and flew back to Sri Lanka immediately to direct relief operations. During her short absence in the immediate aftermath of the disaster, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse held the fort ably. President Kumaratunga and Mr. Wickremesinghe put aside their rivalry and made similar appeals calling on the Sri Lankan people to rise above all political, ethnic, and religious differences and to make a united effort to rebuild the country. But in North-East Sri Lanka, where some places have been as badly affected as parts of the south, the most important political figure is conspicuously missing. Where is Mr. Prabakaran at this hour of grief and distress for a people he claims only he and his group can lead?

A statement from the LTTE lambasted the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation, a state-run radio station and the first to air a report about Mr. Prabakaran's possible fate in the tsunami, for "spreading rumours and speculation." The radio station has since retracted the report but it is interesting that the LTTE statement is not a categorical denial. In fact, it does not say anything specific about Mr. Prabakaran's safety and well-being.

Ignoring this detail and assuming that the LTTE leader is alive and well, his non-appearance in public is outrageous by any standard of leadership, considering that of the more than 30,000 people killed in Sri Lanka nearly half lived in the North-East. On December 29, a statement attributed to him and appealing for international assistance for the tsunami-hit regions of the North-East appeared on a few websites. But nearly two weeks after the tragedy, the "national leader," as Mr. Prabakaran is described by the LTTE, is yet to make direct contact with the Tamil people. It can be argued that the LTTE supremo obsessed with his security makes only rare public appearances. Over the last decade, he has not departed from his custom of making a public appearance and speech just once a year, on November 27, a day observed by the LTTE as "Heroes Day." But surely an extraordinary situation demands extraordinary gestures by a leader.

However, the absence of the LTTE leader does not seem to have held up relief operations in the North-East. Despite the extensive toll the tsunami inflicted on its military forces, especially its Sea Wing, the LTTE has managed to project its capability in organising relief. Soosai, the commander of the Sea Tigers who is widely believed to have differences with Prabakaran, has been the most visible member of the LTTE hierarchy post-tsunami, and appears to be leading the task of relief and immediate rehabilitation.

The Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation, a front of the LTTE, has stepped up efforts to raise funds abroad, especially from the Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora. For long, Mr. Prabakaran's name alone was used to motivate the Tiger international network. But first Karuna's revolt, and now the tsunami, seems to have transformed the situation on the ground in favour of the Sri Lankan state.

Assuming he is alive, the LTTE supremo will be under tremendous pressure to appear in public. Not only will such surfacing be the only way to express solidarity with the people he claims to represent, it is the only way by which he can set at rest the stories aswirl about his fate.


12 January 2005 Pirabhakaran Mystery; a Response to the Hindu Editorial by Sachi Sri Kantha

"I read with amusement your editorial [Jan.11] which had a caption, 'Where is Prabakaran?'. The simple answer is, he is in Eelam. He has been in Eelam since 1987, after returning from the "house arrest" in New Delhi arranged by the then Indian prime minister Rajiv Gandhi and his then prime advisor J.N.Dixit. Unlike typical Sri Lankan politicians [ such as President Chandrika Kumaratunga, foreign minister Lakshman Kadirgamar and their ilk], Prabhakaran is not in the habit of flying off to other lands, at the drop of the hat. He is not even a politician. He is a visionary rebel, in the mould of Subhas Chandra Bose. Only run of the mill politicians salivate like dogs for camera attention and interviews from journalist hacks. Tamils in Eelam know well that Prabhakaran lives amongst themselves, and thus there is no urgent need for merely 'showing the face' to console the affected public. Tamils will never forget that since 1987, Prabhakaran has led the LTTE forces against the Sri Lankan army and Indian army, while living among them in Eelam. Eelam populace can distinguish well journalists from India [amongst whom the the House of Hindu counts as one], who show faked anguish and pseudo-sympathy in words to their plight and to their travails." more


13 January 2005

LTTE statement on Prabhakaran�s death is not a categroical denial � Asian Tribune,

Colombo, 13 January, (Asiantribune.com): The editorial of The Hindu, (January 11, 2005) has opened up the mystery of the missing Prabhakaran once again. This Indian national newspaper pin-points that though the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation has �retracted the report (of Prabhakaran�s death) the LTTE condemnation of the broadcast �is not a categorical denial.� It adds: �In fact, it does not say anything specific about Mr. Prabhakaran's safety and well-being.� The Hindu also points out that �Karuna's revolt, and now the tsunami, seems to have transformed the situation on the ground in favour of the Sri Lankan state.�


14 January 2005

Prabhakaran dead! Body found! says Karuna - Graphic Details of Prabhakaran's Death -  At Lanka Truth - The Most Reliable News in Sri Lanka  - also At Our Lanka - At Talk About Network

" Tiger leader Velupillai Prabhakaran is dead says leader of the Tamileela Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal (TMVP) and former military leader of the Tiger organization for Eastern Province, Karuna Amman.Speaking to our reporter yesterday, Karuna Amman said more than 500 top level cadres of the Wanni Tiger organization died when tsunami waves battered the coastal belt in Sri Lanka on 26th December and among them were Piriharan and Pottuamman.

Prabhakaran�s body was found on the 12th at about 11.30 a.m. A group of Tiger members who had been searching for his body using a few boats that survived tsunami waves found the body said Karuna. Though the body was in a decomposed stage the Tiger members were able to recognize it as that of Prabhakaran�s. My associates in Wanni had informed me that top Tiger leaders who have survived tsunami had been looking for Prabhakaran for the last few weeks.

Death of Pottuamman and his deputy had been reported even earlier. The VIP funeral that was held at �Maha Weera� memorial was held for Pottuamman. Many expected Prabhakaran to participate at this ceremony. But what really happened was Balraj read a message said to be from Prabhakaran. Many of the underground quarters have been filled with water. Mulativu hospital which treats only the Tiger elite has been completely destroyed. Pottuamman died while he was there.

However, Tiger organization will not announce these deaths. What they say is their leader is hiding in a safe hideout.

Can we believe that there is a threat that he canot come out for a few seconds, face a video camera and get back into his hiding place? I challenge! If Piripaharan is alive, let him video a statement about the latest situation and issue it to the public.

It is very clear. If he is the liberator of the Tamil people he should come forward now. But how can a dead person appear in video?

This is how Karuna Amman spoke about Prabhakaran�s death. However, Tiger organization states there hasn�t been any harm to their leader. "

16 January 2005

Lanka Truth (the Most Reliable News in Sri Lanka) on SLFP Dinakara Report

"Velupillai Prabhakaran, leader of the Wanni Tiger organization is dead says �Dinakara� official organ of the SLFP in a headline in its latest publication quoting a foreign journalist. Under the headline �Prabhakaran, no,no,no!� �Dinakara� states a number of top leaders of tiger organization including Prbhakaran perished in tsunami waves. The newspaper emphasizes that the rumour that Prabhakaran is hiding is baseless. �Dinakara� is the official organ of the SLFP which is published with the direct supervision of the president of the SLFP, Ms. Chandrika |Kumaratunga, the President."


18 January 2005

Lanka Truth (the Most Reliable News in Sri Lanka) on Prabhakaran dummy comes to life

"Wanni Tiger organization is making arrangements to bring before the media a person resembling Velupillai Prabhakaran, the leader presumed dead. Tigers are making a great effort to conceal from the world Prabhakaran�s death. It is rumoured in Wanni that one of the bodyguards of Prabhakaran, who resembles him physically, is to be prepared to be presented to the media as Prabhakaran. At the moment make up artists are working on him say these sources. Tigers are making arrangements to publish photographs of this pseudo �Prabhakaran� having a discussion with a foreign delegate. Though 25 days have passed since tsunami disaster, Prabhakaran has not appeared in public nor has any media announcement made about his failure to address the public after such a disaster where according to Daya Master, their spokes person, more than 20,000 of their members have perished. A foreign news agency had reported that Prabhakaran and Pottuamman, the tiger intelligence chief had died in tsunami waves."


20 January 2005 T.Sabaratnam- the Gap Widens

"... The rumour about Pirapaharan�s death inflicted the greatest damage. It showed clearly the desire of the Sinhala people to defeat the Tamils and subjugate them. A week after the Norwegian envoy received a message from the Tiger leader, the state-run radio, Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC), interrupted its normal program and announced the death of Pirapaharan. The story, repeated several times, said Pirapaharan was one of victims of the tsunami killer wave. Such repeat announcements are usually given in the case of death of the head of state or government. But, unlike in the case of the death of a very important persons' announcement, which normally saddens the people, this announcement gladdened the majority of the Sinhala people. ..The SLBC announcement attributed its source to Sri Lanka�s top security service official, Chief of Defence Staff and Navy Commander Vice Admiral Daya Sandagiri. ...The Island and its Sinhala sister paper Divaina, the torch-bearers of Sinhala chauvinism, picked the story and added something of their own. Their reporter rang his contact in the EPDP propaganda unit. He was provided with an �inside� story of two expensive coffins, each costing around one million Sri Lankan rupees, being smuggled to Vanni hidden in the lorries that carried tsunami relief material..."


23 January 2005 S.Sivanayagam on Rumour-mongering,  Sinhala Chauvinism and Hindu's Ram

"The recent vicious instance of rumor-mongering was the spread of false rumours reporting the death of Tamil leader Velupillai Pirabakaran. Reports of the "death" of Mr. Pirabakaran are nothing new. But what is surprising is the number of people in high places who have been deriving a morbid pleasure in wishing that Mr. Pirabakaran were dead.Who are these people in high places? The President of Sri Lanka, Madame Chandrika for instance. .. At a time when the whole of Sri Lanka was reeling under the biggest disaster the country had known...how did these people occupying such seats of responsibility lose their sense of humanity to relish the prospect of the Tamil leader�s death, even it were the 'dreaded' Pirabakaran? The case of the editor of a leading Indian newspaper � The Hindu �Ram by name, is even more shameful.  No sooner than the wishful conjecture of Mr. Pirabakaran�s death spread in Sri Lanka and in the West, Ram jumped on the bandwagon. "Where is Prabakaran?" was the title of his editorial on January 11, as if that was a fit subject for an editorial in a reputed Indian newspaper, at a time when both his country and Sri Lanka were reeling under the tsunami tragedy. It was very obvious that the poor man was wishing that Mr. Pirabakaran was dead, from the kind of doubts he raised in that editorial about the Tamil leader being alive. What a disappointment for him to find Mr. Pirapaharan is very much alive..." more


30 January 2005

 Desperately Seeking Intelligence - Sachi Sri Kantha

"Now that the rumors of LTTE leader Pirabhakaran�s death due to tsunami on December 26th have been shredded as whimsical hot air of intelligence-challenged individuals in Colombo, it is not irrelevant to delve a little into the mentality of pseudo-experts who gulped such hot air. The Tweedledum and Tweedledee of Chennai, sharing the same name [N.Ram and B.Raman] crosses one�s mind. The folly of Tweedledum N.Ram � the editor of the Hindu newspaper - has been aptly critiqued by the Oru Paper editorial of January 23. The Tweedledee B.Raman also deserves some scorn...Last year, in the aftermath of V.Muralitharan�s [aka Col.Karuna] sacking by the LTTE, I was informed by a Tamil Nadu-born reader of my commentaries that this same B.Raman was a top intelligence official serving the Research and Analysis Wing of Indian bureaucracy..." more

1 April 2004  The RAW Factor in Col.Karuna's Revolt  - Sachi Sri Kantha

�The Cabinet Secretariat Research and Analysis Wing [RAW], India's most powerful intelligence agency, is India�s external intelligence agency. RAW has become an effective instrument of India's national power, and has assumed a significant role in formulating India's domestic and foreign policies. RAW has engaged in disinformation campaigns, espionage and sabotage against Pakistan and other neighboring countries. RAW has enjoyed the backing of successive Indian governments in these efforts. Working directly under the Prime Minister, the structure, rank, pay and perks of the Research & Analysis Wing are kept secret from Parliament.� more

  By Way of Background....
1 June 1990 Tamil Voice International Editorial -

"In India, (there is) the widespread suspicion that RAW has been planting "stories" with the help of obliging editors and reporters in order to wean away popular sympathy from the Eelam Tamil cause. Where they failed to suppress Eelam Tamil nationalism through cloak and dagger methods on Eelam Tamil soil, they now resort to a continuous campaign of disinformation through the Indian media." more

2 May 2001 Pirabaharan's Premature Obituary in the Madras Hindu - Sachi Sri Kantha,

"..Before Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated in 1991, the motley brand of spies belonging to India's Intelligence Agencies had plotted to kill Pirabaharan. Among my collection of Pirabaharaniana, nothing beats the following news item, which appeared in the Hindu newspaper of July 24, 1989. The caption was, "Prabhakaran reported killed in LTTE shootout". more

5 December 2002 The �Death� and �Rebirth� of Prabhakaran - S.Sivanayagam,  

"..India�s state-owned electronic media, both All India Radio and Doordarshan made their listeners and viewers happy across the sub-continent. Chief Minister of Northeastern province and the IPKF�s poodle Varadaraja Perumal said he was absolutely certain that Prabakharan was dead. No doubt he was seeing visions of a rosy future for himself..." more


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