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"To us all towns are one, all men our kin.
Life's good comes not from others' gift, nor ill
Man's pains and pains' relief are from within.
Thus have we seen in visions of the wise !."
Tamil Poem in Purananuru, circa 500 B.C 

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Selected Writings by Sachi Sri Kantha

On Malini Parthasarathy�s Malodorous Malady

15 October  2008

Note by tamilnation.org "The Hindu is family-run. It was headed by G. Kasturi from 1965 to 1991, N. Ravi from 1991 to 2003, and by his brother, N. Ram, since June 27th 2003. Other family members, including Nirmala Lakshman, Malini Parthasarathy, Nalini Krishnan, N Murali, K Balaji, K Venugopal and Ramesh Rangarajan are directors of The Hindu and its parent company, Kasturi and Sons. S Rangarajan, former managing director and chairman since April 2006, died on 8 February 2007. In 1991, Deputy Editor N. Ravi, Ram's younger brother replaced G. Kasturi as Editor. Nirmala Lakshman, Kasturi Srinivasan's granddaughter, became Joint Editor of The Hindu and her sister, Malini Parthasarathy, Executive Editor. " Source: Wikipedia

Ms. Malini Parthasarathy, the high priestess of the House of Hindu, had added her tuppence worth sentiments on the recent outpouring for Eelam Tamils in Tamil Nadu, under the caption, �The dangers of Tamil chauvinism� (The Hindu, Oct.14, 2008). There is no mistake that she has been following the footsteps of her forbears, who valiantly sided with the administrative machinery of British colonialism against Mahatma Gandhi�s liberation movement for free India. The malodorous mischief mixed in  Malini Parthasarathy�s commentary deserve some criticism.

Ms. Parthasarathy�s peeve is that �the latest campaign in Tamil Nadu masterminded by a desperate LTTE must not be allowed to undermine the sound policy decision upheld by successive Indian governments since 1991 to stay out of Sri Lanka�s internal affairs.�

The assertion that the successive Indian governments since P.V.Narasimha Rao�s period had stayed �out of Sri Lanka�s internal affairs� is a bold-faced lie.

[Note by by tamilnation.org  Many will regard Ms. Malini Parthasarathy's 'bold faced lie' as simply a continuing reflection of the arrogance and stupidity of  the House of Hindu - an arrogance and stupidity fuelled by its deep seated opposition to the struggle of the people of Tamil Eelam for freedom from alien Sinhala rule. Ms. Malini Parthasarathy's 'bold faced lie' that 'successive Indian governments since 1991' have upheld the 'sound policy decision'  'to stay out of Sri Lanka�s internal affairs' stands exposed by the record...

India's intelligence support for Sri Lanka in the waters of the Tamil homeland, 4 November 2007

India admits helping Sri Lanka Navy, 17 January 2007

India clawing back to Sri Lanka's North East - M.R Narayan Swamy, 22 March 2006

Indian Commander visits Vavuniya SLA frontlines, 1 December 2005

"General Officer Commander-in-Chief of Southern Command Lt. Gen. B.S. Thakker Thursday visited the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) front lines in Vavuniya and discussed with SLA Commanders matters related to security."

Pigs are Flying in Batticaloa!- Sachi Sri Kantha  ".... the entire puppet show is being run by the Indians, 28 July 2005

யாழ்ப்பாணத்தில் 'றோ'வின் கண்கள் New Delhi's RAW in Jaffna, 1 April 2005 

Keep RAW Agents out of the Tamil Homeland in Sri Lanka - Thanjai Nalankilli in Tamil Tribune, 1 July 2004

Indian External Affairs Minister Natwar Singh meets Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar in New Delhi, 31 May 2004 "... India trains Sri Lankan defence forces and said last October it would send them equipment, without specifying what type.]

Apart from the cross-border military ties between India and Sri Lanka at the governmental level (to distract military links between Sri Lanka and Pakistan), that the operatives of India�s intelligence agency � the Research and Analysis Wing � has repeatedly poked their noses into the Eelam Tamils issue is a recorded fact.

Ms. Parthasarathy crows much about President Mahinda Rajapaksa�s assertion that �he also took care to explain that the military action against the LTTE was against terrorism and not against the Tamil community.�

croc.gif (30929 bytes)

As they say that the proof of the pudding is in the eating, can President Rajapaksa demonstrate his good will to Tamils (both the indigenous Tamils and Tamils of Indian origin) by rescinding the Sinhala-majority policy adopted since 1962, and instituting recruitment of Tamils on a population percentage basis. The Sri Lankan armed forces is touted to be 160,000-strong, then recruitment of 15 percent Tamils should benefit 24,000 of Tamil youths. If this is not forthcoming in spirit and execution, then the words of current President (like that of his predecessors) have to be deemed as hogwash!

The real democracy lies here Ms. Parthasarathy, and the origin of LTTE among the Tamils in 1976 has to be understood from this context. One can jibe about �the hegemonic ambitions of the LTTE chief Prabakaran� who has consistently sabotaged all attempts to find political solutions to the ethnic conflict.� How about some focus on the hegemonic ambitions of the brown-skinned Buddhist Aryan Nazism of General Sarath Fonseka and his companions?

Ms. Parthasarathy also had listed that the �rebellion of the powerful LTTE commander Karuna and the fact that there is now in place an elected provincial council in the Eastern Province have rendered irrelevant many of the points in the earlier Sri Lankan Tamil platform.�  Arrant nonsense. [see also The RAW Factor in Col.Karuna's Revolt ] That the �powerful LTTE commander Karuna� has recently been nominated to the parliament through the backdoor of President Rajapaksa�s party, without any consensus of Eelam Tamil opinion sheds evidence to the fact that the ex-LTTEer is nothing but a tiger turned dog, having two leashes - one in neck and the other in his scrotum.

The fact that the coterie that is currently showcased by Ms. Parthasarathi as �an elected provincial council in the Eastern Province�, has committed uncounted social crimes since 2004, by killing parliamentarian (Joseph Pararajasingham), journalists (Taraki Sivaram and Aiyathurai Nadesan) and abducted the Vice Chancellor of Eastern University (Prof. Sivasubramaniam Raveendranath) doesn�t seem to pain Ms. Parthasarathi�s psyche. 

But what seems to pain Ms. Parthasarathi is the stimulation of �the secessionist sentiment in Tamil Nadu as long as Sri Lanka continued to have ethnic strife�, because of LTTE�s existence. Get real, Madame Parthasarathi. The secessionist sentiments prevail not only in India (apart from Tamil Nadu), but also in China, Taiwan, Canada, UK, Spain and Italy. That the secessionist sentiment is universal is unrecognized by jaundiced-eyed journalists.



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