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"To us all towns are one, all men our kin.
Life's good comes not from others' gift, nor ill
Man's pains and pains' relief are from within.
Thus have we seen in visions of the wise !."
Tamil Poem in Purananuru, circa 500 B.C

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"Whatever may be said, whosoever may say it - to determine the truth of it, is wisdom" - Thirukural
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- March 2008 -

Week Ending: Saturday 29 March 2008

Tamil Nation Library to include

1. Deirdre McConnell - The Tamil people's right to self-determination in the Cambridge Review of International Affairs, Volume 21 Issue 1 2008 [including conclusion and references together with note by Nadesan Satyendra]

Makenthiran2. Tamils in Independent Ceylon by Suppiramaniam Makenthiran - Book Review by Paraskthi Sundharalingam - 'History in a Nutshell'...

International Relations in an Asymmetric Multi Lateral World: US Presidential Elections 2008 to include

1. "We the people, in order to form a more perfect union." Barack Obama, 18 March 2008 "And this helps explain, perhaps, my relationship with Reverend Wright. As imperfect as he may be, he has been like family to me. He strengthened my faith, officiated my wedding, and baptized my children...I can no more disown him than I can disown the black community. I can no more disown him than I can my white grandmother - a woman who helped raise me...a woman who loves me as much as she loves anything in this world, but a woman who.. on more than one occasion has uttered racial or ethnic stereotypes that made me cringe..." more

2. Five Reasons for Blacks Not so support Obama by a Black, Noah's RemARKs, 10 January 2008 "Obama has not been asked many tough questions, especially questions with racial overtones. Such questions and his response to those questions will have a seesaw effect. His response will increase his support among blacks, but lower it among whites or increase it among whites but lower it among blacks. The only answer that will have a neutral effect is to avoid answering the question and simply use a slogan such as "Change" or "Working together" or "Getting along". That way each side can interpret it as getting the other side to see things their way. In reality, however, in a representative republic such as ours, the interest or side that will be favored is the majority rule, which is the side of whites..." more

3. The Military Industrial Complex - Farewell Speech, US President Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1961 "... we have been compelled to create a permanent armaments industry of vast proportions. Added to this, three and a half million men and women are directly engaged in the defense establishment. We annually spend on military security more than the net income of all United States corporations... The total influence - economic, political, even spiritual - is felt in every city, every State house, every office of the Federal government.... In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex..." more

4. U.S. Military Footprint - Foreign Policy in Focus,
2 March 2008 "The United States maintains more than 700 bases around the world and is pushing to set up even more..."

Sinhala Buddhist Ethno Nationalism - Masquerading as Sri Lanka Multi-Ethnic 'Civic Nationalism' to include

The Mask is Slipping...

Sri Lanka' s Buddhist War Monk Rev. Athuraliye Rathana, M.P. - "We can sort this out on our own... Am I an extremist? Sometimes I am. Sometimes I am not.." more


Tamil National Alliance Official Website

Tamil National Forum

1. Sengodan Mayuram on India's role on the Eelam Issue "I write this in connection with Sabesan's article on India's role on the Eelam issue. I feel it is most timely ...We can sense a paradigm shift in the thinking of some progressive sections in India as reflected in the speech of Mr. D.Raja the National Secretary of the CPI in the Rajya Sabha. So we have to press on and drum harder the Truth....Unfortunately a handful of old codgers like Narayanan are trying to mislead India because of their personal prejudices..." together with (Revised 26 March 2008) Comment by tamilnation.org "... we do not believe that the Indian state or the sophisticated Research Analysis Wing are arming Sri Lanka because 'a handful of old codgers like Narayanan are trying to mislead India'. The Indian state is not foolish. It will be foolish on our part to believe that it is... The Achilles heel of India's foreign policy is in fact India's compelling need for Laxman's Rekha..." more

2.Sachi Sri Kantha writes from Japan on Anura Bandaranaike - A Candid Contra View


22 years ago... "... A liberation fighter has to transcend the confines of his ego and his self to immerse himself whole-heartedly in the struggle. We are only symbols of the aspirations of the Tamil people... We don't want to pass the burden of a liberation struggle to the next generation: they must enjoy the fruits of our toil...Fight we must, till our goal is achieved. India's sympathy is a morale-booster, but should India withdraw support it would not mean the end of our liberation struggle. After all we did not start our liberation movement with India's support or with the help of some other external forces. We will fight till we die. When I die someone else will take over. As Subhas Chandra Bose said, 'No liberation fighter can delude himself that he alone can deliver freedom.' If my generation dies without attaining freedom the next generation will carry on the struggle..." Velupillai Pirabaharan, Interview with Anita Pratap, Sunday Magazine, 29 September -5 October 1985

"..Freedom is not given, it is taken.. One individual may die for an idea; but that idea will, after his death, incarnate itself in a thousand lives. That is how the wheel of evolution moves on and the ideas and dreams of one nation are bequeathed to the next..." Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose

Conflict Resolution: Tamil Eelam - Sri Lanka

Report on International Seminar on Ethnic Conflict in Sri Lanka - an effort towards peace - Organised by UK based Global Peace Support Group, University of East London on 22,23 March 2008

Karen Parker Hon R L Padayachie Les
James Nijkelana Prof Peter Schalk N. Vijayasingam Prof John Whitehall

"..Sources at the University of East London said this week the institution had come under intense pressure from the Sri Lankan High Commission in London to withdraw its provision of the venue for the weekend seminar. The University had initially withdrawn the venue, citing Sri Lanka's strident objections in writing, but its top management had subsequently met with Tamil expatriates who challenged the decision and having discussed the nature of the event and those attending, the University had decided the contract with Global Peace Support should be honoured, the sources said."

Reports on Armed Conflict in Tamil Eelam

Fighting on the Beaches and Battles Under the Sea - Chandi Sinnathurai "In the early hours of Saturday, March 22, off Nayaru on the Mullaitivu coast the Sri Lankan State reported there was a "Mystery Blast". It was later revealed that the Tamil Tigers have sunk a "Sri Lankan Naval fast attack craft." The next day, the Defence Ministry of Sri Lanka came up with an educated view. They said: "The guerrillas have appeared to have developed a new underwater capabilities."" more


Liah Greenfeld"...It is a pity that I never had the chance to ask Ernest Gellner to draw a pictogram of nationalism. It is remarkable how much a thirty-second drawing can reveal of one's understanding. I do now ask my students to draw such a pictogram in the beginning of the discussion. They invariably draw flags and/or people with guns. When I ask them for a pictogram of nationalism at the end of the discussion, the emblem changes completely: they draw a globe and little unarmed people, who sometime say things like: "oh, my identity!" For flags and guns do not even begin to express what is central and most significant about nationalism..." Professor Liah Greenfeld in Nationalism and the Mind - Tenth Annual Gellner Lecture at London School of Economics, 22 April 2004

Tamil National Forum

1. Sanmugam Sabesan writes from Australia கனவு மெய்ப்பட்ட கொசொவோ together with Comment by tamilnation.org "...Velupillai Pirabakaran was right to say many years ago in 1993 that 'our success depends on our own strength.' And that which is fundamental to our strength is the principled nature of our struggle for freedom. That is the font from which all else (yes, all else) flows - and it is that which we must safeguard and secure at all times. Rule by an 'anti-democratic and unaccountable international mission' in Kosova is neither freedom nor self determination. We deny reason when we say that it is. We persuade nobody when we say that it is. If we sacrifice principle in the altar of expediency we will end up in an international cul de sac of our own creation - and quickly fall prey to those who would deny us our freedom. The painful example of the Oslo Declaration of 25 November 2002 serves as a continuing warning... We need to pay more than lip service to that which Velupillai Pirabakaran said... He was right to say that 'our success depends on our own efforts'. We need to make the effort to broaden and deepen our understanding of the changing nature of international relations in a multi lateral but asymmetric world and respond to happenings in that asymmetric multilateral world on the basis of that understanding. Otherwise we will be like the blind man in the dark room, clinging on to each object that he may come into contact as a friend and saviour or hitting out against each such object as an enemy... " more

2. Chandi Sinnathurai on Sri Lanka State: A Psychological Assault? "...For the Sinhala Army, entering the heart of the Tiger land is proving to be a psychological nightmare. The Tamil Tigers have not lost the will to win. Entry into the Tiger land by the Sri Lankan forces via Mannar is facing enormous set backs including heavy casualties. What Sri Lanka desperately needs is a psychological boost. And that can only come by when the Sinhala state comes of age of realisation that the State cannot go on suppressing the rights of the Tamils. There will be a turning point in history, and the only feasible solution will be found by division. Not by multiplication of violence, violations and terror. Let the Tamils live on their territory peacefully and the Sinhalas on their side of the land. It is that psychological paradigm shift one must aim to attain." more

Week Ending: Saturday 22 March 2008

Tamil National Forum

1.Sanmugam Sabesan writes from Australia இந்தியா - தமிழீழம் - சிறிலங்கா "...ஈழத் தமிழ் மக்கள் பிரச்சனையில், அன்று இந்திரா காந்தியின் ஆட்சிக் காலத்தில், இந்தியா கொண்டிருந்த வெளிவிவகாரக் கொள்கைக்கும், பின்னாளில் இந்தியா கொண்டிருக்கின்ற வெளிவிவகாரக் கொள்கைக்கும் வித்தியாசம் உள்ளதே என்ற கேள்வி எழுவது இயல்பானதாகும். ஆனால், கூர்ந்து சிந்தித்துப் பார்த்தால், இந்தியாவின் வெளிவிவகாரக் கொள்கையின் அடிப்படை நோக்கத்தில் மாற்றம் எதுவும் ஏற்படவில்லை என்ற உண்மை புலனாகும்!.. more together with Comment by tamilnation.org "Mr.Sabesan is right to point out that India's Foreign policy from Indira Gandhi's times to the present has been consistent. Mr.Sabesan is also right to point out that the LTTE during the past several decades has consistently declared its support for India's strategic interests in the Indian Ocean Region. Said that, the question remains: why has India not supported the demand for Tamil Eelam? Is it because India does not see that which the LTTE has been saying for the past several years? Or is it because that India does not believe the LTTE? Or is it because that even if India believes the LTTE, it is concerned that it may not have the power to prevent that which happened to its friend Mujib Rahman after it had supported the creation of Bangladesh? Or again is it that India fears that if it supports an independent Tamil Eelam, such support will lead to Sri Lanka turning to US and/or China and this may result in a permanent US and/or China presence being embedded in Sri Lanka - and that such an embedded US and/or China presence would pose a strategic threat to India." more
2. Sachi Sri Kantha writes from Japan The Indo-LTTE War (1987-90) - An Anthology. Part 7: Acrobatic Leap and Fall of Athulathmudali together with Comment by tamilnation.org

Tamils - a Trans State Nation - a Growing Togetherness...

"...சங்கம் வளர்த்த தமிழ், உலகம் எங்கும் இன்று தனி நடை போடுது அம்மா..." Engum Ethilum Thamizhosai Padmashri Isai Mani Dr. Sirkali Govindarajan in London, lyric by Kavi Arasu Kannadasan
1.Italy - UNGA & TNGA - Thamizh Olai "

"..வணக்கம்... தேசத்தின் கோலத்தைக்காட்டி பரிதாபத்தை வேண்டி தாம் குளிர்காயும் பட்டியலில் இருந்து எம்மை வேறுபடுத்த எத்தனிக்கின்றோம். எமது இரக்கம் அவர்களின் குறையினையும் தேவைகளையும் தீர்க்கவேண்டுமே யொழிய கனிமொழி வார்த்தை இல்லை என்பதனை உணர்கின்றோம்..."

2. Switzerland - Swiss Tamils demonstrate before United Nations, Geneva

3.France -12 Tamils Elected in French Local Government Elections

"An emerging picture in recent times in Europe and North America is the active and successful participation of Tamils in the political arena of their adopted countries. The new impetus seems to be coming from the younger generation of Eezham Tamils. In France, twelve candidates of Tamil origin have been elected to local bodies of Paris and suburbs in the local government elections concluded on 16 March 2008. Seven of them are Eezham Tamils while three are of Pondicheri (Paa'ndichcheari) origins and one each of Mauritius and Guaduloupe background." more
4. United States - Fairfield County Medical Association (a coalition of 5 Connecticut City Medical Societies - Greenwich, Stamford, Norwalk, Danbury and Bridgeport - representing more than 1,800 physicians in all specialties) Thampu Kumarhonours Eelam Tamil Doctor Thampu Kumarasamy with Award of Certificate of Distinction. From the citation - "... you have been unselfishly devoting yourself to caring for your patients for 50 or more years. This is an extraordinary accomplishment and the Fairfield County Medical Association would like to acknowledge your untiring ministry of the science of healing by presenting you with a special 'Certificate of Distinction' at the Association's Annual meeting on Tuesday May 6, 2008... Congratulations on your achievement and thank you for honoring the community and the profession with your unselfish devotion to your patients."


"The assertion by the Jain Commission that the training given to (Tamil) militant groups on Indian soil was essentially for self-defence is an exercise in self- deception. The type of training and weaponry belies such claims. By 1984, Sri Lankan Tamil groups abroad had the impression that at an opportune time, if the need arose, India would intervene militarily... During the Sub-Commission meeting in Geneva in August 1985 the leader of a Tamil group who was a participant at the Thimpu talks chaired by Foreign Secretary Romesh Bhandari told me about attitudes there: 'We have fixed Punjab, we have fixed Assam, now we will fix you bloody Tamils'. Those were the heady days of `quick-fix' under Rajiv. ..' Ninan Koshy on India's Consistently Unsound Policy, Indian Express, 30 December 1997

One Hundred Tamils of 20th Century

C.N.Annadurai to include Aringnar Anna on Name Change of Madras State to Tamil Nadu, 1963

Sri Lanka Accused at United Nations

Statement by Visuvalingam Kirupaharan, Interfaith International, Ecosoc accredited NGO, Geneva, Switzerland under agenda item on 'Human rights situations that require the Council's attention', 14 March 2008

India & the Tamil Eelam Struggle for Freedom

1. (Revised) Laxman Rekha & Need for Increased Alertness against LTTE B.Raman, Director, Institute For Topical Studies, Chennai together with Comment by tamilnation.org "... Mr.Raman advises that New Delhi should take care not to cross the 'Laxman Rekha'. In the Ramayana, Rama leaving the beautiful Sita, with his brother Laxman, drew a line on the ground and asked her not to cross the line - because if she did, Sita would be in danger. This was the Laxman Rekha - the dividing line - taken 'in modern days to represent limits of decent behavior and moral conduct'. In the Ramayana, (Aryan) Sita succumbed to temptation, crossed the line and the Dravidian Ravana took Sita to Lanka What then does Mr.Raman see as the 'Laxman Rekha' (the dividing line representing limits of decent behavior and moral conduct) in relation to the military support that the Indian state has extended and continues to extend to Sinhala Sri Lanka?.." more

2. Stop Indian military aid to Sri Lanka: Tamil Nadu leaders

Week Ending: Saturday 15 March 2008

International Frame of Struggle for Tamil Eelam

1. Former US Deputy Secretary of State Richard L. Armitage on Smart Power: Melding Soft Power with Hard "Joe Nye is regarded as Mr. Soft Power and I spent eight years at the Pentagon so maybe I'm a little harder power.. But we both felt the need for a smarter power-melding soft and hard power for a more effective instrument of foreign policy." more
2. Arnold Krammer on The Forgotten Friendship: Israel and the Soviet Bloc, 1947-53 "...'As far as the Soviet Union is concerned', Russia's foreign minister, Andrei Gromyko, once said, 'there is only one kind of logic in foreign affairs: the logic of what is best for the Soviet Union.' What was 'best for the Soviet Union' with regard to its support of the Jewish Agency's claims in Palestine (in 1947) was a single limited objective: to immediately end British control in Palestine, and create an independent state whose future allegiance, either as the result of gratitude or diplomatic pressure, might be directed toward the Eastern bloc. The eventual conversion of that state into a pro-Soviet entity, as prophesied by a variety of left-wing Palestinians, involved a number of other tactics and objectives..." more

Israel between East and West, 1950 - From left, American Ambassador James McDonald, President Chaim Weizmann, and Soviet Ambassador Pavel Yershov

3.How Independent States Come into Being "...The first arms deal with Czechoslovakia was signed in January 1948 - less than two months after the UN resolution creating Israel and four months before the state was actually established. Immediately after the Partition Plan was passed, Ben-Gurion began searching for sources to supply arms to the Israeli defense forces, but found that the legal sources in the United States and most European countries were closed off to the institutions of the Jewish state in formation. The only alternative seemed to be illegal arms acquisitions and an appeal to the Soviet bloc... Israel would have been killed at birth in the war of 1948 if it had not been armed by Stalin's Soviet Union against a British and American arms embargo..." more


"Reporter: Are you an agent for the LTTE?
Prof. C.J.Eliezer: Certainly not.
Reporter: How would you describe, then, your relationship with the LTTE?
Prof.C.J.Eliezer: As an admirer, as an emotional admirer of the LTTE.
Reporter: A sympathizer?
Prof.C.J.Eliezer: Sympathiser, yes.
Reporter: Somebody who gives the LTTE advice?
Prof.C.J.Eliezer: I have not given them any advice.
Reporter: Somebody who provides the LTTE with support when asked?
Prof.C.J.Eliezer: Well, they haven't asked me for anything, but irrespective of that, they'll find my pronouncements at meetings and things, they'll find them useful.
Reporter: Useful in terms of furthering their cause?
Prof.C.J.Eliezer: Yes, because they're all committed to the idea of liberation, and as they are, I am, and we do it in different ways."
Remembering Mamanithar Professor Christie Jeyaratnam Eliezer whose 7th Death Anniversary was on 10 March 2008

"ஒரு போரின் வெற்றியைத் தீர்மானிப்பது ஆட்பலமோ, ஆயுதபலமோ அல்ல; அசைக்கமுடியாத மனவுறுதியும், வீரமும், விடுதலைப் பற்றுமே வெற்றியைத் தீர்மானிக்கும் குணாம்சங்கள்" - Velupillai Pirabakaran

Tamil National Forum

Sachi Sri Kantha writes from Japan -Christie Jayaratnam Eliezer - A Leader with Class "March 10th marked the 7th anniversary of Professor Christie Jayaratnam Eliezer bidding permanent adieu to us. Coming June 12th of this year also marks the 90th birth anniversary of him. Thus, I contribute this note to a community leader with class...What constitutes 'class'? " more

Tamils - a Trans State Nation: to include


2. Italy UNGA & TNGA அமைப்புக்களின் 2008 ற்கான தமழிழ்ச் சேவைகளிற் சில…


எமது வெற்றியை நாளை சரித்திரம் சொல்லும், நீதிக்கு இது ஒரு போராட்டம், இதை நிச்சயம் உலகம் பாராட்டும்..

"...The struggle of life goes on everywhere. Loss too occurs everywhere. That day the cow's calf was taken by a crocodile. Mongoose kills a peacock. Peacock rips a snake. The alkaddi, that warns everyone, also loses its eggs to something in the fields. Mother rabbit is swallowed by python and baby rabbits search for their mother. This is the struggle for food among all living things. Human are different. Of course he has to show that he is above all the other living things. Human kill their own kind, not for food, but to dominate. To wipe out those who kill to dominate is a far greater deed than to kill a crocodile or a python. The one who kills those who kill to dominate, and thus gives protection to the innocent, is an enlightened soul... " Maveeran Captain Malaravan in War Journey

Week Ending: Saturday 8 March 2008

Tamil Nation Library: Eelam to include

E-Book - War Journey by Maveeran Captain Malaravan English translation by N Malathy, 2007 "This book is a translation in English from the Tamil original of a firsthand account written in 1990 by one Tamil fighter, Captain Malaravan (Leo), who was a member of the LTTE. He wrote this short book in the form of a diary about the journey of his team to the location of a particular battle, the battle of Mankulam in 1990, and the battle itself with the occupying Sri Lankan military. The manuscript for this book was found on his body after he was killed in a subsequent battle in which he was taking part. Malaravan was twenty years old when he died and he was just nineteen years old when he wrote this book." more

Tamil National Forum

Sachi Sri Kantha writes from Japan on 'Sirithiran' Sunthar: The Ace Cartoonist of Eelam Tamils March 3rd marked the 12th death anniversary of Sittampalam Sivagnanasuntharam (1923-1996), a uniquely creative personality who lived amongst us in the 20th century...As the ace cartoonist, and the creator of 'Savaari Thambar' cartoon character, Sivagnanasuntharam possessed that elusive creative talent to make Eelam Tamils, irrespective of age barriers, chuckle at their follies and vanities..." more

Tamil Diaspora - a Trans State Nation: United Kingdom

Sri Lanka President's Dance with Some UK Tamils

Sri Lanka President's Dance

together with Comment by tamilnation.org It should not be a matter for surprise that President Rajapakse will always have some Tamils to dance with... "Like all people, they (the African American people) have differing personalities, diverse financial interests, and varied aspirations. There are Negroes who will never fight for freedom. There are Negroes who will seek profit for themselves alone from the struggle. There even are some Negroes who will co-operate with the oppressors. These facts should distress no one. Every... people has its share of opportunists, profiteers, freeloaders and escapists .... No one can pretend that because a people may be oppressed, every individual member is virtuous and worthy. The real issue is whether in the great mass the dominant characteristics are decency, honour and courage"...Martin Luther King quoted by Subramaniam Sivanayagam in The Role of Tamil Expatriates 'Grandpa, where were you when the Tamil people were fighting for freedom in Sri Lanka?'


"...In 1987, a Jewish academic met a fellow Tamil academic at Cambridge University. It was soon after the signing of the Indo Sri Lanka Accord. The Jewish academic asked his colleague whether the Accord will resolve the conflict. When the reply was in the negative, the Jewish academic laughed and said: "Well, if the Indo Sri Lanka Accord works, it means that the Tamil people did not in fact have a problem before!". His response tempted his Tamil colleague to ask: "Tell me. How did you all succeed? How were you able to create the Jewish state?" He replied: "Do you want a short answer or a long answer?". It was the Tamil's turn to laugh. He said, give me a short answer. The Jewish academic responded: "The short answer is that we never gave up the idea." Nadesan Satyendra in The US Stand on Sri Lanka's Conflict & Ambassador E. Ashley Willis, 14 August 2004

International Frame & the Tamil Eelam Struggle for Freedom to include

1. India is outside the internationally networked stand on Sri Lanka says Col R Hariharan (retd.), South Asia Analysis Group, 26 February 2008 "...Tamil expatriates, who appear to put too much faith in international action in Sri Lanka to force the government to give up the military option and revive the peace process, would do well to remember .... (that) they will have to persuade India to prevail upon Sri Lanka to effect any change because it (India) stands outside the internationally networked stand on this issue." together with Revised Comment by tamilnation.org "...Just as much as the 'international community' has sought to build its influence within the Tamil diaspora, so has India. In late December 2007, tamilnation.org received an invitation to an 'Expatriates Consultation with Col. R. Hariharan VSM (Retd)' arranged for 12 January 2008 in London... In the event, the Consultation was cancelled because Col. R. Hariharan had not been issued an Entry visa in time to board his flight to London. more

2. Cancelled Expatriates Consultation with Col. R. Hariharan VSM (Retd), January 2008

3. "India has no N-Deal without the US" - says US Envoy Nicholas Burns together with Comment by tamilnation.org "The remarks made by Mr.Burns may appear to many in the Indian subcontinient as somewhat patronising ... There was also what may seem to many as a veiled threat." more

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