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"To us all towns are one, all men our kin.
Life's good comes not from others' gift, nor ill
Man's pains and pains' relief are from within.
Thus have we seen in visions of the wise !."
Tamil Poem in Purananuru, circa 500 B.C 

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வடகிழக்கு மனித உரிமைகள் செயலகம்
NorthEast Secretariat on Human Rights (NESoHR)

NESHORAddress:  கரடிப்போக்கு சந்தி, கிளிநொச்சி
  Karadippokku Junction, Kilinochchi, Sri Lanka
தொ.பே.இல - Telephone: +94(0) 21 228 5986;
Mobile: +94(0) 777 56 2266, Residence: +94(0) 21 22 23704
Website: www.nesohr.org
Email: [email protected]  or [email protected]  

"Human rights and humanitarian law have acquired a special significance for the Tamil people. The Tamils are a Fourth World nation - a nation without a state. Existing states do not readily surrender control of territory which they claim as their own - in addition, they often find common cause in securing each other's territorial boundaries. Unsurprisingly, the Tamil people, like many other peoples of the Fourth World, have often turned to the growing body of international human rights law and humanitarian law, and to non governmental organisations for support for their struggle against alien rule and for recognition as a people with the right to freely determine their political status." Human Rights & the Tamil People

16 January 2009 Report on Bombing of Civilian Centres in First Two weeks of January
9 January 2009 Human Rights Report - December 2008
10 January 2009 Massacres ofTamils (1956- 2001) ( in Tamil)
10 January 2009 Massacres of Tamils (2002- June 2008) (in Tamil)
5 January 2009 Report on Availability of Essential Food in Vanni
31 December 2008 Report on Bombing of Civilian Centres in December
17 December 2008 Human Rights Report - November
9 December 2008 Extra Judicial Executions & the Justice System
2 December 2008 Vanni Bombing & Shelling in November
26 November 2008 Human Rights Report - October
November 2008 Education of IDP Children in Vanni
31 October 2008 More Bombing & Shelling Havoc in Killinochchi
October 2008 Vanni IDP Health Situation - Mid October
23 June 2008 Displaced in the Vanni
21 June 2008 Report on the June 2, 2008 claymore attack on templegoers
20 June 2008 Report on aerial bombing of Puthukudiyirupu on 14 & 15 June
10 June 2008 Arbitrary execution of Jesuthasan Sebaratnam exemplifies Jaffna people's plight
5 June 2008 HR Report for May 2008
27 May 2008

Report on Claymore attack on a private van near Murukandy

22 May 2008 Report on Mannar Civilians
5 April 2008 HR Report for March 2008
5 March 2008 HR Report for February 2008
24 February 2008 Kiranchi in Poonakari Bombed 22 Feb. 2008
6 January 2008 2007 Annual Report on Human Rights
10 December 2007 International Human Rights Day Presentation
5 December 2007 HR Report for November 2007
2 November 2007 HR Report for October 2007
27 October 2007 HR Violations by the GoSL
9 October 2007 Threats to Tamil Media Personnel
12 October 2007 Urgent Restoration of Basic Human Rights (Letter to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights)
12 October 2007 Threats to Tamil Media Personnel (Letter to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights)
12 October 2007 Submissions on Human Rights Violations By the Government of Sri Lanka To Ms.Louise Arbour, The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
3 October 2007 HR Report for September 2007
19 September 2007 HR Report for August 2007
29 July 2007 Massacres: 1956 - 2001 (in PDF)
17 August 2007 Report on the Padakuthurai Aerial Bombing
2 September 2006 Death Threats for Humanitarian Workers
27 April 2006 Report on extra judicial killing of Nagulenthirarasa, Kuhaneswaran and Thiraviyan
20 April 2006 Report on civilian deaths and disappearances from March until 18 April 2006
19 April 2006 Report issued on extra judicial  killing of Sakilan on 17th April 2006
17 April 2006 Report on fishermen’s human right to livelihood - The case of fishermen in Vadamaradchi in Jaffna
7 April 2006 NESOHR Condemns Mr. Vigneswaran's Killing
25 March 2006 Report on attack on the fishing village of Sampoor in Trincomalee by the Sri Lankan Navy on 20 and 21 March 2006.
2 February 2006 Report on Abduction of TRO Employees
29 January 2006 Disappearance of Anthonippillai Soosainather and Thevasahayampillai Jeyakumar
Soosainather on 23 January 2006
29 January 2006 Case Report on Abduction of Maheswaran Balraj on 1 January 2006
27 January 2005

Statistics of Disappearances & Killings in December 2005

26 January 2006 Extra Judicial Killing of Sithambari Ganesaratnam and Visuvar Krishnan on 16 January 2006
26 January 2006 Extra Judicial Killing of Suppiah Murugan on 16 January 2006
26 January 2006 Extra Judicial Killing of Chandrakanthan Vijayatharson on 23 January 2006
26 January 2006 Disappearance of Parimalarajah Robinson on 7th January 2006
23 January 2006 Extra Judicial Killing of Thambirajah Arulajanthan, on 28th December 2005
23 January 2006 Extra Judicial  killing of Bojan Renuka, Bojan Shannuka, Bojan Arththanareeswari -   mother and two daughters on 14 January 2006 - Case Report
22 January 2006 Extrajudicial killing of Iyathurai Baskaran on 5 January 2006 - Case Report
20 January 2006 Arbitrary Killing of Kanapathy Murugesu on 12 January 2006 - Case Report
18 January 2006 Case Report on Abduction and torture of Selvaratnam Uthayaraj on 26 December 2005
18 January 2006 ATBC Interview with Chairman, NorthEast Secretariat on Human Rights (NESOHR)
Fr. M. X. Karunaratnam
18 January 2006 NESOHR Report on Jaffna Displacement

" During the four years of the ceasefire agreement (CFA), people genuinely believed that there would not be another escalation of violence. They therefore confidently expressed their political views in public gatherings, supporting the Tamil rights to self determination in events like the “Pongu Thamil”, and the “Tamil Uprising” events. The Sri Lankan military has noted the people at the forefront of these events and now appears to be on an extermination drive to eliminate these people. People have commented that those who are terrorising the people are doing so with a list of names. A large number of university students and recent graduates who are yet to find employment are feeling vulnerable by the terror spread by the SLA and its paramilitaries and are displacing to Vanni..."

18 January 2006 Abduction & Disappearance of  of Mariyanayagam Maruthanayagam on 9 January 2006 - Case Report
18 January 2006 Abduction and torture of Selvaratnam Uthayaraj on 26 December 2005
14 January 2006 Extra Judicial Killing of Jude Sugathy (Theresa) Croos , Jude Arokiyathass Fernando, Emmani Croos, Emmani Anthonikkam Croos on 23 December 2005 - Case Report
12 January 2006 Abduction of N Kandeepan and T Tharmasri by Sri Lankan Army on 11 January 2006 - Case Report
11 January 2006 Abduction of Balakrishnan Rajeevmohan by Sri Lankan Army on 9 January 2006 - Case Report
10 January 2005

Open Appeal against Sri Lanka Army Atrocities

"Over the last six to seven weeks atrocities by the Sri Lankan armed forces and paramilitaries against civilians in Northeast have escalated to alarming levels.Sri Lankan armed forces so far have been responsible for at least 45 deaths and more than 100 disappearances and innumerable shooting/beating and injuring of civilians who were going about their daily lives..." more


6 January 2006 Rape and murder of Ilaiyathamby Tharshini on 16 December 2006 - Case Report
January 2006 NESoHR documents Civilian Impact of war, Forced Evictions

NESoHR report on Forced Eviction
NESoHR report on Civilian impact of war

Historical details of forced evictions of Tamils by the Governments of Sri Lanka and statistical details on the impact of war on Tamil civilians are detailed in two documents released Monday by the NorthEast Secretariat on Human Rights (NESoHR) located in Karadippoku junction in Kilinochchi.  The report cites United Nations Fact Sheet 25 on "Forced Eviction and Human Rights," in explaining how the rights of Tamils are violated by Sri Lanka military forcefully occupying peoples' homes. The document reproduces statistics on the details of public buildings and private homes occupied by the Sri Lanka military.

The second report presents statistics on people affected by different caused during the periods of war in the NorthEast. The report, the authors say, is not complete due to the following reasons: (a) half a million Tamils have displaced to outside Northeast, and (b) the data collection is not completed in the eastern regions due to the unexpected disruption to the project from the ravages of tsunami.

The statistics are encoded in tables with people affected catagorized under number of dead, disabled, injured, disappeared, arrested, torture, and psychologically affected groups.

Further categorization based on people affected by communal violence, war shock, disappearance, bombing, landmine, boat accidents, trauma after arrest, gun fire, lack of medical care, helicopter-strafing, shelling, stab wounds, torture, and air-attack is also included.

25 December 2005 We have lost Joseph Pararajasingam

" We have lost Joseph Pararajasingam, our valued member. Mr. Joseph Pararajasingam was shot dead on the Christmas Eve of 2005. He was murdered for the sole reason that he highlighted the human rights situation of the Tamil people. Mr. Pararajasingam was shot inside the Cathedral in Batticaloa town that was crowded with people attending the Christmas mass presided by the Bishop of Batticaloa, Kingsley Swampillai. Mr Pararajasingam's wife, Mrs. P Sugunam, who was beside him, was critically wounded when she tried to protect him from the bullets...

Mr. Joseph Pararajasingam is the second valued NESOHR member shot dead within the span of one year. The loss to NESOHR is truly shattering. NESOHR member for Amparai, Mr. A Chandra Nehru was shot dead in February this year.

In his parliamentarian life, Mr. Pararajasingam, documented human rights violations in eastern Sri Lanka during the 1990's and brought these abuses to the attention of the international community. He persistently challenged the Sri Lankan government on its human rights record. The Sri Lankan parliamentary record, the "Hansard", contains ample evidence of his brave challenges to the Sri Lankan state on its human rights abuses. He traveled the world as a member of parliament, representing the Tamils, to meet foreign ministers and foreign affairs officials and brought the human rights situation in the Northeast to their attention... A land where human rights defenders' lives can be taken away so cheaply is a damned land. It is also a damning indictment on those who are charged with the responsibility of protecting the lives of those courageous defenders. ..."

October 2005 Charter in Tamil - Charter in English
July 2005 Annual Report
18 February 2005 North East Secretariat for Human Rights Responds on Human Rights Watch Report 'Living in Fear'
1 August 2004 Northeast Secretariat on Human Rights to monitor human rights violations and implement actions to strengthen human rights in the NorthEast, meets in Tamil Eelam to finalise NESOHR Charter

"Mr. Puleedevan, Secretary General of the LTTE Peace Secretariat, Mr. Sivapalan, Attorney at law from Trincomalee, Dr. Sivapalan, Dean of Jaffna Medical Faculty, Miss. Arulanantham, Jaffna University Librarian, Parliamentarians, Mr. Joseph Pararajasingam, Mr Gajendran, Mr. A. Chandranehru, Former parliamentarian, Mr. Atchuthan, Head of Law School in Vanni,  Ms. N. Malathy, Human Rights Activists (New Zealand), Ms Diedre McConnel, Tamil Centre for Human Rights (Paris), Mr Kirubaharan, Tamil Centre for Human Rights (Paris), Mr. Piratheep, Lawyer (Australia), and Mr. Ana Pararajasingam (Australia)  participated in the meeting"

10 July 2004 Opening of LTTE's Human Rights Secretariat in Killincochi, Tamil Eelam

 "The denial of our human rights is the basis of our struggle. We have not effectively conveyed this message to the world. We will bring about greater awareness of human rights and related international conventions among our people", said Mr. S. P Thamilchelvan, head of the Liberation Tigers' political division, addressing the opening of the LTTE's Human Rights Secretariat in Kilinochchi.  "Human rights was the main weapon that was taken up again at the talks and during our travels abroad. We have done little to bring out the truth regarding the manner in which our people were systematically denied their basic rights...We are not experts in human rights doctrines and theories. But our actions are always guided by humanitarian interests," he said.




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