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"To us all towns are one, all men our kin.
Life's good comes not from others' gift, nor ill
Man's pains and pains' relief are from within.
Thus have we seen in visions of the wise !."
Tamil Poem in Purananuru, circa 500 B.C 

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Whatever may be said, who ever may say it - to
determine the truth of it, is wisdom - Thirukural

Reflections 2008 : Chinthanaigal

Reflection by Jayalakshmi Satyendra

Sunday 11 May 2008

�... There are those, and they are often sincere people, who say to Negroes and their allies in the white community, that we should slow up and just be nice and patient and continue to pray, and in a hundred or two hundred years the problem will work itself out because only time can solve the problem... I think there is an answer to that myth. And it is that time is neutral. It can be used either constructively or destructively. And I'm absolutely convinced that the forces of ill-will in our nation, the extreme rightists in our nation, have often used time much more effectively than the forces of good will... Somewhere we must come to see that social progress never rolls in on the wheels of inevitability. It comes through the tireless efforts and the persistent work of dedicated Individuals. And without this hard work, time itself becomes an ally of the primitive forces of social stagnation. And so we must help time, and we must realise that the time is always right to do right.." Martin Luther King Speech at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, 1968

Thursday 14 February 2008

Bob Dylan, 1970 - The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind...
How many roads must a man walk down
Before you call him a man?

Yes, 'n' how many seas must a white dove sail
Before she sleeps in the sand?
Yes, 'n' how many times must the cannon balls fly
Before they're forever banned?
The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind,
The answer is blowin' in the wind.

How many times must a man look up
Before he can see the sky?
Yes, 'n' how many ears must one man have
Before he can hear people cry?
Yes, 'n' how many deaths will it take till he knows
That too many people have died?
The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind,
The answer is blowin' in the wind.

How many years can a mountain exist
Before it's washed to the sea?
Yes, 'n' how many years can some people exist
Before they're allowed to be free?
Yes, 'n' how many times can a man turn his head,
Pretending he just doesn't see?
The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind,
The answer is blowin' in the wind.

Tuesday 1 January 2008

"அன்றும் சரி, இன்றும் சரி, தமிழரின் உணர்வுகளை, அவர்களது வாழ்நிலை அவலங்களை, அவர்களது தேசிய அபிலாசைகளைச் சிங்களப் பெரும்பான்மை இனம் புரிந்து கொள்ளவில்லை. புரிந்து கொள்ள எத்தனிக்கவுமில்லை. புரிந்து கொள்ளும் ஆற்றலும் அறிவுத் திறனும் ஆன்ம பக்குவமும் அவர்களிடம் இருப்பதாகவும் தெரியவில்லை... சிங்கள மக்களின் மகாவம்ச மனவமைப்பில், அவர்களது சமூகப் பிரக்ஞையில், அவர்களது அரசியற் கருத்துலகில் அடிப்படையான மாற்றம் நிகழுமென நாம் எதிர்பார்க்கவில்லை. சிங்கள - பௌத்த மேலாண்மைவாதத்தின் வீச்சும் வலுவும் தணிந்து போகவில்லை. மாறாக, அது புதிய, புதிய வடிவங்களை எடுத்துப் புத்துயிர்பெற்று வருகிறது... "  Velupillai Pirabakaran மாவீரர் நாள் 2005

"We are proud of the history of our country... We were taught to venerate the glorious example of our heroes and martyrs...When there are many men without honor, there are always others who bear in themselves the honor of many men. These are the men who rebel with great force against those who steal the people's freedom, that is to say, against those who steal honor itself. In those men thousands more are contained, an entire people is contained, human dignity is contained...  " Fidel Castro Ruz, in 'History will Absolve Me' -  Speech in his own defence at the Moncada Trial in  Santiago de Cuba on 16 October 1953

Nelson Mandela"..The time comes in the life of any nation when there remain only two choices: submit or fight. That time has now come to South Africa. We shall not submit and we have no choice but to hit back by all means within our power in defence of our people, our future and our freedom..." Nelson Mandela, on the formation of  Umkhonto we Sizwe, (Spear of the Nation), 16 December 1981

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