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"To us all towns are one, all men our kin.
Life's good comes not from others' gift, nor ill
Man's pains and pains' relief are from within.
Thus have we seen in visions of the wise !."
Tamil Poem in Purananuru, circa 500 B.C 

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Tracking the Norwegian Conflict Resolution Initiative

LTTE Suspends Negotiations: 2003
21 April 2003 LTTE suspends negotiations with Sri Lanka - Balasingham writes to Ranil
22 April 2003 LTTE proves Chandrika right says India based Rediffusion
22 April 2003 LTTE's move an act of brinkmanship? questions Brahmin owned Hindu
22 April 2003 LTTE pullout not end of Sri Lanka peace bid says Reuters
23 April 2003 LTTE pull out shows the folly of equating terrorists to a government says Sinhala owned Island
24 April 2003 LTTE pursuing violent, separatist agenda says U.S. reports Brahmin owned Hindu
24 April 2003 If LTTE wants respect, it should engage the government to settle on the terms for a new Sri Lanka, US Ambassador to Sri Lanka Ashley Wills

"The LTTE's weapons and armed cadre are not protecting Tamil rights; they are prolonging this conflict and delaying the day when Tamils can live in truly peaceful conditions....the truly courageous thing for the LTTE to do was to give up violence and even the threat of violence and push for permanent peace now."

24 April 2003 Sri Lanka  rejects LTTE's demand the Sea Tigers  be given a status equal to Sri Lankan Navy
24 April 2003 LTTE pulls out of relief and rehabilitation panel also
25 April 2003 Clarifications on Proposals on Security at Sea - SLMM

"To prevent future incidents at sea that could threaten the stability of the Cease Fire, the Sixth Round of Peace Talks in Japan agreed; �to work out effective arrangements for the operation of their naval units in keeping with existing treaty obligations.� The Parties also agreed that SLMM should; �undertake preventive measures to avoid serious incidents at sea and on land�. Recent days have seen strong reactions to isolated points of the Initial Discussion Paper that SLMM prepared as a basis for discussion on these arrangements. In that context SLMM would like to make the following clarifications..."

25 April 2003 Anton Balasingham responds to US Ambassador
26 April 2003 UK puts pressure on LTTE to resume peace talks reports India based Hindustan Times

"It is learnt that the riot act had been read out to the LTTE's political advisor and chief negotiator, Anton Balasingham, who is a UK passport holder and a resident of London..."

26 April 2003 Peace & Development - The Road to Tokyo - Centre for Policy Alternatives & Bergof Foundation for Conflict Studies
28 April 2003 Letter from Sri Lanka Defence Ministry to LTTE on High Security Zones
30 April 2003 Letter from Ambassador Goonetilleke  to LTTE on Sub committee on Immediate Humanitarian and Rehabilitation Needs (SIHRN)
5 May 2003 The folly of Eelam punditry - D.Sivaram

"We already hear fools (and there are many of the educated variety among Tamils) declaring that we should swallow our pride and yield to the dictates of the world's sole super power, that the US would bomb the Vanni back to the stone age if the LTTE does not toe the line.

Any foreign force can have its way in a country only if its people are divided, politically obfuscated and are irredeemably sunk in political stupor. The creeping intellectual/political barrenness in the northeast should be stopped without further delay. LTTE officials too should stop making pedestrian, boringly predictable utterances on public forums and, instead, make every endeavour to stir the people's reason, intellectual curiosity, their sense of community, their imagination and their intellectual fervour. This is the only way forward to decisively break the vicious circle of political obfuscation by which our people are deeply but blissfully afflicted today.

America may be the mightiest nation on the earth today but that cannot detract an iota from our right to live with honour, dignity and freedom in the land of our fore bears. It cannot for a moment make us give up an inch of our lands to help India or the US Bloc stabilise the Sri Lankan state for the sole purpose of furthering their strategic and economic interests."

8 May 2003 "Those who assume the LTTE's concession on negotiating within the framework of a united Sri Lanka are pretending that the self-determination genie remains in the doctrinal box of a statist world..." - Brendan O'Duffy
9 May 2003 Sri Lanka will soon be a sovereign shell, says Kadirgamar
14 May 2003 Norwegian push to save Sri Lanka peace talks
14 May 2003 Tamil National Alliance and LTTE spell out stand on Tokyo talks
17 May 2003 US warns Sri Lanka leaders to unite for sake of peace
17 May 2003 Japan urges LTTE to attend aid meeting
17 May 2003 Velupillai Prabhakaran tells Norwegian Foreign Minister Jan Peterson that LTTE  will not participate in peace talks unless decisions taken at earlier rounds of peace talks are  implemented by Sri Lanka
30 May 2003 LTTE rejects government's new proposals
30 May 2003 Sri Lankan president's party slams Norway as "salmon-eating busy bodies" "Norwegians were invited by me only as facilitators, not as mediators or arbitrators"
4 June 2003 LTTE  calls for negotiations  on establishment of  Interim Administrative structure
4 June 2003 EU puts pressure on LTTE to go to Tokyo Meeting
6 June 2003 Lanka may be heading for a Cyprus-like division says Kadirgamar  -
10 June 2003 U.S. Co-Chair Opening Remarks at Sri Lanka Donors' Conference - Richard L. Armitage, Deputy Secretary of State
10 June 2003 Tokyo Declaration on Reconstruction and Development of Sri Lanka

"...Participants express their regret over the absence of the LTTE from the Tokyo Conference...The process would need the expeditious development of a roadmap with clear milestones indicating the path towards a mutually acceptable final political solution... Agreement by the Government of Sri Lanka and the LTTE on a phased, balanced, and verifiable de-escalation, de-militarization and normalization process at an appropriate time in the context of arriving at a political settlement... The Conference requests the Government of Japan, as the host country, to convey the outcome of the Conference to the LTTE..."

13 June 2003 Tokyo & the Cost of the Unitary State�s Internal Colonialism - Taraki
15 June 2003 LTTE reaction to Tokyo Conference - D.B.S.Jeyaraj
15 June 2003 LTTE's Statement on Tokyo & Comment by Sinhala owned Sri Lanka Sunday Island
17 June 2003 US will continue to hunt down LTTE, reports Brahmin owned Hindu


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