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"To us all towns are one, all men our kin.
Life's good comes not from others' gift, nor ill
Man's pains and pains' relief are from within.
Thus have we seen in visions of the wise !."
Tamil Poem in Purananuru, circa 500 B.C 

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Policy Declaration at the successful end of the war
against the Indian armed intervention

1 April 1990

IPKF Departs
Final Batch of IPKF soldiers who left Trincomalee, Sri Lanka on 23 March 1990
lining up on arrival at Madras Harbour in TamilNadu

'Today, our liberation is facing a new historical turning point.

We have successfully foiled the Indian military intervention. Now, the Indian occupation forces have completely withdrawn from our homeland. The termination of the Indian intervention is a grand victory for our struggle. The Indian forces were sent here specifically to crush our liberation struggle and to annihilate our organisation which embodied the spirit of the struggle. It is for this specific reason, India unleashed a full-fledged war against us.

This war is a monumental event in the history of the world. For more than two years, we fought a ruthless war shedding our blood against a formidable military force, against a mighty power in Asia. The supreme sacrifice made by our fighters and by our people in this armed conflict hex become a historical epic of heroism and courage. Our victory in this war has set an excellent example that the legitimate struggle of an oppressed people and their yearning for freedom could not be crushed by military force however formidable it may

Our people have also learned a bitter lesson as a consequence of the Indian military intervention and the colossal damage it brought about. We have learned that we have to be self dependent and fight our own struggle to win our rights rather than depending on foreign powers. I am sure that all the Tamil groups who supported the Indian intervention would have realised this political truth.

We are not a hostile force to the Indian or to to Indian people. We opposed the misguided policies of the former Indian administration and resisted the military intervention. We do not want the Government of India to interfere politically or militarily in our problems. The policy makers in Delhi should realise that the legitimate struggle of our oppressed people will not in anyway contravene the geo-political concerns of India nor will it undermine the internal stability of the Indian state. We fervently hope that on the basis of this understanding the new Indian administration would make sincere efforts to restore friendly ties with our organisation. We desire the Indian government and the people of India should support and recognise the legitimate struggle of our people.

For nearly an year we have been involved in peace talks with the Government of Sri Lanka. I am very pleased to note that the talks have been cordial. constructive and have progressed on the basis of mutual trust and understanding. As a direct consequence of these talks there is peace and normalcy. The present Sri Lankan regime seems to have realised that racist oppression and military suppression will not befog about a resolution to the problems of the Tamil speaking people. I should say that the courageous and the radical approach enunciated by President Premadasa has resulted in the present climate of peace and conciliation.

We sincerely desire that the present atmosphere of peace should continue and that our people should live a life of freedom, dignity and security. The future depends solely on the perceptions and approaches of the Sinhala political leaders and the Sinhala masses. The Sinhalese people should realise the blunders of the past and the historical injustices done to our people and should be prepared to resolve our problems on the basis of human justice and righteousness (Dharma) If. on the other hand, justice is denied to our people and if oppression is unlashed against our people, we will not hesitate to resume the armed struggle to uphold the freedom of our people.

For a long time we have been fighting  an armed struggle to advance the cause of our people. But the forms of our struggle changed in accordance with the concrete conditions and historical compulsions. Such changes in the modalities of our struggle is inevitable. Now we have decided to build up our Party structure and to embrace democratic politics as the mode of our struggle. We will expand our organisation into a mass movement and prove to the world that the Liberation Tigers are the authentic representatives of our people.

We are not opposed to democratic norms and practices. We have been fighting to secure the fundamental political liberties and democratic rights of our people. Our political objective is to build a radical new society based on social justice and democratic freedoms. Sri Lanka Government should eliminate all oppressive conditions pitted against our people so that genuine democratic traditions can be best enhanced in the political mainstream.

The Government of India imposed a stringent condition on us to surrender our arms without offering us a substantial framework that would be a basis for a permanent political settlement As a consequence a war broke out. Even though the Government of India utilised all its military might against our movement, it miserably failed in achieving its objective of disarming us.

It is a tragedy that the Government of India completely disregarded the political aspirations, interests and security concerns of our people who have suffered long years of genocidal oppression but was primarily concerned about our arms' which constituted the shield of security of our people. This was the Himalayan blunder made by India and she has learned a bitter historical lesson for such a misguided policy. We sincerely hope that Sri Lanka should not make such a disastrous mistake.

There is peace and a cessation of hostilities between the Sri Lankan armed forces and the LTTE fighters. But the fundamental problems of our people have not been resolved. Our economy is in shambles. The towns and villages have been reduced to graveyards as a consequence of prolonged wars. The conditions of oppression perpetrated against our people have not been fully eradicated. The wounds of state oppression have not been healed. Our people still live in fear and trepidation over their security In these circumstances, I feel sad to note that certain Sri Lankan newspapers are demanding that the LTTE should surrender arms. Instead of demanding the surrender of arms. one should objectively study and analyse as to why we took up arms and fought a protracted armed struggle for more than fifteen years.

The Sinhala people should study and understand the genesis of the armed struggle of the LTTE and the concrete historical conditions that led to the growth and development of the armed resistance. We wish to say that once concrete actions are taken to remove the causes and conditions that led to Tamil resistance, then the question of arms will be settled forever. It is a misconception to assume that the ethnic issue would be resolved once the LTTE hands over its weapons.

It is the historical conditions of oppression which created the struggle for liberation and the armed resistance became the revolutionary expression of that struggle. The question of arms cannot be resolved unless the ethnic issue is resolved amicably. I hope that the Sinhala people and the Sri Lanka Government will understand our position.

Our movement will continue to struggle to secure for our people a life of freedom. peace and a prosperous future. Our movement is the only light of hope of our people. I call upon the Tamil and Muslim people to rally round our movement to strengthen it into a powerful national force.



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