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"To us all towns are one, all men our kin.
Life's good comes not from others' gift, nor ill
Man's pains and pains' relief are from within.
Thus have we seen in visions of the wise !."
Tamil Poem in Purananuru, circa 500 B.C

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A liberation struggle draws its strength
from the determination of its people

K.V. Balakumaran
Senior Member of the Liberation Tigers
Interviewed by Australian Tamil Broadcasting Corporation (ATBC)

11 June 2008

"A liberation struggle draws its strength from the determination of its people. Desire for freedom, once felt, never leaves the mind even for a moment. There is no substitute for freedom... We must be clear of our goal. There must no confusion about our goal. The strength of this belief is the propelling force..."

சமகால அரசியல் மற்றும் இந்தியாவின் நிலைப்பாடு தொடர்பில் அவுஸ்திரேலிய தமிழ் ஒலிபரப்புக் கூட்டுத்தாபனத்தில் ஒலிபரப்பாகும் 'செய்தி அலைகள்" நிகழ்ச்சி - 3 June 2008 - தமிழீழ விடுதலைப் புலிகளின் சிறப்பு உறுப்பினர் க.வே.பாலகுமாரன் வழங்கிய நேர்காணல்

Comment by tamilnation.org

"The mistake which despots, benevolent or malevolent, have been making ever since organised states came into existence and which, it seems, they will go on making to the end of the chapter, is that they overestimate their coercive power, which is physical and material and therefore palpable, and underestimate the power and vitality of ideas and sentiments. A feeling or a thought, the aspiration towards liberty, cannot be estimated in the terms of concrete power, in so many fighting men, so many armed police, so many guns, so many prisons, such and such laws, ukases, and executive powers. But such feelings and thoughts are more powerful than fighting men and guns and prisons and laws and ukases. Their beginnings are feeble, their end is mighty. But of despotic repression the beginnings are mighty, the end is feeble... " Sri Aurobindo on the Strength of an Idea, 1907

"..The victory in a war is not determined by the size of an army or the quality of armaments. Factors like unshakable determination, heroism, and desire for liberation determine victory. I can surely say that the fundamental reason why our struggle is marching on the road of victory in the journey of liberation, triumphant after confronting so many challenges is the firmness of our aim..." Reflections of the Leader - Quotes by Veluppillai Pirapakaran, Translation by Peter Schalk and Alvappillai Velupillai, 2007

K.V.BalakumaranA free translation in English of the interview with K.V. Balakumaran, aired by Cheythi Alaikal, an Australian Radio broadcast on 3 June 2008 follows - but the true sense will appear only from the Tamil audio original.

Cheythi Alaikal: Recent news stories advance the theme that LTTE should settle for solutions short of Tamil Eelam. What is your comment on this trend?

Balakumaran: One has to view this with a deep understanding of the historical background to the conflict. Thamil Eelam is not a hastily concocted concept. It did not fall from the sky. Conceptualized before 1948, it developed gradually over time and was strengthened by history in the years since independence. I do not want to repeat history on how the support for Tamil nationhood grew gradually and finally it received mandate in 1977 elections. Colombo has attempted to blur this truth and has been trying to establish that Tamil Eelam was invented by LTTE. The truth is that the responsibility to advance this mandate currently rests with the LTTE.

LTTE was guided by this ideal since its inception. However, the movement had articulated clearly that it was open to examining credible alternate proposals. We regret that this request had not received the attention it deserved. Everyone knows that the South is not ready to offer any solutions to the Tamil question - even the solutions proposed by International Community. Recent news stories are intended to break the determination of Tamil people and to create confusion among our people. One has to question why such messages were not articulated by other powers to national struggles of other peoples, for example why India didn't say this to Bangladesh; US to East Timor, Kosovo, or to the many nations breaking away from the old Soviet block? Our people have to clearly understand the motives behind such moves by the International community.

Cheythi Alaikal: Is there a need for our people and the LTTE to recognize the political climate of the International Community, and modify their ideals?

Balakumaran: Certainly not. Here an important question arises. We are a nation. We cannot change on the basis that so and so said that and so and so said something else. Our people have undergone untold suffering in the past three decades. We are in the midst of a war. We should preserve our spiritual power to overcome the odds until we achieve our liberation.

Cheythi Alaikal: A view is expressed that a solution to Tamil struggle can be achieved only with the support of the International Community. Do you agree?

Balakumaran: This is a commonly held view. At the same time, our people must have a deeper understanding. We must inquire why it is that International actors are responding differently to the national liberation struggles of different peoples. The axioms accepted for one struggle is negated for another.

We will realize that countries are motivated by their own self interests in the outcome. A national liberation struggle is cognizant of the welfare of its own people. If the struggle begins to listen to other people's dictates, and compromises its ideals for other people's welfare, than that reflects the weakness of the struggle. Tamil people have a duty to clearly understand this.

Cheythi Alaikal: For a liberation movement to be successful, how important is it necessary to show its strength?

Balakumaran: We traditionally equate strength with military might; but, military strength is only one aspect of the liberation struggle. Liberation struggle draws its strength from the determination of its people. Desire for freedom, once felt, never leaves the mind even for a moment. There is no substitute for freedom. A liberation struggle cannot be quenched except by reaching its goal. It does not mean amassing battlefront successes. This is a marathon; having the strength to confront the obstacles to the finish is how the success of a liberation struggle is assessed. Our people are demonstrating this strength and the accompanying resilience.

Cheythi Alaikal: Can we expect that Sinhala leaders will offer a just solution to the Tamil question?

Balakumaran: History proves that this will never happen. Since 1948, our people lived with this illusion - while the first prime minister D.S. Senanayake was in power, we believed Kottalawela will be good to us -since then, South has had a array of leaders J.R. Jayawardena, Premadasa, Chandrika, and now Rajapakse.Monk Sinhala people, driven by their perception of history, is in a mindset, which will not allow them to elect leaders who can pursue a fair and just approach to resolve the Tamil issue.

In the current government policy makers include extremists like Champika Ranawaka and JHU. Tamil struggle is aimed at changing this mindset. Our experience shows this change cannot be created by us. That is why we are now seeking nationhood to preserve our lives and livelihood. However, we are not pessimists; if a Sinhala leadership offers us a just solution we are willing to consider it.

Cheythi Alaikal: The leaders of the South are elected by Sinhala people. Do Sinhala people then deny existence of Tamil grievance?

Balakumaran: Certainly. Over the years, racist ideas were sowed within the Sinhala populace. These ideas have taken a deep root in their collective conscience. Sinhala people have been led to believe all their ills have been caused by the Tamil people. Our struggle will lift this illusion and show the practical realities of the difficulties Sinhala people face. Our liberation struggle will also help the Sinhala people to recognize the real path to achieve peace prosperity and happiness. Sinhala army is the guardian of Sinhala racism. To lift this illusion, we must beat back the Sinhala army from our homeland.

Cheythi Alaikal: What political aspirations should the Tamil people have?

Balakumaran: We must be clear of our goal. There must no confusion about our goal. The strength of this belief is the propelling force. Currently, LTTE is the only credible vehicle to achieve this goal. People may find fault with members who spearhead this struggle, may not agree with every activity; but at no time, their belief in the goal should waver. The ideal, the liberation, should transcend the individual. Our people have a clear distinction between the ideal and the shortcomings of some individuals who pursue this ideal. Tamil people have shown this clarity; our message to them is to continue in this path.

Cheythi Alaikal: How can the media help Tamil people?
Balakumaran: Media must inform the Tamil people with truthful news.

Cheythi Alaikal: How would you like India to view the Tamil issue?
Balakumaran: We observe Tamil Nadu state along with Indian national government. There is a link between us. Our regret is that the India's policy makers are viewing Tamil people's struggle through their lens of their country's political welfare. Until Indian central government approaches this intellectually and recognize that ours is a struggle for survival by an oppressed people in the land of their birth, India cannot make any healthy, fruitful contribution. India has approached our struggle as an integral part of their national political equation. Like in a political chess game, India has taken positions beneficial to the governments in power. We have said clearly Tamil Eelam is not against India; we will uphold Indian welfare as our own. There was a time, when India looked after our welfare as her own. India will change its current policy towards us one day. We believe firmly, our strong cultural ties to our brothers and sisters in India will help their policy makers to select a just and fair path towards our people. We cannot wait for India's change of mind to continue with our liberation. One fact should be clear, no one should doubt our friendship, and strong ties to India.

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