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"To us all towns are one, all men our kin.
Life's good comes not from others' gift, nor ill
Man's pains and pains' relief are from within.
Thus have we seen in visions of the wise !."
Tamil Poem in Purananuru, circa 500 B.C 

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United States & the struggle for Tamil Eelam

Torment of a Tamil American

Ramalingam Shanmugalingam
writes to US President Clinton
June 1, 2000

Dear Mr. President,

Torment of a Tamil American

You have shown humanism with fortitude in protecting minority and underprivileged interests in the United States of America and in some selected parts of the world. Yet, instead of helping to find a lasting solution for the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka, the United States of America is adding fuel to the fire as the chief supporter of the Sri Lanka Government that is determined to annihilate the Tamils. This is not acceptable.

In a multi ethnic state, always the majority, of the majority, for the majority, elects the government.

Hence in such a democratic setup the minority becomes totally oppressed and suppressed, as their vote bank does not carry any weight. In Sri Lanka 70% or less are Buddhists and only 30% belong to Christians, Muslims and Hindus. Successive Sri Lanka governments have always reneged on promises to Tamil voters and President Kumaratunga is no exception.

Furthermore, not all the violent movements in many parts of the world originated because the persons who started such movements are fond of killing people or playing with weapons of destruction or because they believed they could get what they need and deserve easily.

Since, better civilized means are ignored and violence draws attention, oppressed people display their frustration and helplessness through violence.

The same thing happened in Sri Lanka. The large numbers of democratic attempts by Tamils were thwarted with Sinhala Governments' autocratic wrath. S. J. V.Chelvanayagam, the Eelam Gandhi failed with his non-violent strategy. Young Thileepan sacrificed his life in Gandhian non-violent protest with no compassion from the Buddhist government of Sri Lanka. I strongly believe, that element of human compassion abounds among good Americans and innocent lives are treated with respect.

The struggle for the restoration of Tamil dignity and honor in SriLanka by the creation of the nation state of Tamil Eelam is the outcome of a democratic process enunciated in the Vaddukkoddai Resolution of 1976. Tamil Eelam is not an object to satisfy some stray political ambition of a few but a fundamental imperative for all Tamils in Sri Lanka. Survival of Tamils is at stake let alone, living with dignity and honor!

The potential for "domino effect" coined by the US Under Secretary, is no reason for aiding and abetting materially and morally the genocide of Tamils. There was no domino effect when India was partitioned or when India carved out Bangladesh from Pakistan. Why should Tamil Eelam be the exception?

Therefore Mr. President, the very chance to regain Tamil existence with dignity and honor will be missed now only because of 'high tech' military wherewithal and moral support made available to the genocidal, uncompromising, Sri Lankan Government by the US bureaucracy and its allies.

As a Tamil American, I urge you to help the Tamils and the Sinhalas find a 'homegrown' solution on their own without any outside military involvement for the scourge of war thrust on the Tamils.

If by the involvement of outsiders, aided and abetted by the US, the military advantage gained so far by the Tamil Freedom forces is reversed, the sufferings of the Tamils and loss of more lives are imminent. Therefore Mr. President, use your good offices and act promptly to withdraw all foreign military presence in Sri Lanka immediately.

If everything else fails, I, as a Tamil American has no other recourse, but to fast for an indefinite period in front of the White House in Washington DC from July 4, 2000 as my contribution for Tamils to live with dignity and honor.

Thank you
Ramalingam Shanmugalingam
11373 Ironwood Road San Diego CA 92131. USA Tel & Fax: (858) 547 0574

Electronic Copy (ec.): California US Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer,  Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham, California Dist. 51



"Re-Torment of a Tamil American", I owe it to the tamilnation.org browsing public to communicate my follow up letter to US President Bill Clinton on 4 July 2000.

I still believe that external support is necessary once the Tamil Freedom Fighters win the war, for recognition of the State of Tamil Eelam. There is no alternative open to Tamils in Sri Lanka but to take what belongs to them forcibly... If reports are correct, the Sri Lankan President is "more flexible" and Tamil Freedom Fighters could join the discussions with their gun. It is high time the international community also understood that Tamil Freedom Fighters, regardless of world opinion, will do what they have to do to live free with dignity and honor in their native land. "Every man is the architect of his own fortune." So are the Tamils, who have to fight it out alone inside Sri Lanka. Hopefully, the world will not fault Tamils once they drive out aliens from their homeland.

The President Of The United States of America
Washington DC

Dear Mr. President

Re-Torment of a Tamil American

I took the liberty and sent you copies of my appeal, "Torment of a Tamil American" on June 1, 2000, a copy attached herewith, via E-mail, Fax and by USPS. I realize the burden of your office and inability to pay attention to every correspondence you receive.

Nevertheless, it is my duty to inform you that I have called off the FAST scheduled to start today July 4, a well-fought and earned Independence Day Anniversary. Happy Independence Day Mr. President.

I wish and hope that Tamils of Sri Lanka, though insignificant in number, who also have the same human aspirations and yearn for the same values our forefathers adopted in the "Declaration of Independence," realize their goal before this day next year.    

As indicated in my appeal, I vowed to go on the FAST if for Tamils'

"the very chance to regain Tamil existence with dignity and honor will be missed now only because of 'high tech' military wherewithal and moral support made available to the genocidal, uncompromising, Sri Lankan Government by the US bureaucracy and its allies."

Whether by design or accident, Tamil Freedom Fighters are able to withstand the heavy aerial bombardment of civilian enclaves within Tamil territory. ... Tamil Freedom struggle war phase has changed for the better despite Sri Lankan Government controlled Press reports to the contrary. I have suspended my FAST program for now and will undertake such a sacrifice, if necessary, in the near future to ensure Tamil freedom.


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