Tamils - a Trans State Nation..

"To us all towns are one, all men our kin.
Life's good comes not from others' gift, nor ill
Man's pains and pains' relief are from within.
Thus have we seen in visions of the wise !."
Tamil Poem in Purananuru, circa 500 B.C 

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Sri Lanka's Genocidal War - '95 to '01

'Extreme social, moral and physical precariousness of the people of the north-east'...

Vanni"..Reports say the 3,000 shelters in Jaffna refugee camps urgently need repairs. Poor sanitary conditions in camps are causing concern. The government is reviewing the situation and the 116,000 families on dry rations may be reduced by 50%. According to proposals, families earning over Rs 750 ($9) and those with relatives abroad may not be entitled to food aid from 2001. 

Director of Jaffna Hospital Dr Mrs Kanagaratnam told ICRC that a serious consequence of the military situation is the dearth of specialists in certain fields of medicine - orthopedics, neuro surgery, cardiac surgery, rheumatology. The lack of advanced technology in medical investigations, diagnosis and treatment such as radio therapy for cancer patients, laser and echo treatment and thyroid assay is another problem the hospitals face... 

In December, the European Union drew attention to the extreme social, moral and physical precariousness of the people of the north-east and urged the government to do everything within its powers to improve their lot, particularly through better access to humanitarian aid and improved freedom of movement. 

Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu districts Health Department officers say 80 different kinds of medicines and materials needed in hospitals have not been received in the Vanni since February. These include wound dressing, antiseptics and preventive injections. 

There is only one doctor in the Out Patients Department in Mullaitivu hospital. Over 1,000 patients visit the department daily for treatment. Over 13,600 people were treated in November in Mallavi hospital. The Kilinochchi hospital treated over 19,500, including 3,000 for malaria and diarrhea. Seven children were treated for severe malnutrition. 

Seven lorry loads of food reached the Vanni through Pramanalankulam in late December. According to Vavuniya Government Agent K Ganesh 1,041 lorryloads of food was sent to the Vanni in 2000. Observers say the region needs several times that amount...

Further west, 10,000 refugees in camps around the Madhu Church, are unable to return to home areas. Some displaced farmers continue to cultivate their lands. Reports say farmers in LTTE-controlled areas in northern Mannar are unable to market rice produced because of restrictions imposed by the Army..." (British Refugee Council, Sri Lanka Monitor, December 2000)



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