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"To us all towns are one, all men our kin.
Life's good comes not from others' gift, nor ill
Man's pains and pains' relief are from within.
Thus have we seen in visions of the wise !."
Tamil Poem in Purananuru, circa 500 B.C 

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The Hindu Targeted in Tamil Nadu

October 16, 2008

[see also On Malini Parthasarathy’s Malodorous Malady - Sachi Sri Kantha, 15 October 2008  

"Ms. Malini Parthasarathy, the high priestess of the House of Hindu, had added her tuppence worth sentiments on the recent outpouring for Eelam Tamils in Tamil Nadu, under the caption, “The dangers of Tamil chauvinism” (The Hindu, Oct.14, 2008). There is no mistake that she has been following the footsteps of her forbears, who valiantly sided with the administrative machinery of British colonialism against Mahatma Gandhi’s liberation movement for free India. The malodorous mischief mixed in  Malini Parthasarathy’s commentary deserve some criticism..." more

Mount Road Vishnu, India & Tamil Eelam - Savithri Narayan, Chennai

"..மக்களை தலைநிமிரச் செய்த தந்தை பெரியாரால் 'மவுண்ட் ரோடு மகாவிசுணு" என்று அடையாளம் காட்டப்பட்ட 'இந்து" நாளிதல், ஈழப்பிரச்சனை குறித்து மீண்டும் திருவாய் மலர்ந்திருக்கிறது. டிசம்பர் முதல் தேதி எழுதப்பட்டுள்ள தலையங்கம் 'பிரபாகரன் தலைமையேற்கும் வரை தமிழர் பிரச்சனை தீராது" என்று விதன்டாவாதம் செய்கிறது.  'பிரபாகரன் இருக்கும் வரை" என்று சொல்ல விரும்புவதைத்தான் 'பிரபாகரன் தலைமையேற்கும் வரை" என்று மறைமுகமாகக் குறிப்பிடுகிறது 'இந்து'. " more

and Tamil Nadu Going Eelam Way?, September/October 2008]

Statement by N. Ram, Editor-in-Chief, The Hindu, 16 October 2008

"On behalf of our 130-year-old newspaper, its 3528 employees, and four million readers, I wish to strongly condemn the illegal acts of mischief and violence in Coimbatore and Erode by activists of the pro-LTTE fringe group calling itself the Periyar Dravidar Kazhagam (PDK) along with a handful of anti-social elements.

"These unruly and illegal acts were an expression of intolerance of the newspaper's criticism of pro-LTTE and pro-Eelam chauvinism in the Tamil Nadu political arena. In our considered editorial assessment, these chauvinistic, pro-separatist tendencies are deeply inimical to the interests of the Indian people.

Hearteningly, the overwhelming majority of the people of Tamil Nadu, who do not want a replay of the propaganda campaigns and violent activities of the terrorist Tamil Tigers in one of India's most peaceful States, firmly oppose these chauvinistic tendencies. This is evidenced, among other things, by the fact that, post-1991, even the small pro-LTTE parties have not dared campaign on a pro-LTTE platform in any State or general election.

"The latest act of mischief and violence against our newspaper occurred around 5 a.m. on Thursday, October 16 at the Erode Bus Stand. A group of about half a dozen persons raising pro-LTTE slogans invaded the point of distribution, assaulted the person in charge of this distribution point, indulged in filthy slogans and threats, distributed hand bills extolling the LTTE, snatched 2400 copies of The Hindu and 390 copies of Business Line, doused them with petrol, and set them on fire.

Thanks to the vigilance of our staff and the outrage of hawkers, two of the culprits were apprehended on the spot. The police have registered a case at the Erode Town Police Station under Sections 147, 323, 294(b), 285, 427, 506, and 506(i) of the IPC and arrested the leaders of the group, Kumaragurubaran, 42, district organiser of the PDK, and M. Jayakumar, 30, of the 'Tamil Desiya Podhu Udaimai Katchi.' The police are on the look-out for the other culprits.

"Earlier, on Tuesday, October 14, there were two incidents targeting our Coimbatore office on LIC Road. Some activists of the lawyers' group of the PDK demanded that The Hindu reverse its editorial stand against pro-LTTE and pro-Eelam chauvinism, burnt some copies of the newspaper, and attempted to march to our office.

The police effectively prevented them from doing so, thus preventing possible violence, and registered a case under Sections 143 (unlawful assembly) and 285 (negligent conduct with regard to fire or combustible matter) of the Indian Penal Code.

The second incident, involving about ten persons, including PDK activists and law college students, was more serious. The group marched towards The Hindu office in Coimbatore, two persons sneaked through the police cordon, and tried to scale the iron gate and force their way past our staff and security personnel. One of them hurled a stone, which fortunately caused no injury or damage. The police arrested ten persons, who were later released on bail, and registered a case against this group under Sections 147 (unlawful assembly), 285, 447 (criminal trespass), 336 (act endangered life or personal safety of others), and 506 (i) (criminal intimidation) of the IPC.

"While we are satisfied with the response of the police in Coimbatore and Erode to these criminal acts which constituted a threat to the physical safety of our journalists, non-journalistic staff, and others working for us, and to freedom of expression, guaranteed under Article 19(1)(a) of the Indian Constitution we would like the police as well as the Tamil Nadu Government to take stronger action under the law of the land against the extremist fringe outfits and the individuals, including lawyers, behind these illegal acts.

"We expect the police and the State government to monitor and pursue seriously the prosecution of these cases, so that exemplary punishment under the law of the land is meted out to those who menace freedom of expression in the cause of a banned terrorist organisation."


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