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"To us all towns are one, all men our kin.
Life's good comes not from others' gift, nor ill
Man's pains and pains' relief are from within.
Thus have we seen in visions of the wise !."
Tamil Poem in Purananuru, circa 500 B.C 

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  • �ciRpi cetukkAta cintany� � Unsculptured Thought.
    by  �jAzhan� Shanmugalingam

[see also Selected Writings - R.Shanmugalingam ]

Book released on 29 September 2004 by �pErAcirijar� �inamAnattalyvar� Anpazhakan at Rani Seethai Manram in Chennai sponsored by the International Tamil Integration Society under the auspices of World Wide Tamil�s Coalition. 

Review by Poet Dr. T. Koventhan

 �peRRa tAjum piRanta ponnAdum 
NaRRava vAninum Nani ciRaNtanavE�-   (Bharathy

�jAzhan�s� Interpretation: 

            Biological mother and the golden birth place
            Excel in stature over the multi-blessed sky.   

 Here, mother plays a dual role. One is the biological mother and the other is the mother-tongue. Language grows within the culture of the parent mother. It is axiomatic that the ethnicity and its land (country) get its fame and name from the language of the people of that land. Absence of love for one�s mother-tongue and race disqualifies one from being a human.

 �NAddup paRRum Navil inap paRRum vyjappaRRy Udduvana� are famous �pAvEntar� Bharathythasan statement. What it means to �jAzhan� is: Love for one�s land- patriotism, and expressive love for one�s roots develop global love. The reason for such development is, true patriotism transcends personal relationships and benefits and is closely intertwined through love with other humans.

 We love the motherland we were born in; it is the air we breathe. Although there are several countries, it is only the motherland we cherish like the mother we all cherish. It is a well known fact that one who does not identify with his motherland does not belong to the human race. But, it is disappointing to note that most Indian Tamils have failed in this respect. On the contrary, �Izhamite� � (people who belong to the rightly aspired land of �tamizh Izham�in Sri Lanka) stand heads held high with his/her awareness and acquired feelings to be brave Tamils with dignity and honor. The very strong prowess has elevated him/her to great heights of human strength.   

The freedom struggle of the �Izham� Tamil will be recorded in history as a measure of his sacrificial gift of his body, worldly possessions and life to wrench the motherland from captivity. The value of �Izhamite� humanism is measured by the firmness of their patriotism. It is evident that despite the indifference of the Indian Tamils then, the brave Tamil diaspora with dignity and honor turned out to be determined, with dedication to the task of freeing the motherland by helping the freedom warriors in the struggle. One such Tamil I have come to know is �jAzhan� R. Shanmugalingam, a person of erudition in science � an agricultural expert, International Coordinator of World Wide Tamil�s Coalition.

 As I went through his several multifaceted articles and poems all together, I was reminded of the immortal �perijAr� E. V. R.. Despite the fact he moved out of his motherland and lives as a Tamil American, his goal and life direction is to help win the struggle for freedom. I feel very proud to note his uncontrolled determination and excellent expression through words and his desire for deed to make everything in his motherland, take the best form.

 �pOrAdip pOrAdik kAnhum putuvAzhkky cIrOdu vAzhum cezhittu.� In other words, a life realized through struggles will live elegantly and prosper. But are freedom of land and language the only goal? No, those language reformers in Tamil Nadu who are content with their complicated reforms in the shining computer field, get a rude awakening, when they see the simple Tamil software by �jAzhan�. But those thinkers who lament and work tirelessly to get Federal Government recognition for Tamil as a Classical Language, are prepared to sacrifice Tamil by taking �jAzhan�s� contribution to the computer world out of the limelight. Does the Sun disappear in the dark? 

�jAzhan� is a mine of ideas to better the soil condition and improve agriculture through extensive research for the benefit of mankind. He is endowed with such knowledge and is well equipped to improve the dry lands of Tamil Nadu into productive entities. Will the green revolutionaries accept him for even a year to study and recommend ways to make these barren lands blossom? No, they will not, why? They fear that their inadequacy and inabilities will be exposed. Is there any Party Leader who will invite him and join him in a coalition to improve the agricultural resources of this land? No, none will, they fear that their domestic wealth will be adversely affected. Leaders of the land! Do they lead the people? No, they lead in corruption! What do they care?

 �jAzhan� R. Shanmugalingam has the interest of the public at heart. He introduces new ideas that flow as if from a mountain spring. His verses also are full of new ideas. He has blended prose in harmony like that of the English Pope. By doing so he has unmasked the false faces of those who indulge in metaphor, symbol and such to reach the high pedestal of �New Poetry�.

              �Izham� is the catch word everywhere
            And, much much excitement is in there!
            SANGAM Tamil to parental guidance
            This is a Tamil compendium with fragrance
            Is it the force of sea-wave swell?
            Or the poetic strength the Tiger cub Tell? 

Let Shanmugalinga-word-commentary take world Tamils to lofty heights.



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