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"To us all towns are one, all men our kin.
Life's good comes not from others' gift, nor ill
Man's pains and pains' relief are from within.
Thus have we seen in visions of the wise !."
Tamil Poem in Purananuru, circa 500 B.C 

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United States & the struggle for Tamil Eelam

Appeal to US Secretary of State

 Dr. Muthuvel Chelliah, Columbia, MD.

2 June 2006

Comment by tamilnation.org. "Dr Chelliah's sentiments are clearly heartfelt. But the harsh reality is the dilemma  which he points out in his concluding remarks: 'We (the US) truly don't care for human rights and democracy in the world; we just use it as a tool to further our foreign policy agenda. Should I say to my children that? Are we that way? I hope not. So sad.' 

What should I say to my children?  What indeed - if we are to maintain our self image of honest and humane parents concerned to educate our children to be honest and humane and take pride in the country to which they belong.

There may be a need for all Tamils to truly understand the pillars of US foreign policy so that they may question the underlying premises and then respond in an effective and meaningful way to the challenges that the Tamils face as a people. The words of Aurobindo come to mind -

".. Petitioning which we have so long followed, we reject as impossible - the dream of timid experience, the teaching of false friends.. foolish to reason, false to experience.... It is a vain dream to suppose that what other nations have won by struggle and battle, by suffering and tears of blood, we shall be allowed to accomplish easily, without terrible sacrifices, merely by spending the ink of the journalist and petition framer and the breath of the orator. Petitioning will not bring us one yard nearer freedom .." Sri Aurobindo, 1907" "

Honorable Madame Secretary of State,

I will be very much obliged if this letter can reach your kind attention or at least reach someone of influence in your office.

The Tamils are one of the most ancient people of the world, with a culture, civilization and language that are second to none, no matter where they live. In general they are among the most law abiding, most educated, successful and productive people. I am a proud American Tamil, been here in the US for long as a legal tax paying citizen. I strictly believe in following ‘all the laws of this land’ even if I do not agree with a few. I am very proud I am an American first then everything else. I raise my children that way. But I do have a heart which can see right from wrong. I believe in freedom of speech and expression. Hence I am writing this letter. I am privileged to live in this country of ours, where an ordinary citizen can write to the esteemed U.S. Secy. of State and express his/her thoughts and opinions about our foreign policy without fear of persecution.

Regard our US policy in Sri Lanka, about that civil war going on there, I am confused. I just cannot come to peace with what is going on, after all I can speak Tamil as a second language and hence the concern about the situation there, even thought I am not of Sri Lankan origin. Please understand that my concern is analogous to, say an American Jew (or a person of any other race) concerned about the well being of the Jews around the world.

During the past thirty years or so, when over 60000 minority Tamils were slowly being persecuted as second class citizens and murdered in genocide acts, by the majority Sinhalese government and its army, several hundred thousands of them feeling the country and taking refuge all over the world, our US government did not care and did not do anything. May be attitude was that, after all the several thousand Tamils who died, women and children included not in any way useful to the U.S. foreign policy interests.

In the early years of the struggle, the Tamils tried peaceful Gandhian ways from being discriminated at, and to get 'equal citizen status' - well, you know how it worked out and the rest the history of civil war. All this time, the US didn't get involved. All this time the Tamils were begging the international community to get involved and see their sufferings. But the SL government called it their internal affair and we listened to them and did not get involved. We were doing business with that oppressive regime as usual. If our government really cared about the Tamil genocide and human rights violations we would not have wasted those 60000+ lives. What happened to our country’s conscience? Does not being quiet on the genocide of Tamils issue during all these years imply complicity with that repressive regime?

But now finally when the Tamils are ready to defend themselves on their own, our government is willing to provide military assistance to the oppressing Sri Lankan government Why help them now? Because Sri Lanka is afraid of the Tamil’s determination and is asking us for help. And we listen to them again. In other words, we will always listen and help that oppressive regime, then and now. Forget the Tamils and their cry for help, right? Does America have a heart? Do we have a conscience? Sorry, We used to have that. Oh my God! What has become of us?

You know Honorable Madame Secretary, recently, Amnesty International condemned SL government for colluding with paramilitary forces in the killing of dozens of Tamil civilians, including women and children -some of the pictures were so horrifying where civilian parents were shot in their family rooms as they were trying to protect their little ones. Please tell me, as my children ask me to explain this, our government’s policy – what can I say? Well, this is not the great country it used to be. We truly don't care for human rights and democracy in the world; we just use it as a tool to further our foreign policy agenda. Should I say my children that? Are we that way? I hope not. So sad.

Sincerely, With tears
A concerned and confused American




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