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"To us all towns are one, all men our kin.
Life's good comes not from others' gift, nor ill
Man's pains and pains' relief are from within.
Thus have we seen in visions of the wise !."
Tamil Poem in Purananuru, circa 500 B.C 

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Sinhala regime playing role similar to Israel

Dr.Vickramabahu Karunaratne
11 November 2007

"...Under Mahinda, the Sinhala regime is playing a role similar to that of Israel in the Middle East...Though critical, the western powers, in particular the US support every action of Israel against the Palestinian liberation struggle..."

[see also No Choice: International Community has made Tamil rights depend entirely on the battlefield outcome - Tamil Guardian, 9 November 2007 and International Dimensions of the Conflict in Sri Lanka, Nadesan Satyendra - Key note address at a Seminar on International Dimensions of the Conflict in Sri Lanka, 17 June 2007]

Rajpal of Lakbimanews says

"I was the editor of a Lake House newspaper. The moment I started carrying stories about the abductions of Tamils in Colombo, while also front paging the success of the forces in the war front, they threw me out of my job. Of course Tamils are not people under Rajapaksa. If you talk about them as if they were people, you would be out of your job. That is nothing though. If you are Tamil - you could lose your life too, but who cares?"

It is a heroic statement. At this time the chauvinists of the Mahinda regime, especially the Hela Urumaya must be bathing in champagne and living in mythical times. With the help of modern Ramas of India and Aryans of the western global powers, the ferocious giant of Ravana - Thamilchelvan - has been killed.

With that in hand, Mahinda Raj must be planning to shut the mouths of media men, declare virtual martial law in the South and go for high technology super operations to finish off the entire LTTE leadership.

The Lakbimanews reports that Raman of Delhi said "for the last one year, the SLAF has been repeatedly trying for decapitation strikes on Prabhakaran and other leaders of the LTTE. However these strikes were not successful. The killing of Thamilchelvan and his associates is the first success in the SLAF decapitation drive." Clearly Mahinda is getting special help from his rich uncles!

Broad mandate

Though the Tamil Nadu chief minister said that the fame of Thamilchelvan, who sacrificed himself to win the battle for due rights, will permeate wherever Tamils live, MDMK leader Vaiko has condemned the Indian government that includes the DMK, for providing the Sri Lankan government with radars and weapons .

The Tamil National Alliance has said "we salute his services to the Tamil people and selfless sacrifice for the Tamil Eelam struggle." This openly admits that the military struggle is part and parcel of the Tamil freedom fight.

All these show that a broad mandate is given to the LTTE by the Tamil people to take the struggle forward not withstanding the great loss.

The Tamils are now suspicious of the role played by the international community. In the past, we told the Tamil leaders that their faith in the global powers was a mistake. In fact, even the LTTE leaders thought that, their struggle being a national freedom struggle and not a social struggle, the western powers will help them.

However, Mahinda has convinced those powers that a Sinhala authoritarian regime is the only viable state that can take their economic agenda forward, suppressing opposition from trade unions and plebian organisations.

No reasonable way out

Strangely enough Wimal Weerawansa and Dr Gunadasa Amarasekara still say that the war is between the oppressed Sinhala regime and the LTTE aggression backed by world imperialist powers. They talk of a Sollee invasion.

But the truth is that the Indian rulers including Chola, Chela and Pandyan elites are busy supporting the Sinhala regime as explained by Vaiko. Under Mahinda, the Sinhala regime is playing a role similar to that of Israel in the Middle East.

Though critical, the western powers, in particular the US support every action of Israel against the Palestinian liberation struggle. Indirectly, and sometimes directly, rich Arabs are with them. No reasonable way out is given to the Arab people.

Here too, increasingly the Sinhala regime is surrounded by global powers including India, with economic and military help, while Tamils are not given any reasonable way out. Then this also, is going to be an endless conflict where misery will grow with time.

In the meantime, the global powers will increase their intervention and the Sinhala regime will be their loyal neo colonial outpost that Gunadasa was always harping on. Running in fright, Wimal and Gunadasa have run into the lions den. If they really want to fight for freedom and liberty they should do the opposite. They must admit that the Tamil struggle is based on real problems and grievances.

They can and should condemn terror against the innocent and the dissenting voice. But no way could one classify the Tamil liberation struggle as something exclusively created and maintained by the imperialist forces for their oppressive interest.

In fact such forces are behind the government extending their military support as well. These forces are persuading the opposition leader to support the government to carry out their agenda, with outright violations of human rights. If Wimal, Gunadasa and such others do not face this reality then they will realise their folly only on the day they become actual prisoners of the present regime.



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