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"To us all towns are one, all men our kin.
Life's good comes not from others' gift, nor ill
Man's pains and pains' relief are from within.
Thus have we seen in visions of the wise !."
Tamil Poem in Purananuru, circa 500 B.C 

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The Charge is Ethnic Cleansing

Sri Lanka's Undeclared War on Eelam Tamils
...in the Shadow of the Ceasefire: 2002 - 2007

  • Manitham Appeals to UN Secretary General on Deteriorating Situation in Tamil Homeland
    [see also Jaffna faces humanitarian catastrophe "Closure of A9, the only trunk road to Jaffna from rest of Sri Lanka, more than 10 weeks ago, has halted the flow of essential food provisions, and medical supplies to Jaffna Peninsula, and if urgent steps are not taken, the residents will face severe humanitarian crisis, civil society leaders in Jaffna warned Monday. Jaffna residents face malnutrition and imminent starvation; and shortage of medical supplies and doctors, have wreaked havoc with the peninsula's fragile health care system, hospital and Non Governmental Organizations (NGO) sources said. ]

Tamil Child in the VanniKoffi Annan
Office of the Spokesman for the Secretary-General
United Nations, S-378
New York, NY 10017
Tel. 212-963-7162
Fax. 212-963-7055
Email : [email protected]

Honorable Secretary General,


Greetings to you from MANITHAM, a voluntary, non-sectarian, non-political, non-profit making and secular organization adhering to the sublime ideals and the democratic values, intended and designed for the defense of life, liberty and other fundamental rights of the defenseless.

We are based in Tamil Nadu, a southern state in India and have our offices at various parts across India and representatives across the globe. The state of Tamil Nadu is home to seven hundred thousand Tamils and the language, culture and ethnic ties with Tamils of Indonesia, Malaysia, Mauritius, Myanmar, Reunion, Singapore, South Africa and Sri Lanka.

We see that the Tamils staying in all the above mentioned nations are living peacefully and amicably with a dignified manner except that for Sri Lanka. The Tamils in Sri Lanka unlike their counterparts in other nations face lot of hardships in the place they live for thousands of years.

They are treated as second class citizens in the country they live. When the whole nation is experiencing a higher dividend on the economy of the Sri Lanka, we see that the Tamil dominated areas are sharing a very negligible dividend.

The current crisis faced by the northern part of the nation, where the locals are hundred percent Tamils except the security forces, who are Sinhalese by ethnicity is a perfect example of how the Government of Sri Lanka is treating the Tamils. The northern part known geographically as the Jaffna peninsula is facing acute shortage of their day to day needs not excluding even their food.

The only highway connecting the rest of the nation with Jaffna peninsula is closed for the past 4 months. The Government says, the closure is due to security and safety reasons. We do accept that safety is a question as it passes through areas controlled by both the Government of Sri Lanka and LTTE. But given the fact that LTTE has given a guarantee for the security and safety for the transportation, we are wondering why Government is not able to take any decision.

The materials were transported from the southern part of the nation to Jaffna by mainly private carriers. These carriers are still willing to carry the materials. They are not worried about the clashes. Why then should the Government worry?

The Government says the essential rations would be flown into or sailed into the Jaffna peninsula. Yes, the Government has done that previously. But when we see from what has been done, we see that the essential rations were distributed mainly to the 40,000 security forces that are camped in the peninsula than giving it to the civilians who are living there.

The minimal rations which are available for the general public are sold in black market. The table below would give a sample feel of how the rates are increased telescopically just because the A9 road is closed.

Items Quantity Price Prior to 11-8-2006 (LKR) Outside Market (LKR)


1 KG


120 - 160


1 KG




1 KG








1 KG




1 NO.




1 KG







The entire Jaffna population is affected. The Director of a Counseling Centre in Jaffna stated that due to prolonging disturbed situation, most of the people are frustrated and depressed. Lots of people are traumatized and some of them are unable to sleep. Due to these traumatized situations family equilibrium is disturbed and they are family troubles. The people are more frustrated that their expectation of re-opening of A-9 Highway did not materialize.

Nadarajah Raviraj, a prominent Tamil Parliamentarian from Jaffna was shot in front of his residence at Colombo. Raviraj, a lawyer by profession fought until his last breadth for opening of the A9 highway. It was a dream which never became true for him. As his cremation was planned in his native town, at Jaffna peninsula, the deceased family requested the Government to open the highway to take his corpse.

The Government refused to open the highway just for even taking the corpse. What major problem does the Government foresee in opening the highway for taking a corpse? The common people say with confidence, the Government of Sri Lanka is not interested in fulfilling the desires of Tamil people. We also tend to agree it as we see what is happening to the brothers and sisters who are just 19 kilometers away from Tamil Nadu shore.

We request the United Nations, which proclaims itself a neutral body in the globe to take some immediate action over this issue. The United Nations should not accept the oral commitments from the Government of Sri Lanka on this issue.

Just by looking back at the incidents of what has happened after Mahinda Rajapakse has been elected as President, we see that the Tamils are marginalized in the nation as never before in the history. Might be for an International Audience, the talks of Mahinda Rajapakse might sound neutral, committing, broad minded and whatever equivalent the English Thesaurus might describe of, but in the actions, we see that there was not even a single incident where the Tamils were treated honestly.

After assuming presidency Rajapakse told to the media “I will bring about an honourable peace to the country, respecting all communities” but below table would give out few events which took place against his promise.





Ratnasri Wickremanayake was appointed as Lankan Prime Minister

Ratnasri was against Peace Process and he requested Sinhalese to have more children to fight Tamils


Rajapakse declared that all his speeches henceforth would only be in Sinhala and translations would be in English

What about Tamil? What respect he gives to the second most widely spoken language in the country? English is not even spoken by 1 percent in the country as their first language.


Tharshini, was raped and killed by Lankan Navy

No action was made to enquire the nearby SLN camp, but tried to link it to Batticalao SLA trooper


Mannar LTTE office burnt down

No action was made to nab the culprits


Joseph Pararajasingham, MP was shot and killed in Christmas Mass at Batticalao

No action was made to nab the culprits, though Military uniforms were found in the church where MP was slained.


920 Tamils arrested in Colombo

Though Tamils are said to be treated equally, this mass arrest shows what would be the mindset of Tamils


Five students shot at Trincomallee

No action was made to nab the culprits


Sudar Oli Trincomallee Journalist shot dead

This happened just after Media Minister giving assurances that Tamil Media people would not be harassed.


Paramilitaries abduct 5 TRO workers

No action taken on paramilitaries


Another 5 TRO workers missing

No proper action plan to avert abductions made, though three out of ten were released


Rajapakse says only Unitary state

This fails the base of Ceasefire Agreement


EPDP, Karuna Group and PLOTE amongst paramilitaries says US State Dept

Government is supposed to disarm paramilitaries according to ceasefire, but not yet done


Announcement of Separate Muslim regiment

Calculated plan to spoil the Tamil Muslim unity which was slowly building up


Rajapakse visits Pakistan

Calculated visit to build up relations with Pakistan to have Intelligence and military tie ups


Vigneswaran (nominee for TNA) shot dead in Trincomallee

No action was made to nab the culprits


SL Army and Karuna can defeat LTTE – Defence Secretary

Why involve Karuna if there is no links between SLA and Karuna? Defence Secretary is the brother of Rajapakse


LTTE cancels sea travel due to the violation of procedure by SLN

SLN was not supposed to interfere with the ferry which was arranged to transport the LTTE officials from Wanni to Batticalao. But SLN Dvora vessels were just 3 nautical miles away and were found giving instructions to the ferry. This issue spoilt the peaceful situation which was building up. No comments were given by Government except that this was criticised


SBS Australia broadcasts Karuna cadres operating in SLA areas

The broadcast was not even considered by Government as it knew the broadcast was nothing but truth


14 houses in Menkamam were burnt as retaliation of a claymore blast

The culprits were not brought to justice. The Tamils ran out of this village as a result


SLA Kfir jets bomb Sampur as retaliation of bus blast in Colombo

Though there was no proof that LTTE was involved in the bus blast, Tamils were targeted. Even if it was done by LTTE, why innocent Tamils should be targeted? The claymore blast would have done a major damage to the bus, but how there was a small hole in the window and nothing else happened?


Omanthai SLA point closed in A9

What was the reason to close A9 by SLA?


Paramilitary attack “Udhayan” office, kills two staff

Why media should be attacked? Is that the Government is worried about the publicity of the true situation


A9 closed at Omanthai and Muhamalai

No one knows why the highway was closed suddenly


SLAF bombs Killinochchi

No one knows why the areas were bombed as the regions had just civilians. This incident started off the aerial bombings on the LTTE controlled areas which continues until date and no one knows the reason because it just affects the civilian population


SLN bans deep fishing in Vadamaradchi

No reason is known for this ban. This kicked off bans on various fishing town for fishing which affects the lives of fishermen. A major population of Tamils relies on fishing.


European Union bans LTTE

Though this was a long due one, this was finally achieved by the pressure and the false accusations given by the government


Grenade attacks on International NGO offices at Muttur

The culprit was not brought to justice. It was action to send the NGOs away from North East.


Kohona accepts there are Paramilitary links with "lowest rank" of SL forces

What did Rajapakse do to find out who are the lowest rank personnel and what action were made against them?


Claymore blast at civilian bus at Colombo

When LTTE has gone all the way to Oslo to earn their legitimization, there is no way that they would be discrediting themselves back in Colombo. This should be acts of Army Intelligence to discredit LTTE


Norway questions LTTE and Government on their commitment

Thought the government responded after a delay, none of the responses were kept.


Pakistan to provide $250 million military hardware to Colombo

What is the need for this military hardware? Why from Pakistan? Is it to threaten India that if it doesn’t help, Lanka would get tied itself with Pakistan?


SLAF jets bomb Mullaitivu and Sampoor as response to Kebittigollawa bus attack

Though no one knows who was behind the bus attack, the government was quick to decide it was the work of LTTE. But even it is so, why bomb Mullaitivu and Sampoor citizens? How come SLAF were ready with all the information of bombing Mullaitivu and Sampoor within minutes of bus attack? Was it a known information before the attack?


5 shot dead in Pesalai church and Vankalaipadu houses were burnt

The culprits were not brought to justice though a SLN commander gave evidence


Jeyananthamoorthy MP's house attacked in Batticalao

A single policeman was posted for security. No further improvements on security were made to the Tamil MPs


Blockage of Mavilaru reservoir

Colombo created this issue by blocking water to the refugees in Muttur East. The retaliation attack by LTTE was taken up as a major reason for offensive. A major clash started between LTTE and SLA due to this in Trincomallee district.


Muttur captured by LTTE

Civilians were targeted by artilleries of SLA unnecessarily to divert the attention. Bombings were done in Wanni and Batticalao to divert the news of losing in Muttur. Muslims were massacred by SLA to tarnish the image of LTTE


17 aid workers of Action Contre la Faim massacred

The case is just getting dragged due to international pressure. SLMM pointed fingers at SLA but no one was brought to justice


A9 Highway closed

No concrete reason of closing a highway when ceasefire is in place


Sencholai Orphanage attacked, 61 killed

Government is trying to justify the attack though SLMM inspected the site and said it was an orphanage. List of students who got killed was released, but no word of sorry was given from Government. Treatment for two students who were injured got delayed and they also succumbed to injuries.


Christian Priest missing in Alaipiddy

The priest was the witness to Alaipiddy massacre and then was missing. It is obvious who would be the reason. Government never even took it as an issue though the whole Christian world raised it as an issue


Rajapakse hails Sampoor capture

There is no decency in retaining Sampoor. Muttur, Muhamalai, Mandaitheeevu was captured by LTTE but then they withdrew citing the Ceasefire regulation. What abiding SLA has on Ceasefire? If so they should not stay in Sampoor.


10 Muslims massacred in Pothuvil

Unnecessary killings of Muslims to tarnish the image of LTTE, but then the public knew the killers were STF


Elections in NE local bodies postponed

Why elections should be postponed? Was Rajapakse worried because the true mindset of Tamil people would be shown to the world once again?


Government expels MSF from Jaffna

Fraudulent reasons were charged against one NGO who were concerned on Lankan Tamils


Supreme Court rules “North East” merger illegal

It was a behind the scene action to split the Tamil force. It is similar to creation of Karuna force from a civilian mindset


SLFP and UNP sign MoU

Rajapakse brings everyone to common table, might be to strike Tamils as a united front, without any opposition


Tamils forced to leave homes at Habarana

What equality do Tamils have in Lanka? Why should they alone be forced out?


40 civilians killed in SLA artillery at Vaharai

Another planned offensive which targeted civilians


TNA MP Raviraj assassinated in Colombo

Third assassination on Tamil MPs. This shows the security given by Government to Tamil MPs


Death due to starvation in Jaffna

Government expected this and where is the end of this crisis?

The last one in the list shows how much Tamils are neglected. The people there in Jaffna started dying due to starvation. At the time of writing this article, Vaharai was suffering without food for the past 56 hours. It seems the hidden agenda of the Government is to kill all Tamils in hunger. They tried through war, and as it was a failure, they have taken up the humanitarian crisis.

The above table would have explained how Rajapakse is a conniving person He shows himself as a person who has a genuine concern for the nation’s upbuilding. But he in turn does everything against the Tamils.

He has sent Mr. Hamsa as the Deputy High Commissioner to Chennai, where sizeable population supports the ethnic Tamils. Mr Hamsa has a clear agenda of convincing the Muslims in India and the local fishermen to the tune of Sri Lankan Government.

If the International Community is just going to give its statements, there would be one day very shortly, where it wouldn’t be able to find any Tamil in the island. We expect the International Community to take some concrete measures to stop this genocide of Tamils.


With Truly

Sd. Subramanian.g
Executive Director, MANITHAM

Copy to:

1. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
President of the Republic of India
Office of the President,
Rashtrapati Bhawan,
New Delhi, 110004

Fax: +91 11 3017290, 3014570
Email: [email protected]  or [email protected] 

2. The Prime Minister's Office,
South Block, Raisina Hill,
New Delhi,
India-110 011.
Telephone: 91-11-23012312.
Fax: 91-11-23019545 / 91-11-23016857
Email : [email protected]

3. Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu,
Chennai 600009
Email : [email protected]





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