Tamils - a Trans State Nation..

"To us all towns are one, all men our kin.
Life's good comes not from others' gift, nor ill
Man's pains and pains' relief are from within.
Thus have we seen in visions of the wise !."
Tamil Poem in Purananuru, circa 500 B.C 

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Sri Lanka's Genocidal War - '95 to '01

Sri Lanka military death squads return to Vavuniya...

" Vavuniya people fear that the dreaded white vans of military death squads have returned. Five civilians are reported abducted in white vans. Vavuniya trader Kandasamy Karunakaran was abducted by unidentified gunmen in a white van on 17 November, taken to Colombo and detained. He managed to escape after five days and has reported his ordeal to the police in Vavuniya.

Meanwhile, complaints have been made to the Human Rights Commission that 18 people, 14 of whom were arrested by security forces in November including 13 year-old S Thileepan, are missing. Five were from Vepankulam and Poonthottam refugee camps...

.... Subramaniam Kannan, 23, of Vavuniya, arrested by police on 20 June alleges in a fundamental rights application to the Supreme Court that he suffered severe torture for 42 days. At the time of the arrest he was not informed of the reasons. He was handed over to the Army on 26 June and was beaten repeatedly with batons at the 211 Brigade Army camp in Vavuniya. He was stripped and given electric shocks.

The Army thereafter handed Mr Kannan over to the police Counter Subversive Unit (CSU). His head was covered with a plastic bag dipped in petrol. He was repeatedly assaulted and barbed wire was inserted into the rectum. He was forced to sign a confession under torture in the Sinhala language which he does not understand. Under Emergency regulations and the Prevention of Terrorism Act, a confession made to a police officer is admissible as evidence..." (British Refugee Council, Sri Lanka Monitor November 2000)



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