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"To us all towns are one, all men our kin.
Life's good comes not from others' gift, nor ill
Man's pains and pains' relief are from within.
Thus have we seen in visions of the wise !."
Tamil Poem in Purananuru, circa 500 B.C 

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Black July 1983: the Charge is Genocide

Hindu Temples Burnt

A feature of the violence was the burning of several Hindu temples.

''In Colombo, it was the season of the annual Vel cart festival, which coincides with the Katargama festival season, and attracts to it all the castes and all the classes and all the races of Sri Lanka. The Vel Cart had come from Pettah to the Bambalapitiya (Hindu) temple when the disturbances broke. The chariot was set on fire.''(N.Sanmugathasan, Sri Lanka: Racism and the Authoritarian State - Race and Class, Volume XXVI, A.Sivanandan and Hazel Waters, Institute of Race Relations, London)

The Hindu temples and related institutions which were damaged or destroyed during July 1983 included the following:

  1. Viswanatha Sivan Temple in Trincomalee
  2. Krishnan Temple in Trincomalee
  3. Saneeswaran Temple in Trincomalee
  4. Natesar Temple in Sivayogapuram, Trincomalee
  5. Sri Tillaiambala Pillaiyar Temple in Anbuvalipuram,Trincomalee
  6. Chithivinayakar Temple in Sinnatoduvai, Trincomalee
  7. Vilankulam Pillaiyar Temple on Kandy Road, Trincomalee
  8. Vyrutru Pillaiyar Temple on Kandy Road, Trincomalee
  9. Pillaiyar Temple in China Bay, Trincomalee
  10. Upparu Pillaiyar Temple in Trincomalee
  11. Kitulootra Pallaiyar Temple in Kanniyai, Trincomalee
  12. Kitulootra Murugan Temple in Trincomalee
  13. Barathipuram Pillaiyar Temple in Pankulam, Trincomalee
  14. Pillaiyar Temple in Pankulam, Trincomalee
  15. Mudalikulam Pillaiyar Temple in Pankulam, Trincomalee
  16. Ellai Kali Kovil in Pankulam, Trincomalee
  17. Pillaiyar Temple in Panmadawachchi, Trincomalee
  18. Papanasa Teertapillaiyar Temple in Trincomalee
  19. Sri Pathini Amman Temple in Neelapalai, Kilivetti
  20. Sri Kamakshi Ambal Temple in Jaffna
  21. Saiva Maha Sabha in Kurunegala
  22. Udupi Sri Muthuvinayakar Temple in Matale
  23. Sri Muthumari Amman Temple in Matale
  24. Muthuvinayakar Temple in Matale
  25. Sri Chithivinayakar Temple in Matale
  26. Sri Kadiresan Temple in Matale
  27. Sri Poobalakrishnar Ashram in Matale
  28. Sri Ganga Vinayakar Temple in Madulkelle
  29. Kurinji Kumaran Temple, Peradeniya
  30. Sri Muthumariamman Temple in Nawalapitya
  31. Atmajothy Nilayam in Nawalapitiya
  32. Athivinayakar Temple in Haldumulla, Haputale
  33. Sri Sivasubramanya Temple in Bandarawela
  34. Sri Kadiresan Temple in Badulla
  35. Hindu Temple in Malangama, Badulla
  36. Hindu Temple in Narangala, Badulla
  37. Kali Temple in Rockhill, Badulla
  38. Sri Poobalavinayakar Temple in Peliyagoda
  39. Sri Balaselvavinayakar Temple in Maradana, Colombo
  40. Sri Devi Karumari Amman Temple in Maligawatte, Colombo
  41. Venkateswara Mahavishnu Moorthy Temple in Dehiwala, Colombo
  42. Srimath Arunachaleswara Devasthanam in Colombo
  43. Ramakrishna Mission, Colombo
  44. Kandasamy Temple in Panadura
  45. Sri Subramanya Temple in Matara
  46. Hindu Pilgrims' Rest in Matara

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