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"To us all towns are one, all men our kin.
Life's good comes not from others' gift, nor ill
Man's pains and pains' relief are from within.
Thus have we seen in visions of the wise !."
Tamil Poem in Purananuru, circa 500 B.C 

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Rama O Rama !

24 April 2006


Dear Editor,

 Feedback on "LTTE is deservedly dying, but long live the Tamil cause" - B.Raman

Mr.Raman's ilk are a blot on humanity’s natural instinct for compassion.The natural instinct of humanity is kindness and a sense of benevolence towards the oppressed and the dispossessed - the poorest of the poor and the voiceless suffering masses.   History’s well known revolutionaries the Buddha and the Jesus strived in their life times against inhuman odds to instil these godly qualities in humanity for its own salvation.

But the vitriol spewing out of the Indian establishment friendly Kautilyan creed is bereft of any human values. The origin of this breed goes back to 293 BC.  Kautilya - a Brahmin priest who usurped state power for his scheming and left a despicable legacy of statecraft which is practised even today in every occasion for the advancement of strategic goals of present day empires and lesser states to herd and hoodwink the masses they rule.  Please read these articles for more details.



It is this inhuman cold blooded plotting called statecraft which silently goes on behind these amoral empire building schemes that has brought us to the brink of disaster.   The oppressed nations without states are facing the brunt of these Kautilyan empire building schemes as they have no state power to protect them.

This is yet another example of using a people belief systems or one’s religion for the advancement of statecraft as explained in the treatise of Kautilya – the Arthasastra.

Here the gory face of SLA is given a benign face lift on the advice of these modern day Indian Kautilyas to a marauding SL Establishment and that is put in practice to achieve the desired ends.


Recall also Srimao the mother of Chandrika paying homage by throwing flowers from a helicopter on the Nallur Temple Gopura during the infancy of Eelam struggle to placate the simmering discontent of the oppressed Eelam Tamil masses which was then propgandised by her Tamil quislings as a benevolent act for theTamil people in those days.

These Aryan Ramans have been the enemies of the Dravidian people from historical times and this vengeful feud originates from there.  Remember the betrayal of Rama who exacerbated the differences between two blood brothers Vaali and Sukerivan for the advancement of his desire to conquer Dravidian land.  Remember Raman’s  amoral act of betrayal of trust by killing the elder brother Vaali by shooting an arrow on his back during the wrestling match with his brother in which Rama was the impartial umpire and the final vengeful act of sacrificing the dead Vaali’s wife for the lust of his younger brother which is being taught as a meritorious religious act even today to the unsuspecting masses.

We recall the cunning story of unsuspecting Ekalivan - who was made to sacrifice his own thumb to pay homage to his virtual teacher – Thronachari who was yet another Raman descendant.  Please see these are articles by eminent Eelam Tamil intellectuals that shed light on these scheming Aryan RAMs of Gandhian India.



Our humble advice to these modern day Ramans and Thronachriars who want us - the oppressed Eelam Tamil people of  a nation without a State, to cut off our own thumb - our god blessed protectors – the guardian angels of Tamil Nationalism.  Please cut off your own thumbs for the collective good of the entire humanity.  That will be a highly virtuous act.   Dismantling your dying Empires will spare any more spilling of innocent blood of oppressed  nations without states. 

It will usher in an era of global peace and prosperity to the long tormented and suppressed humanity because each of these dispossessed nations will have its own homeland and state to protect it from other marauding states.  And there won’t be any more bullying states.  Don’t forget this is our Era.  We will triumph against all odds to achieve our Freedom under the able guidance of our Varalatru Thalaivar.  Please listen to Yogi’s speech in this link.




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