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"To us all towns are one, all men our kin.
Life's good comes not from others' gift, nor ill
Man's pains and pains' relief are from within.
Thus have we seen in visions of the wise !."
Tamil Poem in Purananuru, circa 500 B.C 

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Chandrika - LTTE Talks: 1994/95 

President Chandrika: Peace Dove with a War Medal

Natkunam, November 1995

"Far away from Eelam we live for Eelam because Eelam lives in us"

Peace was the catch word that brought her to power. Unlike her predecessors, who were no less vicious and violent with regard to the Tamil question, Chandrika had her war agenda neatly hidden behind her paper-peace.

Her predecessors were truthful in one sense, they admitted that they would continue to engage in war whether it is successful or not. They violated the fundamental human rights of all communities in Sri Lanka, with the help of the nation's armed forces which was described by TIME magazine in 1983 as "the most indisciplined army in the world".

All these violations, killing and traumatisation of communities by the state was done openly. It is this transparency that permitted such institutions as "Amnesty International" to speak for Human Rights without mincing words from 1983 to 1995.

It is an open secret that at the cost of millions of dollars, Chandrika has hired one of Great Britain's best advertising agency whose power of influence has brought under their control all institutions that were known to stand for truth. All institutions, from Amnesty International to Associated Press, are gently enslaved by the government of Sri Lanka. This goes to prove the demonic use of national wealth by Chandrika.

Chandrika came to power very late in life. She did not climb the steps of political careerism as her predecessors did. Presidents who sat on that kingdom of evil climbed to that place by brutalising and killing. But Chandrika sat on it in the name of the dead. Beginning from her husband, she pronounced the names of those who were killed to gain votes. Exploiting the dead is more diabolic than exploiting the living.

Within her short term in office she has created records that have far out done the previous presidents. It is during her time that the entire population of the second largest city in the nation became an impoverished city of ruins and rubble. She created the largest number of Tamil refugees. She made more mothers weep in the North and South. She killed more youth from among the Tamils and Sinhalese. There are more Tamils languishing in Southern proisons now than ever before, not to mention the disappeared.

She brought about more stringent press laws and made the freedom of the prerss a clownish enterprise. She spent more money on weapons than all her predecessors put together. She has certainly caused the greatest rift between the Tamils and Sinhalese which will continue beyond the time of her grand children with greater violence and bellicosity.

She did all this in the name of peace. She promised the nation that she would establish peace and reconciliation. The Tamils of Sri Lanka who normally enter into electoral bargains in the post-election riddles of government formation, this time decided to vote for peace and expressed their wish at the1994 August election . What is tragic in this whole episode is that this peace promise had a better sale in the Euro-American world than in Sri Lanka.

According her own press spokesman, one year after assuming office as President, she celebrated the triumph of her military's invasion of Jaffna. It wouldn't be too long before she realises that this was a Phyrric victory.

The Euro-American world which knew everything but did nothing to reduce even by an inch the immense human misery of over four hundred thousand Tamil refugees in the North of Sri Lanka, never felt the urge to respond to this human plight.

The President continues to justify the war, which literally means intensified destruction of Tamil lives and properties, by claiming to liberate the Tamils from the LTTE. The free world never wanted to see the deception behind these demonic plans. It claimed neutrality in this war. Neutrality certainly helps the killers, not the victims.

Chandrika suddenly comes out with exciting statements which she knows are very palatable to simple-minded sinhalese as well as to some Western journalists. Look at her latest stunt - "amnesty to rebels and welcome to civilians". While she was addressing the nation on TV, a few thousand Tamils were still in prison most of them kept incommunicado as are two elderly Catholic priests, who were reportedly tortured for over a week. Let her give amnesty to these innocent persons, if she truly understands what is meant by amnesty.

Just look at another glaring paradox. Since 1990, the Sri Lankan military had occupied such productive agricultural and fishing villages as Myliddy, Valalai, Urani, Mathagal, Kadapulam, Vasavilan, Kankesanthurai, Tellipallai, Ilavalai, Pandaterruppu, Periya Vilan and of course the seven islands. Over 150,000 people left every thing and ran for their safety into LTTE occupied Jaffna areas. In the last five years how many of these did return to their original habitats. None. On the contrary nearly fifty per cent of the children, the elderly and handicapped who heplessly fell into the army in these villages, slowly liberated themselves and came to Jaffna via Colombo.

It is not only the truthfulness but the reality of Chandika's commitment to peace and reconciliation that gets clarified with all this belligerence and bellicosity. If there is a time in history in which the Eelam Tamils stand completely alienated from the people of their neighbouring nation of Sri Lanka it is in November 1995.

Psychologically traumatised and inhumanly battered it is in the month of November 1995 that the conviction has come to stay permanently that we live for Eelam. Far away from Jaffna, we live for Jaffna because Jaffna lives in us. Far away from Eelam we live for Eelam because Eelam lives in us. Chandrika's peace ploy has been certainly successful.



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