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"To us all towns are one, all men our kin.
Life's good comes not from others' gift, nor ill
Man's pains and pains' relief are from within.
Thus have we seen in visions of the wise !."
Tamil Poem in Purananuru, circa 500 B.C 

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  • E V Ramasamy Naickarin Marupakkam
    (The other side of E V Ramasamy Naickar)
    M Venkatesan, 2004
    Available at: 3, V R Pillai Theru, Hanumanthapuram,
    Thiruvallikkeni, Chennai – 600 005.

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Reviewed by: Viswamitra,  31 March 2005

Last week, I had an opportunity to read the book titled, ‘The other side of E V Ramasamy Naicker’, published recently. This book has been published by ‘All India Forward Bloc’. The author M Venkatesan belongs to Madurai.

"When you see the title, you will get a feeling that, this must have been written by a Brahmin. That is wrong. I belong to a backward community’ is the opening line. In this book, there are many rare details.

The author lists the reasons for writing this book as:

“First, I was thinking about EV Ramasamy Naicker as:
1. EVR strived for the Tamil language
2. He served the downtrodden
3. He voiced for women’s liberation
4. He never lied; always consistent

With these impressions, I read many books about him. I read all the books of ‘Periyar Self-Respect Propaganda Publications’.

In addition, I also read the exposure of EV Ramasamy Naicker, by his contemporaries, M P Sivagnanam, P Jivanandam, T.P Minakshi Sundaram, U Muthuramalingam Thevar, K.A.P Viswanatham, Kamarajar, Pavanar, etc.

As a result, I realized that EVR behaved in a manner that is exactly opposite to what the people of Tamil Nadu believe today.

The followers of EVR have shown only one side of him and they have hidden the other side. As a true son of India, I consider it my duty to bring to light what they hid.

After reading this book, even if one blind follower of ‘Dravida Kazagam’ accepts that I have written the truth, to come out of the illusion, I would have succeeded in my efforts.”

The above is the introduction for this book.

EV Ramasamy Naicker’s hatred to Tamil language,
Lies in Islam on castes,
EVR’s bogus anti-God policy,
‘Telling’ and ‘Doing’ were always at the opposite,
Twisted history,
Did EVR strive for the downtrodden?
Vaikom agitation – EVR’s lies and Gandhi’s role,
EVR’s ‘Superior male’ mentality,
EVR without patriotism,
Masiammai’s lies and superstitions in later days,
Follower Veeramani’s contradictions and superstitions.

are many captions the author Venkatesan uses to prove his points.

In Appendix, there are additions in the title, ‘These about EVR’, with views expressed on public meetings by Muthuramalingathevar, Linguist TP Minakshisundaram, Kamarajar and Jivanandam,

Let us see some interesting parts from the first chapter titled, ‘EV Ramasamy Naicker’s hatred to Tamil language’.

“EVR lived and behaved like a Tamilian, but his mother tongue was ‘Kannadam’. Yes, the language in his house was only Kannadam. He was very proud to advertise in his speeches and writings that he was a Kannadian – (Dr MP Sivagnanam’s book – Other language people in Tamil Nadu). With this piece of information, the first chapter starts.


“EV Ramasamy Naicker was a Tamilian. He struggled for the Tamil language’ is a ‘false image’ his bootlickers were creating. They are doing it even today. But, do you know how the the so-called ‘Tamil Leader’, introduced himself?
‘Kannappar is a Telungar. I am a Kannadian. Annadurai is a Tamilian’ (Periyar EVR thoughts – first part) and ‘I belong to the Karnatak Balijawar caste’ (Kudiyarasu 22/8/1926) are the ways in which he introduces himself.”

The man who proudly proclaimed as ‘I am a Kannadian’ is continuously referred to as ‘Tamilian’ and ‘Tamil leader’. He not only said, ‘I am a Kannadian’, but also criticized the ‘Tamil language’ and ‘Tamil poets’ a lot.

This is what EVR says in the book, ‘Tamil language and Tamil people’:

“In today’s Tamil world, some Tamil poets names keep appearing frequently. They are: 1.Tholkappiyan, 2.Thiruvalluvan, 3.Kamban. Of these,

1. Tholkappiyan was an Aryan servant. The traitor gave as grammar all of ‘Arya Dharma’.
2. Thiruvalluvan, without bothering about ‘paguththarivu’, dominated by his own religious feelings supporting ‘Aryan thoughts’ offered something as ‘scriptures’.
3. Kamban, like today’s politicians and patriots, used his Tamil knowledge in favor of anti-Tamil pappans, so proved himself as a money minded Tamil traitor. He is a total liar. Total fraud. He imagined himself to be a ‘pappan’, and offered thoughts even a pappan would hesitate to offer. Thus, this traitor pushed the Tamils down permanently.

All these three supported ‘castes’ and ‘caste based jobs’.

In Kudiyarasu dated 20/1/1929, he wrote further about Thiruvalluvar as:
“We can see many things supporting Gods like Indran, Bramma and Vishnu and Arya religious practices and superstitions such as Reincarnation, Heaven, Hell, Upper world, Souls, Devas, etc.”

These are his views about the great Tamil poets. Were Tholkaapiyar, Kambar and Valluvar traitors? Good description! If, as creators of ‘Tamil grammar’ and ‘Tamil Literature’, they earn the name ‘traitors’, as the one who insulted the language, is EVR not a traitor?

There are many such points with ‘publication support’. The Appendix carrying the speeches of many patriots is a ‘gold-mine’ of rare information. In this, the speech by Pasumpon Muthuramalingathevar, delivered in a public meeting on 1957 Feb 21 at Kancheepuram is something special. Venkatesan has repeated the great speech by Pon Muthuramalingathevar, for whom bhakthi to ‘God’ and ‘Motherland’ were two eyes.

Pasumpon Muthuramalingam Thevar’s speech:

“There is a group contesting the elections with the call, ‘Tamil love is important; Tamil Nadu must live’. It is essential to have love for Tamil. But, see how these fellows display their love? In their meetings, they keep telling, ‘North Indians, South Indians; North land, South land” and attempt to divide us. They say, the next meeting is at ‘Jinnah Park’. The one after that is at ‘Robinson Park’. They have no problem using these names.

At the same time, if it is going to be in ‘Tilak Ghat’, they get angry to use his name. They say, ‘North Indian ---- Father ground’.

(Sarcastically, Thevar, switches to English):

In what way Jinnah is not a North Indian? How is the names Jinnah and Robinson so sweet to you Sir? How is the name of poor Tilak so bitter to you Sir? I am not able to understand.

This exposes that you came from ‘Justice Party’ whose primary job was bootlicking the Whites. Further, these fellows say that, ‘North Indian, swindles Dravidian land. North Indian name must not be here. If present, we will agitate to change it’. Very happy.

You agitated to change the name ‘Dalmiapuram’. But, you did nothing to change ‘Harvypatti’. Why not? White’s name can be there. That will make you happy. But, you will want the name ‘Dalmiapuram’ to go. Will any fellow with sense agree?

In Harvey mill, Soundara Pandiyan’s family has stocks. He is a founding father of DMK. So, your party won’t get money, if you ask for the name to be changed. So, it will be pointless to hide the truth from the Tamils, by harping about the language. Understand this. This is the secret.

In addition, they keep shouting ‘Dravida nadu’. How dare you ask for this? If you had fought for freedom from the British, by fighting along with the people when the Britishers were keeping us as slaves, we may say, you qualify to ask for this.

How can you demand ‘Dravida nadu’ today when we were fighting for independence, you took money from the British and conducted ‘war propaganda’ in their favor? Like the ‘secret agreement’ that resulted in the formation of Pakistan, you may also be the ‘fifth columnist’ for the Whites. We are not mad to be cheated like that.

‘We want Tamil. No to Hindi’, is what they say. In the 1937 anti-Hindi agitation, I told Rajagopalachariyar’s ministry, not to impose Hindi. This is history. ‘If our party comes to power, we will have the name ‘Tamil State’. We are not against removing the name ‘Residuary Madras State’. But, by misusing the Tamil language name and posing as preserver of Tamil people’s rights, if you are going to bring in ‘agitation to spoil Tamil Culture’ and ‘atheism in the name of creating a rift between, Brahmins and non-Brahmins’, we won’t allow.

How do you protect non-Brahmins, by writing stories like ‘Romapuri Rani’? By writing such stories, how
many school boys have you spoiled? In addition to ‘Romapuri Rani’, you have also written ‘Thangaiyin Kadhal’,
in which you have written that, ‘a brother falls in love with his sister’. Next, why can’t the son marry the mother? What else? Is this, Tamil culture?

My request to all of you is not to support these parties which will ruin the lives of school going children thereby take our country in the path of destruction.

This book is a nice documentation of many such frauds perpetrated by the Dravidian parties. All those who rush to learn about the other side of Tamil Nadu politicians, must necessarily read ‘The other side of EVR’.


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