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"To us all towns are one, all men our kin.
Life's good comes not from others' gift, nor ill
Man's pains and pains' relief are from within.
Thus have we seen in visions of the wise !."
Tamil Poem in Purananuru, circa 500 B.C 

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On Mahinda, JVP, International Community et al

Dr.Vickramabahu Karunaratne,
General Secretary, Nava Sama Samaaja Party
- Summary Translation
of the Irudina Interview

28 October, 2007

Q: JVP says Mahinda's economic policy is a failure?

While conducting a war with oppression, indulgence, corruption, robbery, fraud and fooling JVP and others, the open economic policy is implemented to the satisfaction of the global masters. Latter says that it is satisfactory with a development rate more than 7 %. Better than Ranil, today his Regaining Sri Lanka policies are carried forward. Corruption is part of the game. It creates a novo rich; a necessary ingredient. Mahinda may be given a gold medal by the masters.

Q: JVP is very critical.

Mahinda fooled them with a promise of a nationalist economy. Mahinda always says that he is a poor villager who eats helapa and kurakkan thalapa and these idiots were fooled by his pretext. But while keeping them in his poket Mahinda is taking Ranil's Kollupitya chinthanaya along Galle road. That is the difference. Ranil moved on Cambridge terrace this man goes on Galle road.

Q: JVP says Mahinda is very loving but follows this neo liberal economic policy.

Yes, now they begin to realize the truth. Even donkeys could see the truth at one point. They realized that they are caught by the balls.

Q: Some developments are confined to the foundation stone.

Yes, that is in poor areas, they were promised super infra structures. But the latter is for the elite.

Q: Why are you critical of no confidence on Milinda?

Milinda and Ranil are both neo liberal Yankees. We have no choice. Ranil appealed to us to join in a mass campaign against the government. He agreed to call trade unions and Tamil, Muslim parties in a broad action front. Now all that is forgotten. He is now committed to a parliamentary conspiracy. His only aim is to win support of the JVP in the parliament. He is cutting his toes to fit the JVP shoes. We cannot give blessing to such tom foolery.

Q; Milinda is not innocent.

No, of course not, but all this was done in Ranil's time within his cabinet

Q: Tigers have attacked A'pura air base.

Mahinda said he will clean up all Tamil areas in three months; Promised to take every body to Nagadeepa in jolly trips. We explained that this is a national uprising. Without solving this suffering problem of the Tamil people there is no way out. Now Sinhalese are afraid to go to A'pura, traditional land of the Sinhala. This is idiocy. Not only myself but even Gerard, the internationally famous anti terror specialist said there is a serious national liberation problem. This I said in 1974. They spent millions to bring this Gerard here; still these fools are not prepared to accept.

Q: Only traitors talk about the losses at A'pura.

Certainly it is.These ministers are traitors. They fool the people. In particular they have fooled the Sinhala people. Sinhala became an internationally discredited people. Now this lie has exploded. They got a clear reply. There was so much suffering killing and spelling of blood, loss of property, loss of tradition and culture. We are in debt. All are lost for a problem that can be solved by just and fair thinking. One day these traitors will be brought to courts.

Q: They restrict media people and call them traitors.

Yes. Of course. But it is treacherous to be silent. Thank you for this interview. Most media is one sided and go along with the repression. They are the real traitors.

Q: There is a call for HR office.

What is more important is to stop the war and go for a solution to the national problem

Q: It is difficult to protect HR when a war is on.

There is no war in Colombo, Kalutara but disappearances take palace. Detainees and Prisoners kept in all these places. They have displayed the naked bodies of Tamil liberation fighters including that of women. In 88/89 we protested against naked bodies tied to trees. Wjeweera was roasted without a court case. Then Mahinda joined us and shouted against inhuman acts. But now he is doing the same to Tamil fighters. We cannot allow this even to convicted criminals.

Q: There is a large cabinet.

No there are MPs with higher allowances and privileges. They are given titles; even cabinet posts. But in fact they are glorified prisoners.

Q: Do they sacrifice?

No this government does not sacrifice. From the top downwards they struggle for their portion or the commission. We have to sacrifice for them. The real cabinet consists of four brothers and few others. They always talk about sacrifice but others have to sacrifice fore them. They have such an excess some times they loose it in expensive hotels and clubs. Then their sacrifice is truly shown.

Q: They say to face the conditions in the world market we have to grow food.

They said that we have got a good harvest in paddy due to their correct policies. There is ample paddy for every body. But even rice prices are rising. Why? Inflation hits every thing and rupee has devalued severely. War is an inflationary business. Resources are used for killing and destruction. On the other hand infrastructure development, constructions, road developments and other projects do not directly produce goods for sale. Both these reduce real income of the poor while rich become richer.

Q: What about world market price increases?

It has an effect but the biggest contribution comes from the policies of the government.

Q: Is the solution a parliamentary election?

No election can solve any of these problems. Ranil has dropped federalism and claims he will conduct a better war. Mahinda said Ranil is a Yankee. But Mahinda is now supported by Americans and also Indians. Mahinda has taken over Ranil's project stock and barrel. Both Yankee and monkey military forces are helping Mahinda. Ranil planned for an international security net. Now Mahinda has implemented that. So what else can Ranil do? What is the alternative he can give? He says he is not corrupt. But all those named in Cope report were his cabinet members. He may not be a rogue but he was the king of robbers. What we need is a mass campaign to change the racist, reactionary establishment. Masses are coming out. We must take that FORWARD.


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