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"To us all towns are one, all men our kin.
Life's good comes not from others' gift, nor ill
Man's pains and pains' relief are from within.
Thus have we seen in visions of the wise !."
Tamil Poem in Purananuru, circa 500 B.C 

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On 2.8.89, E. Nataraja (60) and V. Aruljothi (29) were shot dead at Mahalingam's house - pictured on frontcover of book at right.. People deserted the village and took refuge at temple. After three days when the curfew lifted they returned to find the corpses in putrified stage. As most of the men were taken into custody, women  burnt out the corpses in the compound - pictured above.

Mrs. Rajeswari Subramaniam and her son Ragithan. Her husband was shot dead and her elder son Amuthan burnt alive in his shop.

C.Thambidurai, 65 yrs

V.Subramaniam, 16.6.33 - 2.8.89

T.Ravichandran, 24.9.60 - 3.8.89

G.Gnana Kumar, 6.6.68 -2.8.89

India & the Struggle for Tamil Eelam

Rajiv Gandhi's War Crimes
நெற்றிக்கண் திறப்பினும் குற்றம் குற்றமே...
உண்மைகள் ஒருபோதும் உறங்குவதில்லை, உறங்கவும் கூடா...  Truth never sleeps - and it should not...

"The IPKF were given strict instructions not to use tactics or weapons that could cause major casualties among the civilian population of Jaffna, who were hostages to the LTTE. The Indian Army have carried out these instructions with outstanding discipline and courage, accepting, in the process a high level of sacrifices for protecting the Tamil civilians". (Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi the Lok Sabha, 9 November 1987)

Introduction by George Fernandez
Letter from Valvettiturai Citizen's Committee to Indian High Commissioner, 21 August 1989
Letter from Valvettiturai Citizen's Committee to Sri Lanka President, 21 August 1989
Location Map of Atrocities
Description of Losses Suffered


Schedule 1A - List of those Killed by the I.P.K.F. on 2nd, 3rd & 4th August, 1989
Schedule1B - Particulars of those killed, location where killed and circumstances under which they were killed as per eye witnesses

Schedule 3 -  List of Persons who Sustained Serious Injuries during the IPKF Operation from 2nd to 4th August -1989
Schedule 4 - Particulars of those whose houses were burnt at Valvettiturai 2-4 August 1989
Schedule 5 - List of Shops, MPCS., Cafes & Cinema Theatre Burnt by IPKF Soldiers at Valvettutrai from 2nd to 4th August 1989
Schedule 6 - Vehicles Burnt by I.P.K.F. from 2nd to 4th August '1989 at Valvettiturai
Schedule 7 - Fishing Gear Burnt by IPKF from 2nd to 4th August 1989
(Fishing Boats, Fibre Glass Boats. Out Boat Motors, Fishing Nets)

Schedule 8 Molesting by the I.P.K.F. on 2/3/4-8-89

Published by Hind Mazdoor Kissan Panchayat, 204, Rajaram Roy Road, Bombay 400 004, India

Introduction by George Fernandez

"When in early August, 1987, I had said that Mr. Rajiv Gandhi's military adventure in Sri Lanka would be India's Viet Nam, I had not anticipated that India's Viet Nam would also have its own My Lai. Of course, I was aware and I had also said repeatedly that soldiers everywhere alike, their training and the rigours of their life, not to speak of the brutalisation caused by war, making them behave in the most inhuman ways when under pressure.

That is why when in the early days of India's military action in Sri Lanka, stories of rape and senseless killings by Indian soldiers came to be contradicted by the India government publicists I joined issue with everyone who came to accept that our soldiers were cast in the mould of boy scouts who went around the fighting fields of Sri Lanka looking out for opportunities to do their day's good deeds, particularly for damsels in distress.

Now, in Valvettiturai, the Indian army has enacted its My Lai. London's Daily Telegraph commenting editorially on the barbarism exhibited by the Indian army in Velvettiturai says that, if anything "this massacre is worse than My Lai. Then American troops simply ran amok. In the Sri Lankan village, the Indians seem to have been more systematic; the victims being forced to lie down, and then shot in the back".

But that is not the only contrast. My Lai was brought to the notice of the world by American journalists. The fight against the American army's atrocities against civilians in My Lai was led by the American people, particularly the American press and the youth and students.

Velvettiturai was uncovered by David Housego, the Delhi-based correspondent of London's Financial Times who visited the scene of the massacre 13 days after the black deed had been done on August 2.

His report appeared in his paper on August 17, though London's Telegraph had carried on August 13 a story on the incident from its New Delhi correspondent, Jeremy Gavron, based on the information that was already circulating in India's capital.

The Indian press - a miniscule section of it - caught up with it only on September 3, with a report by Rita Sebastian in the Indian Express. In fact, there was a planned black out of the news of Velvettiturai by the Indian government, in which a large section of the Indian press was only too happy to collude. The armed forces are India's most sacred cow at the best of times, but when they indulge in atrocities, they are more so. Whoever discusses the rape and loot perpetrated by our men in uniform in the north eastern region of the country? How many in India have even heard about the shame of Oinam? My Lai was about massacre. Oinam is about the naked dance of a bunch of sadists and criminals in army uniforms.

My Lai and Viet Nam were condemned and ended when the pressure of the people prevailed over the advice of policy makers and generals.

I hope this little publication will help to make people the world over but particularly in India, aware of the truth of Velvettiturai. And if it results in stirring the conscience of the Indian people to make them ask for justice to the dead in Velvettiturai, its purpose will have been more served.

Letter from Valvettiturai Citizen's Committee to Indian High Commissioner, 21 August 1989

21st August 1989.

L.L.Mehrotra Esqr
High Commissioner for India,
Galle Face, Colombo.

Your Excellency,

Massacre of Civilians at Valvettiturai by the IPKF on 2nd, 3rd & 4th of August 1989.

We would like to thank you for the sympathy and objectivity you displayed when our members met your Excellency and the Hon. Mr. Ranjan Wijeratne, Minister of Foreign Affairs & Minister of State for Defence, in the presence of IPKF high officials on the 20th instant at Valvettiturai IPKF Camp and attempted to convey the nature of IPKF excesses that took place at Valvettiturai. We were rather hurt to see that no less a person than General Kalkat himself frustrating our efforts and dismissing what we said as mere hearsay.

2. It is not our intention to malign the IPKF but we feel that the atrocities committed by the IPKF against defenceless civilians in the magnitude that it had taken place at Valvettiturai must be brought to the notice of both the Sri Lankan and Indian Governments and appropriate action taken to prevent such excesses taking place in the future.

3. We must also state that the people of this area strongly resent the steps taken by the IPKF during the Hon. Minister's visit in preventing the affected people of this area from meeting the Hon. Minister.

4. We are enclosing herewith some particulars of the incidents that took place at Valvettiturai on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of Aug'89. Kindly bring these to the notice of the Prime Minister of India and other Indian Leaders. The people here are very particular that the political leaders of India should be made aware of the things that their IPKF is doing here. We wish to recall at this juncture what we have been telling the Sri Lankan authorities at the time we were at the receiving end of the Sri Lankan Military excesses:

'These military excesses if they are condoned and allowed to continue unchecked, will one day eat into the vitals of the Sinhala Society'.

We are saddened to see that we have been proved agonisingly correct.

We hope and pray that such a thing will never be seen in India. This is one of the reasons we call for an immediate impartial inquiry into the incidents at Valvettiturai � 2nd to 4th August 1989.

Yours Faithfully.

Secretary, Valvettiturai Citizen's Committee

C.C. The Hon. Mr. Ranjan Wijeratne,
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of State for Defence.

Letter from Valvettiturai Citizen's Committee to Sri Lanka President, 21 August 1989

His Excellency R. Premadasa,
Presidential Secretariat,
Colombo - 1.

Your Excellency,

Massacre of Civilians at Valvettiturai by the IPKF from 2nd to 4th August 1989.

Further to our letter dated 7th August '89, we are enclosing herewith particulars of the atrocities committed by the IPKF on the defenceless civilians at Valvettiturai from 2nd to 4th August 1989 as detailed in the annexed Schedules 1 to 7.

As requested in our earlier letter we would like to urge your Excellency to kindly arrange to institute an immediate inquiry into the said incidents so that the incidents could be objectively ascertained and urgent action taken to prevent recurrence of such incidents and to rehabilitate the affected people.

Yours faithfully,

Secretary, Valvettiturai Citizen's Committee

Location Map of Atrocities

Description of Losses Suffered

Consequent to a gunfight between the LTTE and the IPKF near the market square at Valvettiturai on the 2nd of August 1989 at about 11-00 a.m. in which six Indian Soldiers were said to have been killed and eleven soldiers injured, the Indian Soldiers in their thousands cordoned off the Valvettiturai area and the operation was called off in the afternoon of 4th August 1989. The following are some of the losses suffered by the people of Valvettiturai.


1.1. A total of 52 dead bodies were identified. The names and other particulars are given in Schedule 1A. Schedule 1B shows the location where the killings took place and the circumstances under which the people were killed.

1.2. A few bodies were burnt beyond recognition and could not be identified.

1.3. The IPKF initially said that they cremated six civilians who died in their custody and that some civilians may be with the IPKF who came from outside Vadamaradchi. However on 18-8-89, they said that the number cremated by them was 11 of which only 5 persons had identity cards with them and that no civilians are being held in camps outside Vadamaradchi.

1.4. Most of the bodies were in a highly decomposed stage when the curfew was lifted in the afternoon of 4th August 1989. They had to be burnt in their respective locations - at the Junction, down lanes and in the compounds of houses.

1.5. Some of those who died may have died for lack of medical help which was denied to the people for the entire duration from 2nd to 4th August.

1.6. In one instance a mother had lost three children, one killed in Subramaniam's house and the other two are still missing. There are similar instances where many members of single families had been killed.


2.1. A total of 12 persons are still missing and most of them were said to have been seen in the custody of the IPKF. Since IPKF now says that they cremated 11 bodies it appears that 11 of the missing persons must have died in IPKF custody.


3.1. A large number of persons were injured as hundreds of men were tortured in numerous ways during the three days. Many of them were made to roll long distance on hot tarred roads and were severely beaten up. Some of those held captive and tortured, were subsequently fired upon killing some and injuring some others.

3.2. Out of the large number who were injured, Schedule 3 shows the particulars of only some of them who received hospitalised treatment. This include the Secretary of the Valvettiturai Citizens Committee who was badly beaten and was nearly strangled to death.

3.3. Many of the injured persons have fled from Valvettiturai along with thousands of others who have left this area and have not returned and their particulars could not be collected.


4.1. A total of 124 houses are were burnt down. Schedule 4 gives the particulars of the houses burnt, datewise indicating the times of burning. In most of the houses expensive fittings, books, furniture and electrical equipments such as T.V. Deck, Radio, Cassette recorder etc have all been burnt to ashes.

4.3. A large number of eye witness allege that the houses were deliberately set ablaze by the IPKF soldiers.


5.1. Schedule 5 shows the particulars of shops burnt by the IPKF. A total of 45 shops were burnt down. According to eyewitnesses these shops were deliberately fired upon with mortars and then set ablaze by the IPKF Soldiers. The extent of burning was so severe that over 80% of the shops in Valvettiturai were completely burnt. Under the prevailing conditions this has created severe shortage of essential food items.

5.2. In a few shops, the shop keepers were also killed and burnt inside the shops.


Over 50 vehicles were burnt by the IPKF. Schedule 6 shows the particulars of the vehicles burnt.


7.1. Schedule 7 shows the particulars of boats and nets burnt. 176 nets and 12 boats are said to have been destroyed.

7.2. Barrels of fuel stock belonging to the fishermen were set ablaze and in some instances the burning fuel burnt down their houses.


Numerous complaints have been received that the IPKF Soldiers who entered houses had removed valuables, such as, gold jewellery, wristlets, cash and other valuables.


Several complaints have been made about IPKF soldiers using force on women in the guise of searching them bodily. There are also complaints by some women that they had been raped by the IPKF soldiers. Schedule 8

Schedule 1A - List of Those Killed By The I.P.K.F. on 2nd, 3rd & 4th August, 1989

Name, Age and Address


1. Mr. V. Subramaniam, 60 yrs Vithanai Lane,

2. Mrs. Illayaperumal Umaranee, 29 yrs

3. Mr. A. Illayaperumal, 70 yrs

4. Mrs. R. Pushparani, 45 yrs, Sivapura Veethy

5. Mast. R. Javanaraj, 11 yrs

6. Mast. A. Sundereswaran, 11 yrs

7. Mr. S. Ganeshalingam, 35 yrs

8. Miss. Ganeshalingam Sashi, 11/2 yrs.

9. Mrs. Airtham Umadevi, 26 yrs

10. Mr. A. Ramachandran, 41 yrs

11. Mr. K. Sivanesarajah, 36 yrs

12. Mr. P. Ranjithamumar, 25 yrs

13. Mr. N. Raveenthiran, 32 yrs

14. Mr. K. Mahenthirarajah, 49 yrs

15. Mr. K. Velummylum, 42 yrs

16. Mr. R. Nadarajah, 62 yrs

17. Mr. V. Arulsothy, 28 yrs

18. Mrs. Kandasamy Sivapackiam, 45 yrs, Palavi

19. Mr. R. Rasaratnam, 34 yrs, Sivankovilandy,

20. Mr. K. Thangarasa, 60 yrs, Palavi Colony;

21. Mr. B. Premraj, 22 yrs, Theeruvil Lane;

22. Mr. S. Umasankar, I9 yrs, Kadduvalavu Lane;

23. Mr. T. Ravichandran, 28 yrs, Kadduvalavu Lane;

24. Mr. S. Mylvaganam, 55 yrs, Oorany

25. Mr. T. Nagadas, 28 yrs, Kadduvalavu Lane;

26. Mr. B. Mahenthirarasa, 16 yrs, Vembady Lane;

27. Mr. R. Navaratnam, 29 yrs, Oodakarai Lane;

28. Mr. S. Thambithurai, 62 yrs, Sivaguru Vidyalaya

29. Mast. Nagalingam Piruntha, I4 yrs, Navalady

30. Mr. Arulsothy Ravennthiran, 17 yrs

31. Mr. Arulpiragasam Swanathas, 18 yrs, A.G.A. Lane

32. Mrs. Selvaratnam Sivamany, 35 yrs, Colony

33. Mrs. P.V. Krishnavathana, 35 yrs, Udayamanal;

34. Mr. K. Shanmugavadivel, 36 yts, Kadduvalavu lane

35. Mr. Kuddipavun, 30 yrs

36. Mr. S. Amuthan Markandu, 29 Yrs, Vithanai Lane;

37. Mrs. Eswaramoorthy Rajaledchumy, 26 yrs

38. Mast. Aathy Arunasalam paramsothy, 17 yrs

39. Mrs. Nadarajah Nallamuthu, 70 yrs, Vevil Lane;

40. Mr. P. Shamugalingam, 43 yrs

41. Mr. Kumaravel Selvanathavel, 19 yrs

42. Mr. Pooniah Kalidas , 25 yrs

43. Mr. N. Panugopal, 23 yrs

44. Mr. Wijeratnam Muraleetharan, 20 yrs, Colony

45. Mr. Sothilingam Rameshkumar, I8 yrs

46. Mr. Ponnuthurai Rasenthiram, 23 yrs, Aathikovilady

47. Mr. Velummylum Selvachandran, 26 yrs, Kotiyal

48. Mr. K. Rajasekaran, 20 yrs

49. Mr. S. Durairaja, 59 yrs

50. Mr. Sakthivel, 23 yrs

51. Mr. T. Sivakumar, 19 yrs

52. Mr. T. Jeyamohan, 16 yrs

53. Mr. A. Parasar, 18 yrs

54. Mr. T. Sambasivam, I8 yrs

55. Mr. S. Perinbam, 18, yrs,

56. Mr. C. Yogarajah, 18 yrs

57. Mr. P. Sathiyarupan, 23 yrs

58. Mr. S. Sivalingam, 49 yrs

59. Mr. N. Nagarajah,

60. Mr. N. Sivakumar, 18 yrs

61. Mr. A. Mathivanan, I7 yrs

62. Mr. S. Balachandramoorthy, 31 yrs

Retired Supdt. of Surveys


Retired Port Employee

Proprietor of Banana Shop












Retired Post Master

Employee K.K.S. Cement







Retired Hospital Employee







































Schedule1B - Particulars of those killed, Location where killed and circumstances under which they were killed as per eye witnesses.

Location - 1

Killing at the residence of Mr. Subramaniam, Retired Supdt; of Surveys: 2nd August 1989: About 2-30 p.m.

As the house was an upstair one, situated about 400 meters away from the scene of fighting, a number of neighbours and relatives stayed at the house of Mr. Subramaniyam seeking shelter from the bullets, shells and bombs that were exploding. Seeing the IPKF Soldiers approaching the house, some time after the fighting stopped, Mr. Subramaniam and a few others came from the inside of the house towards the main door with raised hand. Before they could even speak to the soldiers, the IPKF soldiers fired at them, killing five persons.

Panic striken inmates ran for cover. Soldiers entered the house and fired once again killing another four persons and injuring a number of others. Mrs. Subramaniam and her youngest son escaped unhurt by hiding inside a kitchen table. A few others also survived.

Particulars of those killed:-

1. Mr. V. Subramaniam - 50 yrs - Retired Supdt; of Surveys.

2. Miss. I. Umarani - 26 yrs.

3. Mr. A. Ellayaperumal - 70 yrs - Retired Post Employee.

4. Mrs. R. Pushparani - 45 yrs - Proprietress of Banana Shop.

5. Mast. R. Javanaraj - 11 yrs - Student.

6. Mast. A. Sunderaswaran - 11 yrs - Student.

7. Mr. S. Ganeshalingam - 35 yrs - Fisherman.

8. Miss. Ganeshalingam Sashi - 1 1/2 yrs old child.

9. Mrs. Amirtham Umadevi - 26 yrs.

All the bodies were cremated on 4-8-89 in an adjoining compound. (Survivers have furnished sworn affidavits of the incident).

Location - 2

At the residence of late Mr. S. Sivaganeshan, Theeruvil Road, Valvettiturai: 2nd August 1989 at about 3-30 p.m.

As the IPKF was burning a number of houses at Sivapura Road, many residents of this road fled from the houses and were staying in the houses in Theeruvil Road, which is far away from the place where the fighting took place. At Mr. Sivaganeshan's house, a large number of women and children and a few males were staying.

The fighting stopped by about 12 noon. At about 3-30 p.m. the IPKF Soldiers entered the house of Mr. Sivaganeshan and fired shots at the front section of the house. When the inmates rushed to the rear section of the house crying in fear, the IPKF soldiers entered the house from the entrance at the rear and separated the men from the women, left out 02 old men and took the balance 08 men who were there to a side near a garage cum shed. When the wives and relatives of these men went after them crying they were chased away. In full view of all the people there, the 08 men were made to sit under the garage cum cow shed near a boundary wall and fired at. Four of them fell dead and the other four are in hospital with serious injuries.

1. Arumugasamy Ramachandran - 41 yrs - Mason

2. Kathirgamathamby Sivanesarajah - 36 yrs - Labourer

3. Ponnambalam Rajithakumar - 25 yrs - Mechanic.

4. Nadarajah Raveendran - 32 yrs - Businessman.

All the bodies along with some other bodies were cremated on 4-8-89 in the nearby Theeruvil Paddy field.

Location - 3

At Mr. Mahendraraja's residence close to Puttany Pillaiyar Temple : 2nd August 1989 at about 2-15 p.m.

The IPKF soldiers entered the house of Mr. Mahendrarajah and set fire to his Austin Cambridge Car No. 3 Sri 4498. Then they went inside the house and set fire to clothes and other house hold items. The inmates, five of them who were hiding in the kitchen, thinking that the soldiers might shoot them if they find them hiding, came out to speak to the soldiers who were standing in front of the kitchen. As soon as they came out, a soldier pulled Mr. Mahendrarajah by his hair and dragged him and others near the gate. At the gate one IPKF soldier shot Mr. K. Velummylum and he fell down. When another soldier attempted to shoot Mr. Mahendrarajah, his wife and mother clung to him and were crying. One soldier shot the mother and she was injured seriously. Then he shot Mr. Mahendrarajah and he fell down. A number of shots were fired at Mr. Mahendrarajah even after he fell down. The soldiers then went away. Both Mr. Mahendrarajah and Velummylum were found dead. Mrs. Mahendrarajah also received gun shot injuries.

Particulars of those killed :

1. Kandasamy Mahendrarajah - 49 yrs - Businessman

2. Kandasamy Velummylum - 42 yrs - Labourer

The bodies of both, who were brothers were cremated in the house compound on 4.8.89.

Location - 4

At Mr. Sivalingam's residence near Murugian Temple. 2nd August 1989 at about 2.00 p.m.

The IPKF soldiers entered the house and started damaging all the articles in the house. The brother of Mr. Sivalingam, a retired Post Master Mr. Nadarajah, 62 yrs old and his family including his nephew Mr. V. Arulsothy, an employee of the Cement Corporation, who normally reside at Point Pedro were staying here temporarily as there had been trouble at Point Pedro. At the time the IPKF soldiers entered the house, Mr. Nadarajah and his nephew Mr. V. Arulsothy were the only two male members of the house. The soldiers shot both of them dead inspite of pleas, cries and appeals from the women in the house. Then the soldiers burnt the Motor Cycle, Motor Car and the house itself. Entire house hold items were burnt completely.

Particulars of those killed :

1. Mr. Rasamanickam Nadarajah - 62 yrs - Retired Post Master.

2. Mr. Vinayagamoorthy Arulsothy - 25 yrs - Employee of Cement Corporation.

Mr. Sivalingam who was at his shop at the time of the incident was taken captive by the IPKF soldiers and was released only on the 4th instant. After he returned home only, he came to know of the tragedy at home and the two bodies were burnt on the 4th evening at the nearby paddy field.

Location - 5

At Valvettiturai Junction, 2nd August 1989.

People in the market place and in the bazar took shelter in the buildings when the fighting broke out. Soon after the firing stopped, the IPKF soldiers collected all the people in various places around the junction. The people had seen the IPKF soldiers setting fire to the shops and houses. In one instance, a soldier walked past a group of about 25 people kept at the junction saying ' I shoot you'. After walking some forty and fifty yards, he turned around and fired at the people. All of them prostrated themselves on the road in which they were sitting. When the firing stopped two people were found dead and about eleven injured. Three others were also said to have been killed by the IPKF after dragging them from shops.

Particulars of those killed at Junction on 2nd August 1989

1. Mrs. K. Sivapackiyam - 40 yrs - Dhoby

2. Mr. R. Rajaratnam - 35 yrs - Businessman

3. Mr. K. Thangarajah - 60 yrs - Fisherman

4. Mr. B. Premraj - 22 yrs - Hiring car Driver

b) The IPKF soldiers were ill treating about 75 youths taken into custody by them by asking them to roll on the hot tarred road for long distances and beating them. When such a batch of people were being detained at the junction, some IPKF soldiers brought a batch of 06 youths beating them violently and the youths were crying loudly. All of a sudden a soldier opened fire on them killing five of them instantly. One youth who did not die cried out for help. A soldier is then said to have walked up to him and fired at him, killing him. Most of these youths were said to have been collected from a funeral house.

Particulars of those killed in this manner on 3rd August 1989 :T. Ravichandran - 28 yrs - Businessman

5. R. Mylevaganam - 55 yrs - Retired Hospital Employee

6. S. Umasankar - 19 yrs - Labourer

7. T. Nagathas - 28 yrs - Electrician, Cement Corporation

8. S. Mahendrathas - 16 yrs - Student at Chithambara College Location : 6

Two youths were said to have been dragged out of a house at A.G.A's lane, which is about a kilometer from the junction, inspite of appeals by their parents on the 3rd August. Their bodies riddled with bullet marks and stab wounds found on the 4th evening. There are eyewitnesses who have seen the two boys being repeatedly stabbed with knives and then being shot and killed.

Particulars of the two youths are :

1. A. Swarnadas - 16 yrs - Student. Parameswara Vidyalayam, Vethilai

2. K. Selvananthavel - 19 yrs - student. Chithamabara College Location : 7

On the 2nd August of afternoon, when IPKF soldiers from the Polikandy Camp were moving towards the Valvettiturai Junction, they are said to have shot and killed three males and two females.

Particulars of those killed are :

1. V. Muraleetharan - 20 yrs - Fisherman

2. S. Rameshkumar - 18 yrs - Fisherman

3. P. Rasenthiram - 23 yrs - Fisherman

4. S. Sebamony - 35 yrs - House Wife

5. P.V. Krishnawathani - 33 yrs - House Wife Location : 8

Valvetty which is a mile from the scene of firing. On 2nd August Mrs. N. Nallamuthu - 70 yrs - was shot dead by the IPKF soldiers.

Other Locations

In almost every instance, the defenceless people killed have been dragged out by the IPKF and shot dead in gruesome manner. There are a number of eyewitnesses to these senseless killings.

Schedule 3 - List of Persons who Sustained Serious Injuries during the IPKF Operation from 2nd to 4th August -1989

At Valvettiturai

1. Mr. Nadarajah Anantharaj, (41) Theniambai St., Valvettiturai.

2. Mrs. Valliammal Kanthasamy, (75) Theeruvil Lane, Valvettiturai.

3. Mrs. Mahenthirarajah Susila Thevy, (32) Theeruvil Lane Valvettiturai

4.Mr. Eliyathamby Yogaguru, (32) Theeruvill Lane, Valvettiturai.

5. Mr. Samiappa Chandran, (19) Theeruvill Lane, Valvettiturai.

6. Mrs. Indrany Balakrushnan, (45) Theeruvill Lane, Valvettiturai.

7. Mast. S.Arunenthiran, (15) Theeruvill Lane, Valvettiturai.

8. Miss. Krishanthini Sivabalachandran, (4) Theeruvill Lane, Valvettiturai.

9. Mr. K. Karunanantharajah, (45) Advocate Lane, Valvettiturai.

10. Mrs. Srirathathevy Arumugasamy, (45) Vithanai Lane, Valvettiturai.

11. Mrs. Vannam Kumar, (30) Vithanai Lane, Valvettiturai.

12. Mr. Maniyam Balakrushnan, (26) Vithanai Lane, Valvettiturai.

13. Mr. Subramaniyam Muthuvel, (26) Vithanai Lane, Valvettiturai.

14. Mast. Nandanasigamany Manimanoharan, (15 yrs) Vithanai Lane, Valvettiturai.

15. Miss. Indranythevy Nadarajah, (28 yrs), Vervil, Valvetty, Valvettiturai.

16. Mr. P. Inparajah, (44 yrs), Sembipadu, Valvetty, Valvettiturai.

17. Mr. K. Balakumaran, (48 yrs), Kuchcham Lane, Valvettiturai.

18. Mr. Aiyamuthu Shanmugarajah, (36 yrs), Nediyakadu, Valvettiturai.

19. Mr. Vinayagasundaram Sivasundaram, (19 yrs), Junction Lane, Valvettiturai.

20. Mr. Kathirgamalingam Thiyagalingam, (31 yrs), Urany, Valvettiturai.

21. Mr. Sundralingam Kannan, (18 yrs), Sadayandy Kovilady, Valvettiturai.

22. Mr. Arudsothy Kuddypillai. (40 yrs), Valvettiturai.

23. Miss. Varaluxmy Theivasigamany, (18 yrs), Advocate Lane, Valvettiturai.

24. Mr. K. Rasenthiram, (25 yrs), Valvettiturai.

25. Mrs. Mangayarkarasi Thurairajah, (70 yrs), Valvettiturai.

26. Miss. Ratnathevy Rasanathan, (06 yrs), Valvettiturai.

27. Mrs. Vasanthathevy Rasanathan, (31 yrs), Valvettiturai.

28. Mrs. Manickaratnam Sithivinayagam, (70 yrs), Valvettiturai.

29. Mrs. Inthumathy Jeyakumar, (27 yrs), Valvetti, Valvettiturai.

30. Mrs. Gnanakalambikai Nagularajah, (35 yrs), Valvetty, Valvettiturai.

31. Mr. Rasu (Thurai), (32 yrs), Valvetty, Valvettiturai.

32. Mr. R. Ragu, (30 yrs), Valvetty, Valvettiturai.

33. Mr. Nadarajah Balakrushnan, (31 yrs), Nediyakadu, Valvettiturai.

34. Mr. Manickam Kanagasabi, (35 yrs), Valvetty, Valvettiturai.

Schedule 4  Particulars of those whose houses were burnt at Valvettiturai 2-4 August 1989

Theniambai, Valvettiturai.

1. Mr. K. Rajanathas, Marine Engineer.

2. Mr. A. Gnanaanantharajah, Employed Abroad.

3. Mr. R. S. Thanabalasingam, Retired Valuation Inspector.

4. Mr. K. Santhirasiva, Driver.

5. Mrs. A. Sivajini, Housewife.

6. Mrs. R. Suseelawathy, Housewife.

7. Mrs. M.J. Navaratnam, Teacher.

8. Mr. N. Ramakrishnan, Retired Post Officer.

9. Mrs. Parameswary Thangavel, Cattle Breeding.

10. Mrs. S.P. Sivapathasundaram

11. Mr. K.E. Thirunavukkarasu, Retired Accountant & Former, President of Citizens Committee.

12. Mrs. S. Kalarany, Animal Husbandry.

13. Mr. V. Manikathiagarajah, Businessman.

14. Mr. M. Kareenthiran, Fisherman.

15. Mr. T. Nanthakumar, Businessman.

16. Mr. S. Rajalingam, Government Clerk.

17. Mr. P. Sellathuraisamy, Driver.

Theeruvil, Valvettiturai.

18. Mrs. V. Pushparanee, Animal Husbandry.

19. Mrs. V. Potkamalranee, Housewife.

20. Mr. S. Arulanantham,

21. Mr. S. Balenthirathas, Fisherman.

22. Mrs. S. Seethangany, Labourer.

23. Mr. T. Sakthivel, Labourer.

24. Mrs. M. Suseelathevy, Housewife.

25. Mrs. V. Mahaledchumy, Housewife.

26. Mr. I. Mahalingam,

27. Mr. S. Sakthyvadivel, Teacher.

28. Mrs. S. Pathmawathy, Housewife.

29. Mr. S. Ramalingam, Mason.

30. Mrs. M. Indra, Housewife.

31. Mr. S. Velummylum, Businessman.

Sivapura Veethy, Valvettiturai.

32. Mrs. S. Subathirathevay

33. Mr. K. Kengatharan, Co-operative Inspector.

34. Mrs. Y. Rajeswary, Housewife.

35. Mrs. A. Pathmalojini, Widow.

36. Mr. S. Rajenthiran, Tailor.

37. Mr. V. Senthiru, Businessman.

38. Mrs. M. Sothilingam, Housewife.

39. Mrs. R. Pathmawathy, Pensioner.

40. Mr. V. Ponnambalam, Draughtsman.

41. Mr. S. Tharmavarathan, Labourer.

42. Mr. K. Selvavinayagam, Principal, Chithambara College.

43. Mr. M. Muthulingam, seaman.

44. Mr. P. Sinnakili

45. Mrs. K. Santhathevy, Housewife.

46. Mr. K. Thangarajah

47. Mr. K. Arudchandrabose, Fisherman.

48. Mrs. R. Subathra, Fruit Seller.

49. Mrs. R. Pushparany, Housewife.

50. Mrs. B. Barathathevy, Housewife.

51. Mr. P. Mohanaguru, Fisherman.

52. Mrs. A. Mary Loganayaki

53. Mrs. A. Rajanayaki, Business.

54. Mr. V. Thanigasalam, Seaman.

Vithanai Lane, Valvettiturai.

55. Mr. A. Senthivel, Carpenter.

56. Mrs. Nadrajah Rajeswary, Housewife.

57. Mr. K. Balenthiran, Carpenter.

58. Mr. A. Ramakrishnan, Fisherman.

59. Mr. K.E. Arunasalenthiran, Government Pensioner.

60. Mr. Y.Ananthamyle, Businessman.

61. Mr. M. Thirunavukkarasu

62. Mr. T. Jeyagopal, Seaman.

Murugian Kovilady, Valvettiturai.

63. Mr. N. Seevaratnam, Bank Officer.

64. Mr. R. Sivalingam, Tea Boutique Owner.

65. Mr. P. Easwaralingam, Fisherman.

K.K.S. Road, Valvettiturai.

66. Dr. K. Alaganandasundaram, Retired R.M.P.

67. Mr. K. Nadesan, Attorney-at-Law.

68. Mr. G. Vaithylingam, Government Pensioner.

69. Mr. A. Balasingam, Government Pensioneer.

70. Mrs. Yogambikai Vethanayagam, Housewife.

71. Mr. P. Kandasamy

72. Mrs. R. Thanganayaki, Housewife.

73. Mr. M. Kanthasamythurai

74. Mrs. Nadarajah Suseela, Housewife.

'Prema Vasam' Valvettiturai.

75. Mr. V. Murugupillai.

Uthayasooriyan Beach Road, Valvettiturai.

76. Mr. S. Tharmalingam, Fisherman.

77. Mr. S. Sivanathan, Fisherman.

78. Mr. M. Ravichandrakumar, Fisherman.

Advocate Lane, Valvettiturai.

79. Mrs. V. Navarathnammah, Pensioner.

80. Mr. A. Thirunavukkarasu, Local Government Clerk.

81. Mrs. Muthukumar Rajledchumy, Pensioner.

Mathavady, Valvettiturai.

82. Mr. N. Nadanasigamany, Fisherman.

83. Mr. T. Ratnasabapathy, Driver.

Nediyakadu, Valvettiturai.

84. Mr. S. Thiruchitambalam

85. Mr. N. Premraj, Seaman,

86. Mrs. P. Janaki, Housewife.

87. R. Gnanasundaram, Carpenter.

88. Mr. K. Velautham

89. Mr. A. Mylevaganam

90. Mrs. A. Saroja, Saloon Owner.

91. K. Pushparajah, Owner Barber Saloon.

92. Mr. R. Ramanujam, Owner Barber Saloon.

93. Mr. T. Mahendran, Owner Barber Saloon.

94. Mr. T. Thurairajah, Owner Barber Saloon.

95. Mr. M. Luxmanaperumal, Businessman.

96. Mr. S. Sarvanabavanandavel,

New Road, Valvettiturai.

97. Mrs. P. Puwaneswary, Housewife.

98. Mr. M. Vettivel, Fisherman.

99. Mr. P. Baleswaran, Fisherman.

Jaffna Road, Valvettiturai.

100. Mr. S. Joseph Sounthararajah, R.T.C.I.

101. Mr. V. Ganeshapackiam, Fisherman.


102. Mrs. P. Mohana, Housewife.

103. Mr. R. Sivasothy

104. Mrs. S. Punithawathy, Housewife.

105. Mr. S. Selvamanickam, Asst. Post Master.

106. Mr. K. Thangathurai, Mason.

107. Mr. C. Chandralingam,Cultivation Officer.

108. Mr. K. Mahendrarajah, Labourer.

109. Mrs. S. Ariyaratnam, Housewife,

110. Mrs. Ulagarajah, Housewife.

111. Mr. K. Navaratnarajah, Businessman.

112. Mr. S. Yogasundaram

113. Mr. N. Kathirkamalingam, Businessman.

114. Mr. P. Subramaniam, Post Master.

115. Mrs. A. Parameswary, Pensioneer.

116. Mr. V. Sabaratnam, Fisherman.

117. Mr. V. Tehvasigamany.

118. Mrs. Mary Therasa, Housewife.

119. Mr. Saravanaperumal Senthil.

120. Mr. S. Nadarajah, Businessman.

121. Mrs. Baskaran Parimalathevy, Housewife.

122. Mr. K. Chandralingam, Businessman.

123. Mrs. Kunaseelan Rajasulosana, Housewife.

Schedule 5 - List of Shops, MPCS., Cafes & Cinema Theatre Burnt by IPKF Soldiers at Valvettutrai from 2nd to 4th August 1989

1. Lingam Textiles - Jaffna Road.

2. Uma Electricals - Jaffna Road.

3. Thandauthapany Stores - Jaffna Road.

4. N.A. Markandu Stores (Amutham) - Jaffna Road.

5. Thurairajah Cafe - Jaffna Road.

6. Tailoring Shop - Jaffna Road.

7. Nagesh Rotty Shop - Jaffna Road.

8. Arunkumar Stores - Jaffna Road.

9. Kalanithy Stores - Sadaiandy Kovilady.

10. Thillaiambalam Stores - Junction.

11. Thiruchchitambalam Stores (Two Shops) - Junction.

12. Kesavan Stores - Junction.

13. Kalicholai Book Centre - Junction.

14. Kalaicholai Fancy Goods - Junction.

15. Thileepan Cool Bar - Junction.

16. Rajavel Textiles - Junction.

17. Navaratnam Coconut Shop - Junction.

18. Rajanayagam Saloon - Junction.

19. Aashariyar Stores - K.K.S. Road.

20. Marketing Department Shop - K.K.S. Road.

21. Dayana Mini Cinema - K.K.S. Road.

22. Mano Farm Products - K.K.S. Road.

23. Ramkumar Stores Products - K.K.S. Road.

24. People Shop - K.K.S. Road.

25. Nediyakadu M.P.C.S. Branch No. 13 B - Nediyakadu.

26. Kannan Video - Mathavady.

27. Pointpedro M.P.C.S. Branch No. 13 A - Mathavady.

28. Ravi Video Centre - Vembady.

29. Ravi Cycle Repair - East Road.

30. Lingam Medicals - Oorany.

31. Ranjana Theatre - Valvetty.

32. Inthiran Poultry Farm - Valvetty.

33. Valvai Manavar Kalagam - Sivapura Veethy.

34. Vikna Tution Centre - Kamaparmalai.

35. Arrack Tavern -Theniambai.

36. Petrol Shed - Sivapura Veethy.

Schedule 6 - Vehicles Burnt by I.P.K.F. from 2nd to 4th August '1989 at Valvettiturai.

Car No. 1 SRI 873

Car No. 31 SRI 4504 Car No. EN 2350

Car No. 38 SRI 4498 Lorry No. 26 SRI 9392


Scooter No. 83 SRI 3096 (Vespa)

Honda C 90 No.

Van No. 60 SRI 315

Charly No. 96 SRI 7629

Schedule 7- Fishing Gear Burnt by IPKF from 2nd to 4th August 1989
(Fishing Boats, Fibre Glass Boats. Out Boat Motors, Fishing Nets)

1. Mr. N. Tharmachandran, Kuchcham Lane.

2. Mr. S. Raveenthirarajah, Uthayasooriyan Veethy.

3. Mr. T. Thevasihamany, Meenadchi Amman Kovilady.

4. Mr. Thurai, Fish Market Lane.

5. Mr. T. Selvasivam,

6. Mr. Kathirgamalingam, Customs Road.

7. Mr. P. Sarvatham, Kondakkadai.

8. Mr. K. Illango, Customs Road.

9. Mr. Rajendram, Kunduvarkadu.

10. Mr. Poomalai, Poochkutham.

11. Mr. K. Illango, Customs Road.

12. Mr. Tharmalingam, Uthayasooriyan Veethy.


18 Foot Trawler Vessel

24 Foot Trawler Vessel

28 Foot Trawler Vessel

28 Foot Trawler Vessel

18 Foot Fibre Glass Boat

18 Foot Fibre Glass Boat

18 Foot Fibre Glass Boat

24 Foot Fibre Glass Boat

Out Boad Motor 40HP

Out Boat Motor 40HP

Out Boat Motor 25HP

Out Boat Motor 10HP Yanmar Boat Engine

I76 Fishing nets belonged to Tharmalingam, N. Nadany, N. Tharamachandran, T. Nadanasigamany K. Rajaratnam, Sritharan Kuttythambi, P. Saravathan, T.S. Selvasivam, P. Baleswaran were burnt down by IPKF

Schedule 8 Molesting by the I.P.K.F. on 2/3/4-8-89

Name and age - Address - Date & Time of Occurrence

I. Sivasubramaniam Poonammah (60) Pallakadu Uduppiddy 2.8.89 at 1.25 p.m.

2. Sri Ganeshanathan Arunthavam (47) 7th Mile Post Uduppiddy 2.8.89 at 1.45 p.m.

3. Vinayagamoorthy Inthirathevy (36) Veerapathrar Kovilady 2.2.89 at 1.20 p.m.

4. Kumar Mahenthira Thevy (35) Veerapathrar Kovilady 3.8.89 at 3.30 p.m.

5. Sinnarasah Nagammah (50) Veerapathrar Kovilady 3.8.89 at 3.30 p.m. Uduppiddy

6. Sinniah Rasammah (52) Veerapathrar Kovilady 3.8.89 at 3.20 p.m. Uduppiddy

7. Rasan Parwathy (39) 7th mile Post, Uduppiddy 3.8.89 at

8. Sinnavan Thevy (50) Veerapathrar Kovilady, 3.8.89 at 3.30 p.m. Uduppiddy

9. Thambirajah Ledchumipillai (47) Veerapathrar Kovilady, 3.8.89 at 11.00 p.m. Uduppiddy

10. Velupillai Sakunathevy (39) Veerapathrar Kovilady, 3.8.89 at 4.00 p.m. Uduppiddy

I 1 . Asaithamby Saraswathy (45) Veerapathrar Kovilady, 4.8.89 at 4.00 p.m. Uduppiddy

12. Sinniah Kuddipillai (50) Veerapathrar Kovilady, 4.8.89 at 4.00 p.m. Uduppiddy

Velautham Thangaratnam (47) Veerapathrar Kovilady, 4.8.89 at 4.30 p.m. Uduppiddy

14. Santhiran Poomany (53) Veerapathrar Kovilady, 4.8.89 at 4.10 p.m. Uduppiddy

15. Sivasubramaniam Nirmala (27) Veerapathrar Kovilady, 7.8.89 at 11.00 p.m. Uduppiddy

N.B. Some young girls were also raped by I.P.K.F. But they dont want to reveal their identity.



I, NADARAJAH ANANTHARAJ - 41 yrs of age of Theniambai Street, Valvettiturai, Sri Lanka being a Hindu, do hereby solemnly, sincerely and truly declare and affirm as follows:

I. I am the affirmant above named and my National Identity Card Number is 482131662 V.

2. I am the principal of Sithivinayagar School, Point Pedro and the Secretary of the Citizen Committee, Valvettiturai.

On Wednesday the 2nd August 1989, at about 11.30 a.m. all of a sudden there were sounds of Rifle Shooting and Shelling. I, along with my wife and three children and some of my relatives who were at my house at that time locked the doors and waited inside. In a few minutes I saw thick clouds of smoke was coming from nearby houses and from the junction area which is a few yards from my house. We could hear sounds of people running along the road and by lanes, shouting in Hindi.

Apparently many houses and shops were on fire as the sky over the entire stretch of Valvettiturai was getting covered with thick smoke and noise of gunfire continued. As the sound of movement of vehicles of IPKF and men continued till about 4.30 p.m., none of us got out of the house. At about 5.00 p.m. I got out of my house and as I felt that my sister's house on the main road nearby would also have been burnt down, I went there. I saw her house burning. The household items such as furniture, books, T.V., Radio and linen were all burning. I tried to put out the fire by pouring water.

Just then, an IPKF column was moving from Udupiddy towards Valvettiturai Junction and one Soldier came towards me and assaulted me in my face and ordered me to walk towards the Junction. I saw Captain Parrick, an IPKF officer, who knows me well, coming along but he looked stern, pointed the gun at me and ordered me to keep walking. At the Junction I was asked to sit on the ground along with a number of others kept captive there. At the junction there were hundreds of IPKF soldiers. I saw there many cars smashed up. Most of the shops at the junction had been burnt down.

I saw many dead bodies in front of the shops. Over 50 persons who were already detained there were ordered to walk towards Udupiddy by Captain Parrick and I was also ordered to join them. When we reached the Udupiddy IPKF Camp, I was not allowed to go and see the Commanding Officer of the camp, who knows me but I was also taken along with the others through the rear side of the camp, which is situated at the Udupiddy Girls College.

All of us were made to sit on the ground under a tree and the captain went inside. Then Captain P.G.K.Menon came there and scolded every one in Tamil and hit some with his boots. Later two Sikh Soldiers started hitting every one with wooden rods and ordered all of us into a room. After all of us had entered the room, Capt. Menon came near me and said that after the January 19th incident (in which the IPKF Soldiers ran amock and assaulted mercilessly over 150 civilians, including women and children, who were hospitalised) we made a big fuss and "now you wait and see what we are going to do to Valvettiturai, the people of Valvettiturai and to you".

He said that he has orders to kill a few prominent citizens of Valvettiturai. He then grabbed me by the back of neck and was pushing me into the room where others were earlier sent in. There I saw many of the people who came along with me, bleeding and crying. Four Sikh Soldiers then started beating me with heavy wooden rods and with their fists. One Soldier dashed my head against the wall.

When I fell down, one Soldier pressed a wooden rod on my throat and was standing on the rod  pressing my throat and preventing my breathing. At that time I heard a voice shouting "Kill him, Kill him". I was almost locking consciousness when I managed to push the rod on my throat away, toppling the person who was standing on it. I rolled over and I realised I was beaten on my back with wooden rods. They were beating me like beating a snake. Thereafter I lost consciousness. When I regained conscience I found in their Military Hospital. The next day at about 9.00 a.m. the Commanding Officer of Vadamarachi Brig. Shankar Prasad, the Deputy Commander Col. Aujla and the Udupiddy Commanding Officer Col. Sharma met me and expressed their apologies. I told them what they have done to me is a shameful thing and asked is it Mahatma Gandhi's India?

The Brigadier told me that I had been ill-treated by mistake and went away. On Friday evening at about 5.00 p.m. Col. Sharma called me and apologised to me and released me along with 42 others who were apprehended on that day. In the meantime they got me to sign a document purportedly regarding the cremation of seven youths who were in their custody. When I requested Col. Sharma to release the balance forty or so persons being detained by them, he told me that they will be released the following day. I came home walking the 3 k.m. with great difficulty and got myself admitted to the hospital the following day, where I am presently being treated for my injuries.

I, NAGALINGAM NADESAN, age 41 of Navaladdy, Udupiddy, holding National Identity Card No. 482050450 V, being a Hindu, do hereby solemnly, sincerely and truly declare and affirm as follows :

1. I am the affirmant above named.

2. On 3rd August 1989, I heard gun shots all sides of my house. Gradually the gunshots sound increased. In order to save our lives, my younger sister Bawabirinda, age 14, another sister, her husband, his children and I went to a relative, Mylan Sinnapillai's house. After reaching that house I observed some bullets going over the house. I saw about 5 or 6 IPKF Soldiers going forward and the Soldiers who came behind them shooting three times. Following the shooting, my sister Bawabirinda fell down, bleeding from her throat. When I raised her head, I saw her dead. As there was curfew in force that day, I went to the Udupiddy IPKF Camp on the following day to get permission from them to attend to the funeral rites of my sister, as the cemetry is situated close to the camp. They refused permission. Finally I attended to the funeral rites held in my own compound.

I, MAHALEDCHUMY, age 30, widowed wife of the late Kandasamy Velummylum, housewife, of Puddany, Theeruvil Lane, Valvettiturai, being a Hindu, do hereby solemnly, sincerely and truly declare and affirm as follows:

1. I am the affirmant above named.

2. On Wednesday, 2.8.89, I was at my brother-in-law Mahenthirarajah's house. Besides me, the others in the house were my b-i-l Mahenthirarajah, my husband Velummylum, my mother-in-law and my b-i-I's wife. At about 2.15 p.m. six IPKF soldiers entered the compound. They first set fire to my b-i-I's car - Austin Cambridge - No. 3 Sri 4498. They, then entered the house and set fire to the clothes, cash, jewellery and stayed in the kitchen. The soldiers then came and stood in front of the kitchen. My b-i-I said that the soldiers may shoot all of us if we remain in the kitchen and told us to come out of the kitchen. No sooner we came out of the kitchen, one soldier pulled my b-i-I by his hair. He shouted that he is not a LTTE. The soldiers then brought all of us to the gate. One soldier shot my husband and he fell down. Another soldier attempted to shoot my b-i-I. Immediately my mother-in-law and his wife embraced him. One soldier pulled my m-i-I by her hair. Another soldier shot her and she removed her hold on my b-i-I. The same soldier shot my b-i-I a number of times. My b-i-I fell down. The soldiers then went away. After the soldiers went away I looked at my husband and my b-i-I. I found both of them dead. But, providentially, my m-i-I and my b-i-I's wife escaped with the injuries. On 4.8.89, with the help of the neighbours, we cremated the two dead bodies in the house compound.

I, Mrs. ARUNTHATHY SIVALINGAM, age 49, of Murugaiyan Kovilady, Valvettiturai, being a Hindu, do hereby solemnly, sincerely and truly declare and affirm as follows:

1. I am the affirmant above named.

2. I live in a house near Murugaiyan Kovil, Valvettiturai with my husband Rasmanickam Sivalingam and my children. This house has been given as dowry to my eldest daughter Mrs. Nalini Sivaratnam. We have two more houses opposite this house. On Wednesday, 26.7.89 my sister-in-law Mrs. Selvaratnam Sivanayagamoorthy and her two sons and my brother-in-law Nadarajah and his wife came to stay with us from Point Pedro fearing the IPKF operations there. On Wednesday, 2.8.89, my husband as usual went to the tea boutique which he runs at the junction in the morning. At about 11.20 a.m. I heard gun shots coming from the direction of the junction. I also heard the very loud noise produced by the firing of shells. This noise went on for about 25 minutes. Then there was silence. I had cooked our lunch and was waiting the arrival of my husband. At about 2.00 p.m. some IPKF soldiers rushed into my house and started damaging all the articles. At this time there were only 2 males in the house, my husband's brother Nadarajah, age 62, a retired Postmaster and my husband's nephew Arudsothy, an employee of the Kankesanturai Cement Factory. Both of them were shot dead by the soldiers despite our appeals to them that they were honourable citizens. We also showed their national identity cards. Then the soldiers burnt the motor-cycle which was in my house and the car which was in the opposite house. Then the soldiers burnt my house and belongings including my T.V., video deck and other expensive items. When we went near, the soldiers threatened to shoot all of us. So we went to my daughter's house opposite. The soldiers were staying at the temple premises till the evening of Friday, 4.8.89. After they left we went to my house, I saw the house had been completely burnt down. The estimated loss is about Rs. Six lakhs. After the curfew was lifted on Friday evening, we cremated the two dead bodies, which were in a highly decomposed state in a nearby compound. My husband, Sivalingam, who had been detained by the IPKF on 2.8.89 came home at about 8.00 p.m. on Friday after being released by the IPKF. Till he came home, he was not aware of the tragedy that occurred in my house.


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