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"To us all towns are one, all men our kin.
Life's good comes not from others' gift, nor ill
Man's pains and pains' relief are from within.
Thus have we seen in visions of the wise !."
Tamil Poem in Purananuru, circa 500 B.C 

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First International Tamil Conference - Seminar
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
18 - 23 April 1966

Delegates and the Titles of Their Presentations

(compiled by Sachi Sri Kantha. Source: Proceedings of the First International Conference Seminar of Tamil Studies, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia/April 1966, IATR, edited by X.S.Thani Nayagam, V.I.Subramoniam, L.P.Kr.Ramanathan, S.Arasaratnam, R.E.Asher, Rama Subbiah and S.Singaravelu, 1969, vols.I; 900pp and vol.II; 888pp.) 

Theme: South-East Asia

Jean Filiozat: Presidential Address � Research in South-East Asia and in the Far East

T.P.Meenakshisundaram: Tiru-p-pavai, Tiruvempavai in South-East Asia

S.Singaravelu: Some aspects of South Indian cultural contacts with Thailand � historical background.

Ho Peng Yoke: Indian science in East Asia

J.J.Boeles: A note on Tamil relations with south Thailand and the identification of Tacola.

Yutaka Iwamoto: On the Ho-ling Kingdom

Xavier S.Thani Nayagam: The identification of Kataaram

Harry M.Buck: An introduction to the study of the Ramayana in South and South-East Asia

S.Singaravelu: A comparative study of the story of Rama in South India and South-East Asia.

S.Arasaratnam: Social and political ferment in the Malayan Indian community, 1945-1955.

F.R.J.Verhoeven: Some notes on the history of the Tamil community in Dutch Malacca (1641-1825).

R.K.Jain: Ramnathapuram experiment � Paradigm of an estate-farm-factory community in Malaya.

Kernial Singh Sandhu: Tamil and other Indian convicts in the Straits settlements, A.D. 1790-1873.

M.Palaniappan: The Young Men�s Indian Association and the Indians of Kuala Lumpur, Malaya, 1945-55.

Clarence E.Glick: Attitudes of Indians toward their position in Fiji

Clarence E.Glick: Leaders of Indian origin in Kuala Lumpur � A study of minority group leadership and trends toward national cohesion.

M.Sangeelee: A brief history of the Tamilians of Mauritius

M.Nadarajan: The Nattukottai Chettiar community and South-East Asia

Joseph Minattur: Dravidian elements in Malay culture.

Theme: Social History; Society of the Sangam Period

K.K.Pillay: Aryan influence in Tamilaham during the Sangam epoch

M.A.Dorai Rangaswamy: Did Utiyan Ceral belong to the Mahabharata period?

Klaus L.Janert: The oldest evidence of the name Kerala

P.Arunachalam: Peruncottu Utiyan Ceralatan

D.Nadarajah: Mullai and Tulaci as symbols of chastity

K.Sivathamby: An analysis of the anthropological significance of the economic activities and conduct-code ascribed to Mullai Tinai.

M.Rajamanikkam: Aspects of social life of the Tamils in the Sangam age (300 B.C. � A.D. 300)

V.T.Manickam: Harlots in Ancient Tamil literature

M.E.Manickavasagam Pillai: Population of Tamilakam during the Sangham age

M.S.Govindasamy: Notes on �Periyadevar� and �Ayyadevar�

H.W.Tambiah: Pre-Aryan customary laws

V.Subramaniam: The Kural�s contribution to political thought � a new analysis of Porutpaal

M.Shanmugasubramaniam: Concepts of law in Thirukkural

N.Baluswamy: Studies in Tirukkural � chapter 68: Vinai ceyal Vakai � Manner of Action

G.Venkatachalam: The philosophy of Valluvar

R.Panneerchelvam: An important Brahmi Tamil inscription � a reconstruction of the genealogy of the Chera kings

Theme: Social History; Society of the Period of Empires

Noboru Karashima: Allur and Isanamangalam � Two South Indian villages of the Cola times

Suresh B.Pillai: Raajaraajeesvaram at Tancaavuur

S.Y.Krishnaswamy: Major irrigation systems of Ancient Tamilnad

P.Sarvesvara Iyer: Puranic Saivism in Ceylon during the Polonnaruwa Period

K.S.Nadarajah: A critical study of Tamil documents pertaining to the History of Jaffna

K.Kularatnam: Tamil place names in Ceylon outside the Northern and Eastern provinces

Theme: Social History; Trade and External Relations

W.M.K.Wijetunga: South Indian corporate commercial organizations in South and South-East Asia

Lo Hsiang-Lin: On the voyage of Soli Samudra, Chola�s envoy to China in A.D. 1015

C.J.Su: Chinese knowledge of Calicut during the 14th and 15 th centuries

S.A.Raghavan: A study of the coins of Tamil Nad

F.X.C.Nadarajah: A survey of nautical (navigational) terms in Tamil

Theme: Social History; Society of the Modern Period

R.E.Frykenburg: Elite formation in Nineteenth century South India � an interpretative analysis

S.Arasaratnam: Aspects of the role and activities of South Indian merchants c. 1650-1750

N.Vanamamalai: A study of the historical ballads of Tamilnad

S.Kadhirvel: Puli Thevan�s bid for the re-establishment of a Hindu kingdom at Madurai

M.Arokiaswami: Land system in South India in the early Nineteenth century

Brenda E.F.Beck: A sociological sketch of the major castes in the Coimbatore district

C.J.Eliezer: On Ramanujan, the mathematician

A.J.Wilson: The contribution of some leading Ceylon Tamils to the constitutional and political development of Ceylon during the Nineteenth and Twentieth centuries

Bertram Bastiampillai: Social conditions of the Indian immigrant labour in Ceylon in the Nineteenth century, with special reference to the �Seventies, and some comparisons with conditions in other colonies

B.L.Panditharatne: The geographical distribution, demographic characteristics and mobility trends of the Ceylon Tamil community with special reference to the urban areas of Ceylon

A.M.A.Azeez: Some aspects of the Muslim society of Ceylon with special reference to the Eighteen eighties

Theme: Literary Theory

T.P.Meenakshisundaran: Tolkappiyar�s literary theory

P.Thirugnanasambandham: A study of Rasa � Tholkappiar and Bharata

H.S.David: The place of Tolkappiyam in Ancient Tamil literature

V.Chelvanayakam: Some problems in the study of Tolkappiyam in relation to Sangam poetry

M.Varadarajan: Literary theories in Early Tamil � Ettuttokai

C.A.Keller: A literary study of the Tirumurukarruppadai

M.Manuel: The use of literary conventions in Tamil Classical poetry

Avvai D.Natarajan: An introduction to the traditional doctrine of love

T.E.Gnanamoorthy: Tamil literary theories � Epic

C.Jesudasan and E.Jesudasan: What Kamban means to us

A.Srinivasa Raghavan: Mystical symbolism in the work of the Alwars

Xavier S.Thani Nayagam: Apperception in Tamil literary studies

P.T.Rajan: The contributions of the Sangams to Tamil language and literature

V.I.Subramaniam: The influence of Tamil in Mahabharata

N.Vanamamalai: The folk motif in Silappadikaram

S.V.Subramanian: Treatment of dreams in Cilappatikaaram

K.Sivathamby:  The ritualistic origins of Tamil drama

P.R.Subramanian: A myth � its development and treatment

V.Veerasamy: The legendary structure of Periapuranam

T.P.Meenakshisundaran: The Parani poetry

K.P.S.Hameed: Structural analysis and pattern of description of a primitive legend of the west coast of South India

Mary Masillamani: H.A.Krishna Pillai�s contribution to Tamil literature

D.Yesudhas: �The Pilgrim�s Progress� and Iratcaniya Yaattirikam

Helga Anton: Subramania Bharati�s ideas on the development of Tamil literature

V.Sachithanandan: Whitman and Bharati as Vedantists

Prema Nandakumar: The emotive aspects of Subramania Bharati�s poetry

Vijaya Bharathi: Poetic aspect in Bharati�s personality

Loganayagy Nannithamby: Traces of Earlier literatures in the poetical works of Bharati Dasan

R.Dhandayudham: Special features of Kalki�s novels

Annapoorani Chandrasekaran: A discussion on Akilan as a short story writer

Murugu Subramaniam: Growth of Modern Tamil literature in Malaysia

F.B.J.Kuiper: Dutch students of Tamil

Albrecht Wezler: German Dravidology � Past and Present

Albertine Gaur: European missionaries and the study of Dravidian languages (Notes on some books and manuscripts held in the British Museum)

S.Vithiananthan: Tamil literature and scholarship � The pioneer work of Christians in Ceylon

Arumugam Vimalachandra: The American contribution to the development of Tamil language in Ceylon

K.E.Mathiaparanam: The contribution made to Tamil by the missionaries who served in Ceylon

Ove K.Nordstrand: Some notes on the foundation of the Royal Danish Mission printing press and paper mill at Tranquebar

Theme: Music, Dance and Iconography

S.Ramanathan: Ancient musical modes in Cilappatikaram

Nirmala Ramachandran: Classical dance of the ancient Tamils

V.P.Raman: The music of the ancient Tamils

Saw.Ganesan: Some iconographic concepts

S.Nadarasa: The influence of Tamil dramatic tradition on Sinhala theatre

Theme: Plenary Session in Tamil

M.A.Dorai Rangasamy: Udhiyan Cheral � Bharatha kaalathavanaa?

L.P.Karu Ramanathan Chettiar: Pattu Paattil Aarru Padai

K.Vellaivaranan: Vaara Paadalin thotramum valarchiyum

K.Arumugam: Ilakkiya thiranaaivil Thamil illakanathin panku

M.Thiru Arasu: Valluvarin samayam

Muru.Pazha.Rathinam Chettiar: Saiva Sithanthattukuriya thani chirappukal

Theme: Language and Linguistics

S.Agestilingam: Teaching Tamil as a foreign language

P.Arunachalam: Verbal participles in Tamil

R.E.Asher: Notes on F.W.Ellis and an unpublished fragment of his commentary on Tirukkural

R.E.Asher: 250 years after � Some features of Ziegenbalg�s study of Tamil

Asmah Binte Haji Omar: The natural of Tamil loan words in Malay

Gerard Diffloth: The Irula dialect of Tamil (some phonological remarks)

M.B.Emeneau: The South Dravidian languages

J.R.Francisco: Notes on probable Tamil words in Philippine languages

V.M.Gnanapragasam: Some salient features of Fr.Beschi�s Latin commentary on Tirukkural

M.Israel: The system of parts of speech in Tamil

D.H.Killingley: Retroflexion in Sanskrit

E.C.Knowlton Jr.: Protuguese-Tamil linguistic contacts

V.Sp.Manickam: A phonological study in Tolkappiyam

R.Radhakrishnan: Aytham � Its origin and nature

R.Radhakrishnan: On intervocalic voicing of stops in Old Tamil

R.Radhakrishnan: Intervocalic stops in Old Tamil

R.Radhakrishnan: A note � Tolkappiyam on intervocalic stops

R.Radhakrishnan: Sutra 110 in Tolkappiyam � Eluttatikaram

R.Radhakrishnan: The word Pucai in Tamil

Rama Subbiah: Transliteration of Tamil � a new system

Rama Subbiah: Malay words in Tamil speakers

Rama Subbiah: Some sentence types and sentence structures in Beschi�s �Paramaarta Kuruvin Katai�

A.Sathasivam: The Dravidian origin of Sumerian writing

H.Schiffman: Morphophonemics of Tamil numerals

M.Shanmugam Pillai: Problems of teaching Tamil to foreign students

M.Shanmugam Pillai: Tamil dialect notes � Fishermen of Kanyakumari

S.V.Shanmukam: Tamil numerals

A.Subbiah: Is phonetic change universal and inevitable? (A study based on the phonological structure of Tamil)

S.Suseendirarajah: Contrastive study of Ceylon Tamil and English

S.Thananjayarajasingham: The language of a Tamil plakkaat of the 18th century

S.Thananjayarajasingham: Some Dutch loan words in the Jaffna dialect of Tamil

Dhammaratna Thero: The influence of the Tamil language on Sinhala letters

V.Vallipuram: Suggestions to solve the problem of inadequacy of the Tamil alphabet

A.Velupillai: Adjectives in Tamil

Theme: Translation

S.Selvanayagam: The Tamil language and problems of translation

K.Sivathamby: Some problems in simultaneous translation of speeches (interpretation) from English into Tamil and vice versa

J.R.Marr: The translation of Cankam literature

S.Maharajan: Some problems of Shakespeare- translation into Tamil

List of Participants and their country affiliations

M.V.M.Alagappan (India)

M.Andronov (USSR)

Helga Anton (Germany)

K.Appadurai (India)

Muthappa Arokiaswami (India)

Jaya Arunachalam (India)

Muttuppillai Arunachalam Pillai (India)

Vedamani Azariah (India)

Aboobucker Mohammed Abdul Azeez (Ceylon)

Coomaraswamy Balasingham (Ceylon)

Karur Muthuswami Balasubramaniam (India)

Bertram Emil St.Jean Bastiampillai (Ceylon)

Brenda E.F. Beck (USA)

M.Bhaktavatsalam (India)

Jan J.Boeles (Thailand)

Harry M.Buck (USA)

Rev.Hyacinth Singharayar David (Ceylon)

Rev.Hisselle Dhammaratmathe Thero (Ceylon)

R.Dhandayudham (India)

Kromamun Dhaninivat (Thailand)

M.Dhurairaj (Malaysia)

Carl G.Diehl (Sweden)

M.A.Dorai Rangaswamy (India)

Gerard Diffloth (France)

Christie Jayaratnam Eliezer (Malaysia)

Juan R.Francisco (Philippines)

Albert B.Franklin (USA)

Robert Frykenberg (USA)

Sa.Ganesan (India)

Albertine Gaur (UK)

Yuri Yakovlevitch Glazov 8USSR)

Clarence Elmer Glick (USA)

T.E.Gnanamurthy (India)

V.M.Gnanapragasam (India)

A.S.Gnanasambanthan (India)

K.P.S.Hameed (India)

Tittelbach Heinz (Germany)

Francoise L�Hernault (France)

Ismail Bin Hussein (Malaysia)

M.Israel (India)

Ravindra Kumar Jain (Australia)

Klaus Ludwig Janert (Germany)

Richard G.S.Job (Malaysia)

T.M.Kameswari (India)

Velupillai Kanapathipillai (Ceylon)

Arumugam Kanagaratnam (Ceylon

Noboru Karashima (Japan)

V.Karthikkeyan (India)

Carl A.Keller (Switzerland)

Edgar C.Knowlton Jr (USA)

Karthigesapillai Kularatnam (Ceylon)

Arno Lehmann (Germany)

Hyacinth Leo (Malaysia)

Pon.Muthukkumaran (Ceylon)

Iravatham Mahadevan (India)

Subrahmanya Maharajan (India)

V.Sp.Manickam (India)

M.E.Manickavasagam Pillai (India)

M.Manuel (India)

John Ralston Marr (UK)

Mary Masillamani (India)

Toru Matsui (Japan)

Manfred Mayrhofer (Germany)

Karl H.Menges (USA)

Joseph Minattur (Singapore)

A.Murugaian (Singapore)

Rajagopal Pillai Muthukumaraswamy (India)

K.S.Nadarajah (Ceylon)

M.Nadarajan (Singapore)

Nagenthiram Nadarasa (Ceylon)

R.Nagaswamy (India)

Prema Nandakumar (India)

Balasubramonia Natarajan (India)

Vadakkalathur Rajagopal Nedunchezhiyan (India)

Takao Nishimura (Japan)

Asmah Binte Haji Omar (Malaysia)

K.Palaniappan (India)

Bernard Leslie Panditharatna (Ceylon)

A.M.Paramasivanandam (India)

Suresh B.Pillai (India)

K.K.Pillay (India)

Jeyadevi Ponnudurai (Malaysia)

R.Radhakrishnan (Malaysia)

Arunachala Kavirayar Raghavan (India)

Nirmala Ramachandran (India)

L.Ramanathan (India)

S.Ramanathan (India)

L.P.Kr.Ramanathan Chettiar (India)

Tiruchirapally Ramaswamy Rangarajan (India)

Karthigesu Ponnambalam Ratnam (Ceylon)

Rudin (USSR)

Kulasegarampillai Sabanathan (Ceylon)

Rasanayagam Sabanayagam (Ceylon)

Vaithinathaswami Sachithanandan (India)

P.V.Sakuntala (India)

G.Sarangapany (Singapore)

Harold F.Schiffman (USA)

Kanapathy Selvanathan (Ceylon)

S.Selvanayagam (Ceylon)

Hamzah Bin Sendut (Malaysia)

T.E.Shanmugam (India)

T.K.Shanmugam (India)

M.Shanmugam Pillai (India)

M.Shanmugasubramaniam (India)

Ratnavelu Sivalingam (Ceylon)

V.K.Sivaprakasam (Ceylon)

Karthigesu Sivathamby (Ceylon)

A.Srinivasa Raghavan (India)

Ponnuduraisamy Sriskandaraja (Ceylon)

Chung-Jen Su (Hongkong)

Nagalingam Subramaniam (Ceylon)

Shanmuga Velayutham Subramanian (India)

Neyyadupakkam Duraisami Sundaravadivelu (India)

H.W.Tambiah (Ceylon)

Sabaratnasinghe Thananjayarajasingham (Ceylon)

Kanthapillai Chittambalam Thangarajah (Ceylon)

Thirugnanasambandhan (India)

Vadapathimangalam Somasundara Thyagarajan Mudaliar (India)

Ponnambala Thiagarajan [P.T.Rajan] (India)

Meiyappa Thirunavukkarasu [M.Tr.Arasu] (Singapore)

V.Thirunavukkarasu (Singapore)

Marie Claude Tiphaine (France)

Punithavathy Tiruchelvam (Ceylon)

Gourie Tyagarajah (Ceylon)

Jaroslav Vacek (Czechoslovakia)

Narayanan Vanamamalai (India)

Venkitasalam Veerasami (India)

Kandasamy Vellaivaranan (India)

Vijaya Bharathi (India)

Arumugam Vimalachandra (Ceylon)

Suppramaniam Vithiananthan (Ceylon)

K.de Vreese (Holland)

Albrecht Wezler (Germany)

Jeyaratnam Wilson (Ceylon)

D.Yesudhas (India)

Frykholm Ynge (Sweden)

Ho Peng Yoke (Malysia)



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