Tamils - a Trans State Nation..

"To us all towns are one, all men our kin.
Life's good comes not from others' gift, nor ill
Man's pains and pains' relief are from within.
Thus have we seen in visions of the wise !."
Tamil Poem in Purananuru, circa 500 B.C 

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Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism
17th Annual Conference

The Dark Face of Nationalism:
Violence, Extremism and the Nation

[Seminar Programme includes Mr. Narendran Kumarakulasingam - Remembering Violence, Producing the Nation: Discourses of Tamil Nationalism and Mr. Razaak Mohamed Ghani - Ethnic Nationalism and Emergence of Religious Fundamentalism in Sri Lanka]

April 17-19, 2007, London School of Economics

This conference will explore those aspects of nationalism that most often make headlines, generating a popular impression of nationalism as an overwhelmingly negative force in world history. This compels us, as scholars in the field of nationalism studies, to confront certain questions addressing the extent to which such an impression may or may not be justified: Are violence and exclusion the inevitable consequences of nationalism? To what extent is the discourse of the nation implicated in the violent ideologies of the last century? What is the relationship between nationalism and ideologies such as fascism, racism and religious fundamentalism? The conference will address these questions and others, in the course of examining the various manifestations of violent and extreme nationalism, both historical and current, around the globe.

The conference will include keynote addresses from leading scholars in the field, including Paul Bew, Roger Eatwell, Montserrat Guibernau, Mark Juergensmeyer, Carolyn Marvin and Peter Van Der Veer, along with opportunities for scholars from various disciplines to examine the violent aspects of nationalism in a series of panel sessions.


Tuesday 17 April

Morning Plenary Session

Back to Basics: Is Violence Necessary? - Prof. Carolyn Marvin, University of Pennsylvania

National identity and the New Radical Right - Prof. Montserrat Guibernau, Queen Mary, University of London

Panel Session 1

Race and Purity

Ms. Georgia Shiells - The White Face of Australian Nationalism: Fantasy and Racially-Based Exclusion in 'White Australia,' 1901 and 2001

Ms. Sarah Stillman - Whitewashing the National family

Mr. Serge Azidé Lorougnon - The Next Pattern of Internal Conflict in Africa: The Idea Of Pure Citizen

Nationalism, Violence and the Rule of Law

Dr. Catriona Drew - Population Transfer: The Untold Story of the International Law of Self-determination

Mr. Iavor Rangelov - Nationalism, Legitimacy and the Rule of Law

Ms. Kerstin Carlson - Shaping Collective Identity Through Individual Prosecutions: The ICTY's Impact in the Former Yugoslavia

Violence and National Memory

Ms. Mira Jovanovic - Remembering a Difficult Past - Croatia and World War II

Dr. José Sobral - Memory and the shaping of national identity: revisiting the massacre of 1953 in São Tomé e Príncipe

Mr. Narendran Kumarakulasingam - Remembering Violence, Producing the Nation: Discourses of Tamil Nationalism

Framing Nationalist Violence

Dr. Sinisa Malesevic - Collective Violence, Nationalism and Power: A Sociological Assessment

Ms. Muriel Rambour - A beam of philosophical light on the darkness of nationalism. Is post nationalism a way to avoid violent confrontations between nations?

Dr. Neophytos Loizides - The Interactive Face of Nationalism: Framing Wars and the Making of Crisis

National identity confronting violence

Ms. Atalia Omer - Religious Radicalism: a Symbolic Reinterpretation of the Nation

Ms. Anne-Sophie Bentz - Tibetan Nationalism: Guerrilla Fighters Caught in the Whirlpool of the Dalai Lama’s Discourse on Non-Violence

Mr. Daniel Esparza - Imagining The 30´S In Spain Today: The revival of the Two Spains´ myth after the terrorist attacks in Madrid 3/11

Panel Session 2

Is Nationalism Intrinsically Violent?

Professor Andreas Pickel - Are the mechanisms of banal nationalism the mechanisms of violent nationalism?

Dr. John Etherington - Is violence an intrinsic feature of nationalism?
Ms. Eva-Maria Asari and Violent and non-violent nationalisms in the former USSR
Ms. Daphne Halikiopoulou

Divisions within Nationalist Movements

Mr. Victor Seow - Dividing the Conquered: Chinese Muslims and Japanese Pan-Islamic Propaganda in the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945)

Ms. Wendy Pearlman - The Nation in Fragments: Internal Unity and Conflict Processes in Three Palestinian Uprisings

Mr. Theo McLauchlin State and Interest in the Politics of Iraqi Kurdistan, 1976-2003

Symbolic Representations of Violence

Mr. Andrej Kurillo - Real and Symbolic Violence in a Habsburg Province: September Events of 1908

Mr. Tuomas Tepora - Redirecting Violence: The Finnish Flag as a Sacrificial Symbol, 1917-1945

Mr. Ren-Hung Wu - Burning Nationalism: the Image of Martyr in the Nationalist Movements in Taiwan

The role of Paramilitaries in Nationalist Conflict

Dr. Anastasia Filippidou - Negotiating tactics with paramilitary organisations in low intensity conflicts.

Professor James Frusetta - Paramilitary for the Nation - VMRO, Revolutionary Violence and the Macedonian Cause, 1919-1934

Ms. Cecilie Endresen The World according to the Legion of Michael the Archangel

Nationalism and Intolerance in North-East Asia

Mr. Leif-Eric Easley - Mounting Dangers of Nationalism in Northeast Asia

Mr. Yan Kit Kwong - The Political Use of Nationalism - A Study of the Recent Anti-Japanese Sentiment in South Korea

Panel Session 3

Diaspora, Conflict and Violence

Mr. Arnav Manchanda - Diasporas and Ethnic Conflict

Ms. Jessica Wattman - The Passion of Politics: Diaspora Extremism and Ethnic Violence

Prof. Kavita Khory - Political Violence in South Asia and Diaspora

Xenophobia and Exclusion

Ms. Saltanat Berdikeeva - Russian, Nationalism, Racism and Xenophobia: A Threat Assessment

Dr. Alberto Spektorowski - Nationalism, Exclusionism and Multiculturalism of the Right.

Ethnic Conflict and Resolution

Mr. Keiichi Kubo - Toward A Dynamic Model of Ethnic Rebellion: Large-N Analysis of MAR dataset and Case Study of Kosovo Conflict

Mr. Aasim Sajjad - Ethno-nationalism within the composite nation-state

Ms. Pascaline Gaborit - Nationalism, hate and scapegoat during and following ethnic conflicts

Citizenship, Gender and Equality

Prof. Jil Vickers - Fascist and Proto-Fascist Nationalisms and Women's Struggles for Equality and Ms. Judit Fabian - Citizenship

Prof. Catherine Raissiguier - Confronting "New" French Nationalisms: Lessons from the Sans-Papier(e)s

Dr. Nicola Nixon - Nationalism, gender & violence in Albania

Wednesday 18 April

Morning Plenary Session

Prof. Paul Bew, Queen’s University, Belfast - Exclusion or Inclusion? The Ambiguities of Irish Nationalism, 1789-2006

Prof. Roger Eatwell, University of Bath - Fascism and Neo-Fascism

Panel Session 4

Non-German perpetrators of the Holocaust

Ms. Olga Baranova - Collaboration of Belarusian nationalists with the Nazi authorities during the occupation of 1941-1944

Dr. Anton Weiss - Wendt Murder Without Hatred: Estonians and the Holocaust

Dr. Aristotle Kallis The 'licence to kill': how 'ordinary people' became 'willing executioners' in the wake of Operation Barbarossa (1941)

The Making of Modern Turkey Revisited

Prof. Ayhan Aktar Conversion of 'Country' into 'Fatherland': The Case of Turkification Examined, 1923-1950

Dr. Kerem Oktem The discursive appropriation of mass violence in nation-building and identity-formation: Turkey and 1915

Prof. Nergis Canefe How to say it all at once: Taboo Subjects of Turkish Nationalism and Limits of Revisionist Scholarship

Right- wing Extremism in Britain

Dr. Ulrike Ehret - Facing the Fascists. Nationalism, Street Violence and Pub Brawls in Germany and England, 1931-1933/38

Ms. Catherine Boylan - Heroes And Extremism In Britain After 1918, With A Particular Focus On Admiral Sir Barry Domvile, An Unlikely Follower Of Fascism

Mr. Matthew Goodwin - “So I decided to contact the British National Party…”: Examining the motivational characteristics of contemporary extreme right activists in twenty-first century Britain

Culture and Violence in the Basque Conflict

Dr. Jan Mansvelt Beck and Dr. Jan Markusse Basque - Violence: a Reappraisal of Culturalist Explanations

Dr. Daniele Conversi - 'From Violence to Peace? Cultural revival and the peace process in the and Adriano Cirulli Basque Country (1980-2006)'

Panel Session 5

Islamic Fundamentalism and Ethnicity

Professor Norulhuda Othman - Religion, Conflict and the Nation in Southeast Asia

Dr. Irina Kouznetsova-Morenko - Islam and ethnicity in Russia: the case of Tatars

Mr. Shota Khinchagashvili - Islamic Revolutionarism and the Rise of Ethnic Nationalism in Muslim Societies of North Caucasus (Post-Soviet Period)

End of Empires: Secession and Irredentism

Dr. Ohannes Geukjian - The Resurgence of Armenian Nationalism in the South Caucasus: Ethnic War in Nagorno-Karabakh, 1988-1994

Mr. Zvi Hartman - Central and Eastern Europe after 1918 : The New Nation-State -A Fertile Ground for Violent Nationalism?

Prof. Mustafa Aksakal - Nationalism and Ethnic Violence in the Late Ottoman Empire

Violence, Identity and Nation-Building

Dr. Michael Fleming The geo-politics of Polish nationality policy and the struggle for ‘socialism’ 1944-1950

Ms. Katherine Reyes - Interfacing Institutionalized Religious Extremism and Nation Building

Mr. Ugur Ungor - Burn, Destroy, Kill: Mass violence in Turkey, 1915-1955

Division, Conflict and Exclusion in Ireland

Mr. John Poulter - Forgetting and remembering Remembrance: Constructing and Deconstructing Discourses of Division in Ireland

Mr. Tim Wilson - Conflict and Coexistence: Upper Silesia and Ulster compared, 1918-1922

Dr. Niall O Dochartaigh - Between nation and neighbourhood: conflict, territory and scale in the north of Ireland

 Panel Session 6

Violence in the Former Yugoslavia

Dr. Janine Natalya Clark Serbian Nationalism; Not just a “Dark Face”

Mr. Ulas Doga Eralp A psychoanalytic perspective on the impact of violence on national identities in Bosnia Herzegovina, Kosovo and Cyprus

Dr. Jelka Zorn Bloody Nationalism without Bloodshed, the Case of Slovenia

Anti-Semitism in Eastern Europe

Ms. Irina Isaakyan Blood and soil of the Soviet academy: Anti-Semitism and national purification

Mr. Ulrich Herbeck Nationalism and Antisemitism in Russia during the Years of Crisis 1914-1922

Mr. Adam Ostolski Antisemitism, Homophobia, and the Construction of Polish Identity

The Role of the Military in the Nation

Prof. Manuel Domingos Neto - The militaries and the Brazilian nation

Ms. Hanne Eggen Roislien - Religiosity, military power and nationalism: The case of the Israel Defense Force (IDF)

Dr. Esra Bulut - The Projection of Militarised Nationhood in and beyond Turkey

Maintaining Contested National Identities

Mr. Razaak Mohamed Ghani - Ethnic Nationalism and Emergence of Religious Fundamentalism in Sri Lanka

Mr. Robert Person Resisting Hegemony: Transformations in Estonian National Identity During Soviet Rule

Mr. Moses Duruji Pervse - Polity and Resurgent Nationalism:The Case of Biafra in Nigeria

Right Wing Extremism in Western Europe Today

Mr. Bernhard Dietz Merely “crybabies” or an effective link between Conservatism and Neo-Nazism? – The intellectual “New Right” and its idea of the German nation since the reunification 1989/90

Ms. Aude Bicquelet -The rhetoric of right-wing Nationalism

Mr. Andrea Mammone -Ultra-nationalism, xenophobic prejudice and cross-national political extremism:

Mr. Timothy Peace - The extreme right in contemporary Britain and Italy

Thursday 19 April

Morning Plenary Session

Prof. Mark Juergensmeyer, University of California, Santa Barbara - The Global Violence of Religious Nationalism

Prof. Peter Van Der Veer, Utrecht University  - Violence and Transcendence in Asia

Panel Session 7

American Nationalism

Professor Don Doyle - American Nationalism and the Dark Side of Idealism

Professor Carlos Yordan - Converting Nationalism into a Revisionist Foreign Policy: An Examination of the Bush Administration’s Case for War against Iraq

Mr. Eric Taubel - Religion, Slavery, and Nationalism, in the Antebellum South

The Marginalisation of Religious Minorities

Mr. Ulrik Gad - Something is rotten... Or: Why was the Cartoon Wars sparked off by Danish identity politics? And do they mean anything to the development of a European identity?

Ms. Sadia Saeed - Pakistani Nationalism and the State Marginalization of Ahmadiyya Community

Ms. Renu Bhagat - Hindu Nationalism in India: A Study of Christian Minority Struggle

Dominant Ethnies and Racist Nationalisms

Dr. Eric Kaufmann - Dominant Ethnicity: A Normative Exploration

Prof. Phillip Resnick - Hubris and Melancholy in Multinational States

Prof. David Brown - Why and how might a benign ‘ethnic core’ turn into a malign ‘dominant ethnie’?

Terrorism and Secession: The Basque Case

Ms. Asta Maskaliunaite Role of (ETA) violence in the construction of nationalism in Spain and Basque Country

Ms. Evan Jean Wilson The Effects of Peace Organizations on Terrorism in the Basque Region of Spain

Mr. Julen Zabalo Revolution and nationalism: the Basque case
and Mr. Inaki Soto

Panel Session 8

The Dark Face of Nationalism: Terrorism

Ms. Victoria Newquist - Terrorism in the Middle East

Dr. Akil N Awan - Nationalism and Global Jihadism

Ms. Nicola Rooney - Violent Nationalism in Catholic Communities: The I.R.A. and E.T.A.

Violence and Hindu Nationalism

Mr. Jayaraj Sundaresan - Violent territories of the local and national: Can local planning help national integration? A case of City of Ahmedabad and Hindu nationalism in India.

Ms. Nandini Deo - Re-Interpreting the Success of Hindu Nationalism

Dr. Nicolas Jaoul - The exemplary ending of an institutionalised riot system. Dalits and the disavowal of Hindu nationalism in the city of Kanpur.

Discourses of Turkish National Identity

Mr. Hakki Tas - Crazy Turks on Stage: The Secular Nationalist Trend in Contemporary Turkey

Dr. Umut Uzer - Racism in Turkey: The civic and ethnic elements of Turkish national identity

Mr. Emre Arslan - The Myth of Nation in Transnational Space: Turkish Ultranationalists in Germany

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