Tamils - a Trans State Nation..

"To us all towns are one, all men our kin.
Life's good comes not from others' gift, nor ill
Man's pains and pains' relief are from within.
Thus have we seen in visions of the wise !."
Tamil Poem in Purananuru, circa 500 B.C 

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Manipur Revolutionary People�s Front
Statement 1999

It has been 50 years of colonial bondage since India annexed Manipur. It has been completely 20 years to constitute �Revolutionary People�s Front� in this era of de-colonization to emancipate once an independent country Manipur. Since RPF has declared February 25 the foundation day of RPF, as �Independence Demand Day� on 15 February 1995, the day has been observing as �Independence Demand Day�. On this occasion, RPF salute our people with revolutionary greetings and presenting a brief statement of the liberation struggle.

RPF took the last and the present year as �Year of Unity�. Because in that year revolutionary organizations of Manipur and neighboring state (Region) has done many a campaigns jointly against the common enemy Mayang India. On this day, every revolutionary organizations are working hard to bring unity minimizing the differences. It is not belief that the effort will get no achievement. This is progress of the liberation struggle. Among the progress it can be mentioned that:

To boycott India�s important days jointly;

Declaration of �National Black Day� on 15 October;

Joint condemnation of RPF, TPDF and UNLF against the forcible annexation of Manipur and Tripura by India;

Meetings for unity among the revolutionary organization of Manipur and the Region;

Joint military and political campaigns;

Joint international propaganda, and,

Opening Inters web sites.

For these achievement and progress, RPF congratulates the PREPAK and UNLF of Manipur, and, NSCN, TPDF and ULFA of this Region.

According to the economic condition of our poor people, RPF decided to stop taking donation with demand letter with effect from 1 June 1998.

RPF is able to launch a vital campaign forming a Special Task Force (STAFORCE) on July 7, 1998 to protect and safeguard the youths of next generation and daily worsening Society that has been eroding abruptly by the secret weapon like drugs and dreadful disease HIV/AIDS infection of Indian Occupation Forces. RPF congratulates and express gratitude to our people for their cooperation and coordination in this campaign.

Further more RPF wants to state that �National Liberation� the people�s desire and territory of Manipur will not be compromised with or surrender to enemy India. And today�s Indian �Peace Talk� means to fall to their feet and surrender. This type of �Peace Talk� where there is no meaning of independence, could not be accepted by RPF. Besides, the secret policy and strategy of the Indian occupation forces in the procedure of the present �Peace Talk� has created disunity amongst the ethnic communities; there has been no love and oneness of brotherhood. This is not �Peace Talk� but a tricky trap to suppress the liberation movement and RPF do not want to be caught in this trap deliberately. RPF reaffirms that �National Liberation� is the sole objective of our struggle and negotiation.

Today we can say that we have made our struggle progress. RPF�s next step is to bring unity among the revolutionary organizations and overthrow the colonial rules of Mayang India�s to achieve independent country living in peace and prosperity where there is no sorrow of poverty and evil of excess.

In conclusion, RPF honors the peoples of Manipur and neighboring states who have been suffering under the Indian colonialism and revolutionary organizations in this solemn occasion of �Independence Demand Day�.


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