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"To us all towns are one, all men our kin.
Life's good comes not from others' gift, nor ill
Man's pains and pains' relief are from within.
Thus have we seen in visions of the wise !."
Tamil Poem in Purananuru, circa 500 B.C

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One Hundred Tamils of the 20th Century

Perungkavikko - Va. Mu. Sethuraman

[see also Professor Dr. I.Maraimalai on Perungkavikko ]

Life Sketch Contributed by Ramalingam Shanmugalingam:

Kalaimamani, Iyatcelvam, Perungkavikko, Doctor of Philosophy Va. Mu. Sethuraman M.A., Ph.D., Esqr.-

1977, Chief Speaker at the Swamy Ramadasar MANIVIZHA - completion of sixty years in Malaysia. While in Malaysia he visited Singapore also. He participated in several literary and cultural activities and delivered over a hundred speeches both in Malaysia and Singhai (Singapore).

1981, Visited United States of America and delivered the Key note speech at the Tamil Cultural Convention in Detroit. Special invitee to the fifth International Poets Convention in San Fransisco. starting from Tamil Nadu, he visited the United States including Hawaii, Holland, Britain, Japan, Thailand, Hongkong, Singapore and Malaysia. He virtually covered the Globe. He participated in several literary programs and discussions organised by Tamil - multi-language Associations and established a record.

1982, under the auspices of Ghandhiyam toured the hill stations of Lanka on behalf of Tamil Eelam. Promoted preservation of human rights and conducted seminars and lectures to the Tea, Rubber and Coconut estates personnel, with the view to bring understanding and goodwill among Tamils.

1982, chaired the first Tamil Eelam convention in New York USA. This convention was the work of Dr. Panchacharam of New York. Later, was the honoured special guest of Dr. Petron, Secretary of the International Poets Convention and participated at its sixth convention in Madrid Spain.

1983, the poet was honoured by various Tamil Associations that released some of his books in Malaysia and Singapore.

1984, jointly organised the second Tamil Eelam convention in New York USA and was felicitated by the London Tamil Sangam.

1985, undertook the second globe trotting promoting integration of international Tamils with his Dance Drama Buddha's Tears based on human rights depicting Eelam Tamils sufferings. ..The same year he participated in the seventh International Poets Convention in the island of Khorbu in Greece.

1987, was a major participant at the November World Tamil Convention in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. He was also bestowed the title, KAVITHAIK KATHIRON by literary groups in Hong Kong.

1989, was a participant in the Tenth International convention in Bangkok capital of Thailand. He was felicitated by the Thai Islam Tamil Association. The Malaysian Literary friends bestowed the title of International Tamil Ambassador. He also represented Tamil Nadu government as its Special Delegate to the Seventh World Tamil Convention in Mauritius.

1991, was a special invitee of Tamil literary groups in Rome, Italy.

1992, was again a participant in the Thirteenth International Poets Convention held at Jhaba in Israel. Made use of the opportunity to visit such places as the capital of Israel, Tel Aviv, The holy city of Jerusalem where Jesus Christ was born, the Dead Sea and several other places of historic importance. He was also the special delegate to the First World Tamil Teachers convention in Singapore.

1993, attended the Fourteenth International Poets convention in Mexico as a distinguished participant. Several Tamil Associations in the USA and Canada invited him to their many functions and festivals and gave several key-note speeches. Established contact with literary organisations from Britain, France, Germany and Italy and returned home.

1994, distinguished invitee to the Second V.G.P. World Tamil Sangam Convention in Andaman. He was also a major participant in the Second World Tamil Teachers Convention in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He also received accolades from literary groups from countries in the East, such as, Thailand, Hongkong, Singapore and Malaysia enroute home from the Fourteenth International Poets Convention in Taiwan.

1995, Tamil Nadu Foundation (TNF) and Federation of North American Tamil Associations (FeTNA) invited the poet as its special delegate to the American Tamils Annual Convention in Cleveland Ohio. Contributed with zeal for the development of literature in several states in the USA. He addressed the students and faculty at Carleton University in Ottawa, Capital of Canada.

He holds important offices in the All India Authors Federation and the Bhasha Association headquartered in Allahabad. He was a special invitee of the Secretary of The Bhasha Association Dr. Kaur to the National Unity Convention to promote understanding between Tamil and Hindi speaking Indians. He chaired the debate on Tamil Hindi understanding forum.

The International Tamil Integration Society held its very successful first convention in Trichi in 1985 with international Tamil scholars participating. This was followed by the second successful convention that went on for five days in Chennai in 1991.

He officiated at the four days International Integration Society Third Convention in Berlin, capital of Germany in 1993. His contribution made him a beacon for Tamils and Tamil excellence in future among the International participants.

The fourth convention of the International Integration Society was held in Chennai as a Tamil Development Convention in Chennai in 1994.

On February 2, 1995, the Poets sixtieth anniversary (MANIVIZHA) was celebrated under the distinguished Chairmanship of Justice Venugopal. The Music Academy Hall in Chennai turned into a full day festival of poetry that day. The Triple Thamizh Expert Artiste (MUTTHAMIZHARIGNAR KALAIGNAR) made a presentation on behalf of the organising committee. Peoples leader Moopanar, the distinguished Veeramany, Litterateur Kumari Ananthan and several other scholars and dignitaries participated and honoured the poet. Peoples Leader Moopanar bestowed the title of World Tamil Poet (ULAKATH THAMIZHP PADI).

January 27, 1996 the poet was further honoured with the pleasant duty of unveiling a portrait of Triple Tamil Protector (MUTTH THAMIZH KAVALAR) K. A. P. Viswanatham and delivering the keynote speech at the eighth D.M.K. convention organised by Triple Thamizh Expert Leader Kalaignar.

1996, attended the sixteenth International Poets Convention in Japan and made another world-wide tour and returned home ready to continue his contribution to work towards Tamils integration and Tamil development.

Other Significant Contributions. Amidst financial constraints, he is publishing TAMILPANI a monthly magazine since 1970 for the last 27 years. This periodical is a great bridge for the world-wide Tamils. He was awarded the titles KALAIMAMANI and IYATSELVAM. His book KALAKKANI was a text book for students in the undergraduate and post graduate university degree courses in 1982 - 1985.

Greatest Achievement of the Poet.

The disgraceful state in Tamil Nadu, where Tamil is not given pride of place in every walk of Tamil life. The poet led a 50 day 1330 Km walk from Cape Comorin to Chennai from December 2, 1994 to March 30, 1995 with several other concerned citizens in protest and bring this to the attention of Tamil Legislators. There were huge receptions and support enroute that helped bring this disgrace to the attention of the legislature. This record and support marked Tamil renaissance that earned him the admiration and respect of the Tamils at large. The poet has so far published over 30,000 pages of more than 100,000 poems. There is no end to Perungkavikkos endeavour in creating a great record in the history of Tamil literature.

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