Tamils - a Trans State Nation..

"To us all towns are one, all men our kin.
Life's good comes not from others' gift, nor ill
Man's pains and pains' relief are from within.
Thus have we seen in visions of the wise !."
Tamil Poem in Purananuru, circa 500 B.C 

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Srivilliputhoor Divya Desam

Date built: 788 AD


Srivilliputhoor Aandal Temple

A Virtual visit to Sri Andal Temple Srivilliputtur

Two towers welcome you to the small town of Srivilliputtur no matter from where you come.As you see the majestic chariot at it's Nilay on the Keel ratha veedhi near the Big tower you know that you have reached Nachiyar Tirumaaligai.Going towards the chariot one can notice the intricate woodwork on the sides of the imposing chariot covered with asbestos sheets. Turning towards the left a narrow street runs inside leading to the temple mandapam-this is the andal sannidhi street .

.As we walk through the andal sannidhi street we first approach the Pandhal mandapam.One can see the ahobila madam on the left side and the Vatapatrasayi temple on the right side. Entering inside we encounter a row of shops on either side.Interspersed with the shops are the vanamamalai madam,sri desikar sannidhi and sri manavala mamunigal sannidhi on the right. Going further down one enters the thirukkalyana mandapam.On Crossing the Thirukkalyana mandapam we enter the Periya Prakaram(the outer big prakaram). The dwajasthambham can be seen rising towards the sky in the front.On the left the Anjaneyar sannidhi is visible. .Moving along the anjaneyar sannidhi we see the enclorsures for the vahanams and also the Temple Madapalli(kitchen).Turning right we encounter a row of tall pillars and as we walk along we come to the chintamani chettiar mandapam,where the unjal sevai is held during margazhi masam.Then we turn right again and walk along the rear of the prakaram.Turning left(right side of the prakaram ) half way up is the paramapadavasal and the upari madapalli walking further down we arrive at the Ekadesi mandapam.

We are now back to the dwajasthambham and moving forward we enter the inner prakaram.On the left is the lakshmi narayanan sannidhi -the one worshipped by periazhwar and then given to Andal as Sridhanam.As we continue walking inside we can see the beautifully painted images of the emperumans of all the 108 divya desams along the walls of the inner prakaram on all the sides.On top of this picture gallery we can read Sri Andal's thiruppavai and varanamaiyiramwhich is inscribed along the side walls

Watching the magnificient pictures of the emberuman's as we complete one prakaram we see another mandapam at a slightly higher elevation-the mani mantapam. Climbing a flight of stairs to enter the mani mandapam and walking inside we pass by the two gatekeepers at the entrance of the maha mandapam.On the right side is the mirror before which andal used to see herself after wearing the garland.As we go in we can see the ardha mandapam and the garbha graham at a distance. A few steps inside and we get to see the first vision of the divine couple and periyazhwar resplendent in their divine attire in the ardha mandapam.For a clear vision of the Utsavamoorthys we move to the gate of the Ardha mandapam.


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