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"To us all towns are one, all men our kin.
Life's good comes not from others' gift, nor ill
Man's pains and pains' relief are from within.
Thus have we seen in visions of the wise !."
Tamil Poem in Purananuru, circa 500 B.C 

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Sachi Sri Kantha, 17 October 2006  Note by the Compiler: The Fourth International Conference Seminar of Tamil Studies was held in Jaffna, between January 3rd and 9th in 1974. The then ruling SLFP coalition government headed by Sirimavo Bandaranaike and its multi-pronged machinery placed politically motivated innumerable blocks to the (a) intended participants from overseas, and (b) organizers of the Conference. Issuance of visas were delayed in some cases for foreign participants. The then Government�s token Tamil minister Chelliah Kumarasuriar and his coterie (among whom a few ranking Tamil scholars were also included) issued boycott calls and also expressed their resentment via subtle intimidatory signals. Their beef was that Colombo, rather than Jaffna, was the proper venue for such an international conference. Despite such obstacles, quite a number of foreign delegates made their way to Jaffna and gallantly participated in the Conference.

Inaugural Presidential Address by Professor S.Vithiananthan,
President, International Association of Tamil Research, Eelam National Unit

Matrimonial Alliances between Tamilnad and the Sinhalese Royal Family in the 18th Century and the Establishment of a Madurai Dynasty in Kandy


Fourth International Conference
Seminar of Tamil Studies
January 1974  - Jaffna,Tamil Eelam

Delegates and the Titles of Their Presentations (compiled by Sachi Sri Kantha. Source: Fourth International Conference Seminar of Tamil Studies, Jaffna, Sri Lanka/ January 1974, edited by Dr.Kopalapillai Mahadeva, IATR Sri Lanka National Unit, Colombo, vol.1, 1977, 370pp.

Presentations in English

S.Ambikaipakan: Some landmarks in the history of Tamil literature of Ceylon 

G.Aroul: Acrobatics of the word � Studies in multidimensional poetry of Pulavar Gaffoor Sahib vis-�-vis the Calligrams of Guillaume Appellinaire 

Mankaladevi Arulnandhy: A contrastive study of the phonemic system of English with that of Tamil, analysing the difficulties encountered by the Tamil child in the learning of English pronunciation 

Ponnuthurai Balasundarampillai: The markets and fairs of Northern Ceylon 

V.R.Balasubrahmanyam: Teaching of Tamil to Hindi-speaking adults � some special aspects 

Bertram Emil Bastiampillai: The Indian Tamils of the plantation areas � some explanations for their survival as a distinct entity in Ceylon society 

Brenda Beck: The nature/culture opposition � Does it exist in Tamil folklore? 

Kasiviswanathan Chellappan: The Greek element in Cilappathikaram 

J.H.Renato De Sa: The college of St.Paul of Goa and the counter reformation in the island of Ceylon 

Lorna Srimathie Dewaraja: Matrimonial alliances between Tamilnad and the Sinhalese royal family in the Eighteenth century and the establishment of a Madurai dynasty in Kandy 

Carl Gustav Diehl: Can historical references explain the significance of the Aiyappan cult? 

Ranee Eliezer: The mango � emissary of Tamil culture 

W.S.Marcus Fernando: A unique statuette of the boy Krishna 

Klaus Ludwig Janert: Syntactical problems in modern Tamil 

Noboru Karashima: Nayaks as the lease-holders of the temple land 

K.Karunakaran: Social stratification and standardisation of Tamil dialects 

Carl A.Keller: Mysticism and society in Periyapuraanam 

Bruce W.Kieler: Functional changes in agraharams within the zone of urban influence of Nagarkoil, South India 

Laurence Saadia Leshnik: Pastoral nomadism in the history of South India 

David Wayne McAlpine: Elamite and Dravidian � the morphological evidence 

Sinnathamby Kandiah Maheswaran: Is there a nucleus for a system of classical music in Sri Lanka? 

Istvan Major: Tamil elements in the orthography of a South Indian Sanskrit manuscript 

John Ralston Marr: The SOAS/VSO language laboratory course, Tamil 

K.E.Mathiaparanam: What Thiruvaacakam means to a Christian? 

Rao Sahib Murugesa Mudaliyar: A critique of nhatcinntanhai of Yokar Cuvamikal (Thought and style of a modern Tamil saint) 

Vythialingam MuttuCumaraswamy: Glimpses of the social history of Jaffna under the British rule 

Navaliyur Somasundaram Nadarasa: The Saiva Siddhanta � a textual analysis of the 12 sutras of Meykandar 

Chelliah Nagalingam: Budumuttava Tamil inscriptions, No.11 

Deva Natarajan: Endowments in Tamil Nadu 

Hugh Francis Owen: The Tamil and Telugu regions, and Gandhi, 1918-1922 

R.Panneerselvam: Stratification of the family system as gleaned from the song story of Cinnannan Cinnaccaami 

Sivasubramaniyam Pathmanathan: The kingdom of Jaffna � administrative organisation 

Sivasubramaniyam Pathmanathan: Cola rule in Ceylon 

Sivasubramaniyam Pathmanathan: Coins of the kings of Jaffna 

Sivasubramaniyam Pathmanathan: A note on the Sanskrit inscriptions from Padaviya 

Sivasubramaniyam Pathmanathan: The Vanniyar in medieval South India 

D.N.Punyasiri Perera: The vegetation and soils of the Northern province of Sri Lanka and their agricultural possibilities 

V.Perumal: Some aspects of ancient Tamil society 

P.Poologasingham: Contribution of Ceylonese to the development of Tamil in the Nineteenth century 

Rev.S.Rajamanickam: Robert de Nobili on certain Indian customs 

A.K.Ramanujan: Indian Oedipus � with special reference to Dravidian myth and folktales 

James Thevathasan Rutnam: The Polonnaruwa Colossus 

Vijaya Kumara Samaraweera: Indian Tamil immigrant labour in Ceylon and the land problem � The case of the land development ordinance of 1935 

Arunasalam Sanmugadas: Aspects of the Tamil spoken in Sri Lanka 

Harold F.Schiffman: Complex negation in Tamil � semantic and syntactic aspects 

Somasundaram Selvanayagam: Land use in the ancient Tamil country � a case study of the marutham landscape 

Ravinder Kumar Seth: Doctrine of karma � Thiruvalluvar�s �uuzh� 

Kartigesu Nagalingapillai Velautha Seyon: Coins of the kings of Jaffna 

M.Shanmugampillai: Pronominal usage in kurunthokai 

John Rasasingham Sinnathamby: The Pandyas 

John Rasasingham Sinnathamby: Place names in international atlases � an etymological study

Vaitiyalingampillai Kartigesapillai Sivaprakasam: Viira Saivites and Tamil literary development in the post-Basava period 

Vinayakamoorthy Sivasamy: Some aspects of the historical traditions of India with special reference to Tamil Nadu 

Vinayakamoorthy Sivasamy: A note on the conquista spiritual de Orienta and the History of Jaffna 

N.Subbu Reddiar: �God Soul relationship within� Nalayiram 

N.Subbu Reddiar: Thiruvalluvar�s philosophy of education 

Swaminathan Suseendirarajah: Sri Lankan Tamil and Indian Tamil � noun systems contrasted 

Sabaratnasingham Thananjayarajasingham: Tamil plakkat relating to inheritance and gift tax under the Dutch rule in Ceylon 

Sabaratnasingham Thananjayarajasingham: The Telugu gypsies of Sri Lanka � a socio-cultural study 

Sabaratnasingham Thananjayarajasingham: Tap and trill articulations in Ceylon Tamil 

Sabaratnasingham Thananjayarajasingham: An experimental study of free variation 

Sabaratnasingham Thananjayarajasingham: The duration of intervocalic stops in Ceylon Tamil � an experimental study

Sabaratnasingham Thananjayarajasingham: Intervocalic doubt consonant articulations in Ceylon Tamil

Sabaratnasingham Thananjayarajasingham: A palatographic study of lengthening

Sabaratnasingham Thananjayarajasingham: The plosives after nasals in Jaffna Tamil, a kymographic study

Sinnathamby Thillainathan: Recent trends in Ceylon Tamil literature

Velauthar Kopalapillai Thillainayagam: Tamil typewriter

Soosaipillai Thomanupillai:Mathoottam and Kattukkaraikkulam (Giant�s Tank)

Mohamed Mahmood Uwise: The spoken Tamil of Muslims of Sri Lanka

Alvapillai Veluppillai: Inscriptional Tamil � as a source for the history of Tamil language

Theol Joseph Anton Wicki: The treatise on Hinduism of Fr.Goncale Fernandes S.J. Madurai, 1616

A.Fryholm Yngve: Kannappa Nayanar � a rough diamond among saints of Tamil Nadu

Presentations in Tamil

V.M.V.Rajappan Ashok Kumar: Arignar Mu.Varadarasanin naavalkaLLai parriyathoru thiranaivu

M.P.Balasubramanian: Bharatiyar kavithaikalil Thiruvalluvarin selvaaku

Eliyathamby Balasundaram: Pandaiya kuravai koothum Maddakalappu kulavai poduthalum

Elias Catherine Soosaipillai (Eraipugalvaali): Thamil ennmuthaiyil thalaiyaaya thiruppam

Viswalingam Kanapathipillai Ganesalingam: Poochikalai kaddupaduthuvathu Thamilar panpaadukku murannpaadaanathaa?

Era Ganesan: Thamil sorrthodariyal muraiyil kanakkiyar kuriyeedukal

Vairamuthu Govindapillai: Thamil thattezhutthiyanthiramum Thamil nedunkanakkil ezhuthu seeramaippum

S.Kalaparameswaran: Thamilarin ilakkiyath thiranaaivu murai � sila arimuka kurippu

Thambu Kanagaratnam: Sinhala-Pali mozhikalil Thamil neethi ilakkiyam

Maniccavasagar Kanagasabapathy Kanagendran (Eelaventhan): Thiruvempaavaiyum Thiruppaavaiyum

Mrs.K.Mahalingam (Saalini Ilanthiraian): Thamilth than varalaarukalin ilakkiya thakuthippaadu

V.R.Mahalingam (Saalai Ilanthiraian): Thamil kavithaiyil Maha Kaviyin saathanai

C.Nainar Mohamed: Arabuth Thamil

Vijayalaxumy Muththukkumaru: Seevaka Sinthamaniyin kaalam � Thamil, Samaskrutha, Kannada, Prakrutha noolkaludan oor oppeeddu nokku

D.D.Nanayakkara: Sinhala-Thamil orrumai

Kanapathipillai Navasothy: Thotta tholilalar varalaaru koorum malaiyakath thani paadalkal

Kanapathipillai Navasothy: Ilankai pechchuth Thamilin oli maarankalum sirappu vazhakkukalum

Kanapathipillai Navasothy: Ilankai Inthiya kalai sollaaka muraikalum adippadai verupaadukalum

Sivasubramaniyam Pathmanathan: Velaikkaara padaikal

Sivasubramaniyam Pathmanathan: Eelathuk kaasukal � Pandiyarin nanayankal

K.Ramasamy: Ulagamum udampum uiyum vazhiyum

Pulavar S.Rasu: Nadukal vazhipaadu

Karthigesu Ponnambalam Ratnam: Thirukkural mozhipeyarppukal

V.Sambunathan: Sittha maruthuva sirappu

Somasundram Sandrasegaram: Ilankaiyil pothanaa mozhimaaram � athan pinnani parriya aaivu

Mailvaganam Satkunam: Idappeyar varalaaru � Mattakalappu maavaddam

Kumarasamy Selvachandran: Thamilil sadda mozhipeyarppiluLLa sikkalkal

Kumarasamy Selvachandran: Mozhipeyarppum thani Thamil sorkkaLum

Karthigesu Nagalingapillai Velauta Seyon: Eelathu kaasukal � Pandiyarin nanayankal

Kodumudi Shanmugam: Iru mozhi thattachchu

K.Sittampalam: Makkalum vishamum

A.Sivanesaselvan: Ilankai Thamil pathirikaikalin thorramum valarchiyum � sila kurippukal

Pulavar Nagalingam Sivapathasundaranar: Aha thinaiyil nila muthar porul

Vinayakamoorthy Sivasamy: Yaalpanaththu kaasukal

Aru Somasundaran: Irupathaam nooraandil Thamil kavithai

Nagaraja Iyer Subramaniam: Eelathu Thamil naavalkal

T.S.Sundareswaran (Ezhil Erai): Bharathi Dasan ulagam

Sinnathamby Thillainathan: Thamil aaka ilakkiya vaLarchiyil Ilankaiyin panku

M.Vasuki: VaLLalaar koLLkaiyin adippadai samayamaa? samuthaayamaa?

Pandit Kanthar Veerakathy: Aaitham oru muthalezhuthu maahum

Kalaiyarasi Venthanar: Eelathu PaLLu pirapanthankal

Authors of Research Papers and their Country Affiliations

G.Aroul (India)

Mankaladevi Arulnandhy (Sri Lanka)

Rajappan Ashok Kumar (Sri Lanka)

M.P.Balasubramanian (India)

E.Balasundaram (Sri Lanka)

P.Balasundarampillai (Sri Lanka)

V.R.Balasubrahmanyam (India)

B.E.Bastiampillai (Sri Lanka)

Brenda Beck (Canada)

Kasiviswanathan Chellappan (India)

J.H.Renato De Sa (India)

Lorna Srimathi Dewaraja (Sri Lanka)

Carl Gustav Diehl (Sweden)

Elias Catherine Soosaipillai [Eraipugalvaali] (Sri Lanka)

Ranee Eliezer (Australia)

W.S.Marcus Fernando (Sri Lanka)

V.K.Ganesalingam (Sri Lanka)

Era Ganesan (India)

Vairamuttu Govindapillai (Sri Lanka)

Klaus Ludwig Janert (West Germany)

S.Kalaparameswaran (Sri Lanka)

Thambu Kanagaratnam (Sri Lanka)

Maniccavasagar Kanagasabapathy Kanagendran (Sri Lanka)

Noboru Karashima (Japan)

K.Karunakaran (UK)

Carl A.Keller (Switzerland)

Bruce W.Kieler (USA)

Laurence Saadia Leshnik (West Germany)

David Wayne McAlpine (USA)

S.K.Maheswaran (Sri Lanka)

Mrs.K.Mahalingam [Saalini Ilanthiraian] (India)

V.R.Mahalingam [Saalai Ilanthiraian] (India)

Istvan Major (Hungary)

John Ralston Marr (UK)

K.E.Mathiaparanam (Sri Lanka)

C.Nainar Mohamed (India)

Murugesa Mudaliyar (India)

Vythilingam MuttuCumaraswamy (UK)

Vijayalaxumy Muththukkumaru (Sri Lanka)

Navaliyur S.Nadarasan (Sri Lanka)

Chelliah Nagalingam (Sri Lanka)

D.D.Nanayakkara (Sri Lanka)

Deva Natarajan (India)

Kanapathipillai Navasothy (Sri Lanka)

Hugh Francis Owen (Australia)

R.Panneerselvam (India)

Sivasubramaniyam Pathmanathan (Sri Lanka)

D.N.Punyasiri Perera (Sri Lanka)

V.Perumal (India)

P.Poologasingham (Sri Lanka)

Rev.S.Rajamanickam (India)

A.K.Ramanujan (USA)

K.Ramaswamy (Sri Lanka)

Pulavar S.Rasu (India)

Pundit Kartigesu Ponnambalam Ratnam (Sri Lanka)

James Thevathasan Rutnam (Sri Lanka)

VijayaKumara Samaraweera (Sri Lanka)

V.Sambunathan (Sri Lanka)

Somasundram Sandrasegaram (Sri Lanka)

Arunasalam Sanmugadas (Sri Lanka)

Mailvaganam Satkunam (Sri Lanka)

Harold F.Schiffman (USA)

Kumarasamy Selvachandran (Sri Lanka)

Somasundaram Selvanayagam (Sri Lanka)

Ravinder Kumar Seth (India)

Kartigesu Nagalingapillai Seyon (Sri Lanka)

M.Shanmugampillai (India)

Kodumudi Shanmugam (India)

John Rasasingham Sinnathamby (Sri Lanka)

K.Sittampalam (Sri Lanka)

A.Sivanesaselvan (Sri Lanka)

N.Sivapathasundaranar (Sri Lanka)

V.K.Sivaprakasam (Sri Lanka)

Vinayakamoorthy Sivasamy (Sri Lanka)

Aru Somasundaran (India)

Nagaraja Iyer Subramaniam (Sri Lanka)

N.Subbu Reddiar (India)

T.S.Sundareswaran [Ezhil Erai] (Sri Lanka)

Swaminathan Suseendirarajah (Sri Lanka)

Sabaratnasingham Thananjayarajasingham (Sri Lanka)

Sinnathamby Thillainathan (Sri Lanka)

Velauthar Kopalapillai Thillainayagam (UK)

Soosaipillai Thommanupillai (Sri Lanka)

Mohamed Mahmood Uwise (Sri Lanka)

M.Vasuki (India)

Pundit Kanthar Veerakathy (Sri Lanka)

Alvapillai Velupillai (Sri Lanka)

Kalaiyarasi Venthanar (Sri Lanka)

Theol Joseph Anton Wicki (Italy)

A.Fryholm Yngve (Sweden)

Jean Filliozat (France)

Franciscus Bernadus Jacobus Kuiper (Holland)

Rev.Xavier S.Thani Nayagam (Sri Lanka)

Suppiramaniam Vithiananthan (Sri Lanka)


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