Tamils - a Trans State Nation..

"To us all towns are one, all men our kin.
Life's good comes not from others' gift, nor ill
Man's pains and pains' relief are from within.
Thus have we seen in visions of the wise !."
Tamil Poem in Purananuru, circa 500 B.C 

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"..The print revolution brought Tamil from the ola leaves to paper, from the select few literati to the many. The digital revolution is bringing Tamil from paper to the computer and the internet. Swaminathatha Iyer and Thamotherampillai heralded the Tamil renaissance in the 19th century. Today, a Tamil digital renaissance is taking place - and is helping to bring Tamil people together not simply culturally but also in political and economic terms..." Nadesan Satyendra, May 1998

International Forum
for Information Technology in Tamil  (INFITT)

General Council 2007

Dr. M.Anandakrishnan, Chief Returning Officer, INFITT GC Election 2007 announced on 16 December 2007, the members elected to serve on the General Council. On 25 January 2008, Dr.K.Kalyanasunderam and Mr.T.N.C.Venkatarangan were unanimously elected Chair and Vice-Chair of INFITT 2008-2009. Mr. V.M.S. Kavi Arasan elected as Executive Director of INFITT on 31 January 2008.

Members of the General Council (GC) of INFITT,  2007

India  (14 for 16)

 Ilakkuvanar Maraimalai (Chennai, Tamilnadu)
 Sathish Kumar N (Bangalore, Karnataka)
 Elangovan A (Chennai, Tamilnadu)
 Srinivasan S (Kalpakkam, Tamilnadu)
 Venkatarangan TNC (Chennai, Tamilnadu)
 Muguntharaj, S (Bangalore, Karnataka)
 Maalan V N (New Delhi, Delhi)
 Anto Peter Ramesh M (Chennai, Tamilnadu)
 Sivaraj Doddannan (Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh)
 Ramakrishnan AG (Bangalore, Karnataka)
 Baskaran Sankaran (Bangalore, Karnataka)
 BalasundaraRaman L (Bangalore, Karnataka)
 Badri Seshadri (Chennai, Tamilnadu)
 Ramasamy Krishnan (Chennai, Tamilnadu)
North America (USA) (7 for 8)

 N Kumar Kumarappan (Fremont, CA)
 Chockkalingam Karuppaiah (Fremont, CA)
 Vasu Renganathan (Cherry Hil, NJ)
 Ramasamy Selvaraj (Fairfax, VA)
 Kaviarasan VMS (Columbus, OH)
 Loganathan Palanisamy (Santa Clara, CA)
 Ganesan Nagamanickam (Houston, TX)
Sri Lanka  (4 For 6)

 Thangarajah Thavaruban
 Sivarajah Anuraj
 J Yogaraj
 Jeyabalasingam Piratheepan
Europe (4 For 5)

 K Subashini (Leonberg, Germany)
 K. Kalyanasundaram (Lausanne, Switzerland)
 Sinnathurai Srivas (Kingston upon Thames, UK)
 Siva Pillai (London, UK)
Malaysia (1 for 4)

 Ravindran Kanagasundaram (Kuala Lumpur)
Singapore (3 for 3)

 Kalaimani Retnasamy
 Sivagouri Kaliamoorthy
 Maniam S
Australasia (1 for 1)

 U Jeyatheepan
Middle East and Africa (0 for 2)
Members at Large & Institutional Members (3 for 6)

 N. Kannan (Korea)
 Kandesan Ramasamy
 Saminathan Mathialagan


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